Book 8: Chapter 123 - Mother-In-Law Only Wanted To See Her Sons-In-Law

Harry placed his hand on Xing Chuan’s shoulder and squeezed it gently. Xing Chuan took a deep breath and lifted his face to look at everyone with a faint smile. Everyone looked relaxed.

He let out a breath and said, “It’s time to wake our mom-in-law up.”

Everyone looked unprecedentedly tensed. Even I gasped in anxiety.

We had fought countless wars, but we were never as prepared as we were then.

We took heed from the previous experience. We made a lot of preparation ahead of time. For instance, we had found a room and intentionally redecorated it to look like a sick ward on Earth. So, she wouldn’t find it as abrupt when she woke up.

We used holography technology to mock Earth’s scenery outside the window too. In short, the entire room was a mock-up.

My Mom was still in a coma when I had arrived on Earth. Hence, she didn’t know I had returned. Unlike her, Dad had seen me. He had entered my spaceship, and he had seen Kansa Star where I lived. He had even got to know the situation and technology on Kansa Star.

On the other hand, Mom had experienced none of that. If she were to wake up to a bunch of foreign objects, she would be terrified. 

The room was completely cleared out except dad and Loki. Even I was excluded.

We stood behind the one-way mirror anxiously, watching my mom. Everyone was there, including Xiao Ying, Uncle Mason, and Sis Ceci. Everyone was holding their breaths as though they were waiting for the mother of God to wake up.

My dad and Loki changed into the clothes they had worn when they had left Earth, as they sat by my mom’s bed.

My dad held my mom’s hand tightly. He had rested well for the past few days, so he looked much better. He looked younger too.

“My dear…,” my dad called my mom gently as though he was waking up a sleeping baby. “My dear… It’s time to wake up….” My dad choked on sobs. His tears flowed down his cheeks and Loki lowered his head in tears too. It must have been a tough time for them.

It must have been tough, dad, bro.

My mom’s eyelashes quivered and she slowly opened her eyes.

“My dear…,” my dad held my mom tightly, bursting into tears of joy. He repeated happily, “You finally woke up… finally woke up…!”

“Mom!” Loki pounced on mom and hugged her tightly.

I was dying to barge in and hug my mom too but I couldn’t. I would scare her if I did.

I fought back my tears and took deep breaths on the other side of the wall. Harry held my body tightly and wiped my tears gently. He coaxed, “Waifu, don’t cry. You are going to see her soon.

“I think I… heard Lil Bing’s voice….” That was the first thing my mom said. I shed tears of joy. I knew that souls existed. Being braindead on Earth didn’t mean one’s soul left that person’s body. She had heard me. She had heard me!

My dad and Loki looked at my mom in surprise because mom was announced to be brain dead when I was next to her sickbed!

It was a miracle. It was a miraculous connection between a mother and her child!

My mom looked at my dad’s and Loki’s surprised expression. She seemed to feel something was wrong. She looked at them confused, and asked, “What’s wrong… with the two of you?”

“You really heard her, my dear?” Dad asked, helping mom up.

My mom just woke up and she still looked frail. “I heard her. I heard Lil Bing shouting for me… You…,” she replied, looking at dad who was moved to tears. She glanced at Loki, who was secretly wiping his tears. She suddenly realized something and held their hands, asking, “Did Lil Bing come back?! Did she?! Tell me! I heard her voice!”  

I could hold back no more, but barged into the cabin that was redecorated into a sick ward, shouting, “Mom!”

Mom looked at me in surprise and delight when I called her.

“Mom!” I ran to her and hugged her tightly. I sobbed, “Mom, I came back. I really came back….”

“Lil Bing… Lil Bing!” Mom burst out in tears, saying, “I knew you’d come back. Where have you been?! Where have you been…?”

The four of us were in a group hug for a very long time, enjoying the moment of reunion. We were surrounded by love and happiness, although we were covered in tears.

My mom held my hand and wiped the tears from my face. “Yeah, Lil Bing. This is your younger brother…,” she said, pulling Loki close. She complained, “I told him to get into Tsinghua to study physics and bring you back. He was so upset about it.”

Loki looked at her, saying, “Mom, I know you have a lot to complain about me, but can you not make fun of me in front of my sister? Am I really your biological son…?”

Loki looked to aggrieved.

“My dear, Loki and Lil Bing met earlier,” dad said happily. Mom held her forehead, saying, “I slept too much. Of course, you’ve met. Lil Bing, where did you go? To the past or to the future? Or… to a different world?”

“…” Mom knows best.

Mom looked at me and put her hand on my face, reassuring me, “Mom reads a lot of novels. Don’t worry. I can accept it. Lil Bing, you look like… you never grew old.”

I chuckled and lay on my mom’s chest. I said, “Mom, we have to tell you the story slowly. Don’t… Don’t freak out.”

“Mom! Sissy has husbands too!” Loki said, finding it hard to hold the information back.

My mom was surprised, saying, “Really? Let me take a look!”

“Loki!” My dad’s face grew grim while Loki sniggered maliciously as though his prank had pulled through. My dad quickly hushed Loki away and held my mom’s hand, saying, “Take it slowly. Listen to your daughter’s story first. It’s not too late to see her husbands after that….”

Loki let out a peal of stifled laughter.

My dad sent him a death glare, but my mom shoved my dad away. She turned to look at me, saying, “Lil Bing, quickly show mom my son-in-law….”

I looked at my mom, dumbfounded. She really wants to see her son-in-law. Doesn’t she care where I have been?

Loki couldn’t help but chuckle, “Dad, I told you mom would be more interested in sissy’s husbands. The more she looks at them, the more she will grow fond of them.” He squeezed in between them and wriggled his eyebrows, saying, “Mom, dad fainted when he saw sissy’s husbands. Now they are all kept away from you.”

“Fainted?” Mom looked worried. She asked, “Lil Bing, are you… married to… an alien?”

“That’s right, mom!” Loki was extremely excited. He continued, “But brothers-in-law are so good-looking! Every one of them is better looking than the young chaps on Earth.”

“If they are so good-looking. How could they be terrifying?” My mom looked at my dad confused. He looked away awkwardly and my mom blinked, saying, “Wait. Why do you say… brothers-in-law?”

My mom finally caught the key focus.

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