Book 8: Chapter 122 - Sending Elena Off

The sleeping dragon let out a long roar. The steel plate before us slowly opened! Light poured through the gap between the metal plates, causing Arsenal and me to close our eyes from the sudden glare. The metal plates clunked as they moved to the side, letting the sunlight pour into the room completely and lit up the entire world.

We got used to the brightness and slowly opened our eyes. We were greeted with the familiar wilderness and sky.

Arsenal cried because she got too excited. I quickly covered the mic and patted her shoulder. I said, “Don’t cry in front of your people. Even if they are tears of joy.”

Arsenal nodded and quickly rubbed her swollen eyes. Then, she looked at me, saying, “It seems like I have a lot to learn from you about how to be a Queen.”

I smiled, suggesting, “Let’s go out and have a look.”

“Mm!” Arsenal got up, lifted the ends of her dress, and rushed out. She couldn’t wait any longer to run out of the central control room and look at the broader sky outside!

When we stood above the central control room, we saw Noah City’s true appearance. It turned out to be so magnificent and lofty. It was a huge starship! Just like how Elder Alufa and Raffles had described it back then. It was the prototype of a starship! Its huge body spurted from the ground and stood erect under the blue sky like Silver Moon City!

The people of Noah City crawled out from the place that was covered in grass. They looked at their Noah City in astonishment. They lifted their chins and looked to the highest spot. The central control room ascended from the basement and became the highest peak in Noah City!

Arsenal stood at the highest peak and the hems of her dress fluttered along with the breeze. She spread her arms, shouting excitedly, “Ah!” She then turned to look at me. Her eyes were glistening with grateful tears. She said, “Luo Bing, I have never felt that world is so big until today.”

The underground darkness had shielded the light in the people’s hearts.

Silver Moon City needed to come down from the sky while Noah City needed to rise and stand from underground!

Arsenal stood tall and proud under the blue sky, shouting, “The people of Noah, from today onwards, we will live in the light! Let’s welcome our new lives!”

“Queen Arsenal!”

“Queen Arsenal!”

The enthusiastic cheer repeated. It wasn’t for me but for their Queen, Arsenal.  

A few days later, we bid farewell to Elder Alufa and the rest reluctantly.

“You are leaving so soon,” Arsenal said, holding my hand tightly.

Brother Qian Li next to her was wearing a protective eye shield. In order to have a clearer vision of Arsenal and his children, Brother Qian Li had decided to give up his superpower and Raffles had done an operation for him. After the operation, he had the same vision as an ordinary person. 

Elder Alufa walked with the assistance of a wooden staff. He smiled, saying, “Arsenal, they are not leaving but they are connecting more people together.”

“That’s right. We will be back really soon to bring Radical Star’s technology for everyone!” My Dad said excitedly as though he was Radical Star’s diplomat.

Harry, Raffles, and I didn’t affect his mood.

I looked at Arsenal seriously, reassuring her, “The war has just ended. Everyone has to get themselves reorganized. We will back really soon.”

“I hope that I will be a qualified Queen when you return again!” Arsenal said solemnly as though she was making a promise.

I smiled, looking at her two children, standing next to her and another baby in Brother Qian Li’s arm. I then looked at Arsenal proudly. “You are already a qualified Queen. There’s no need for me to acknowledge that because you are already a Queen that your children are proud of. Am I right?” I asked, squatting down in front of the pair of twins. They looked at me, blushing. They gripped Arsenal’s sleeves tightly and nodded heavily, replying, “Mm!”

Arsenal carried them up happily and kissed their chubby cheeks. She looked at me and the complicated expression consisted of jealousy, guilt, and agony was nowhere to be seen in her beautiful eyes. Her eyes were perfectly clear with no other thoughts.

She leaned on Brother Qian Li’s shoulder happily, saying, “Bing, you made me see things in front of me and no longer think about things that are beyond my reach. Thank you for bringing Silver Moon City down, and I finally realized that I loved the people around me the most.”

Brother Qian Li was stunned as she spoke. Mosie and Moorim looked at Brother Qian Li happily.

I was happy for Arsenal and Brother Qian. Arsenal was probably still daydreaming about His Highness Xing Chuan right before the moment Silver Moon City was destroyed. At the moment when Silver Moon City had disappeared, she was focused on her family, instead.

Our spacecrafts and spaceships left Noah City one after another. We weren’t parting ways, but it was the beginning of our alliance. 

The East and West of Kansa Star were closely knitted together. We were going to build a United Nation to help each other and to survive and prosper together.

Xing Chuan and I stood before Silver Moon City’s main server. Xing Chuan gazed at the brain server for very long and Elena’s image appeared before us. She smiled, looking at Xing Chuan gently, “Xing, set me free. I am happy to see that you are with your loved one now.”

Xing Chuan’s eyes were moist with tears. He looked sideways but didn’t press the button that could destroy the brain server.

Xing Chuan, who was always cruel and killed without hesitation, couldn’t press the button because Elena was a special person to him. Elena was his sister,and his mother. He had to set Elena free. But… it was not easy to kill the person he loved the most.

I looked at Xing Chuan with a broken heart. I looked at Elena and she nodded with a smile. I creased my eyebrows, and lifted my hand to press the button.

Suddenly, Xing Chuan slammed the button as though he used all his strength to press the button down. A drop of tear dripped on the back of his hand. He didn’t lift his head to look around him.

“Thank you, Xing,” Elena, said gently with a smile. Her voice disappeared as she disappeared from the cabin along with the brain.

I extended my hand and placed it on Xing Chuan’s hand on the button. His hand was no longer cold ever since his recovery. Raffles, Harry, Ah Zong, Lucifer, He Lei, Jun, and Zong Ben entered the room quietly. They seemed to be telling him that he had all of them although Elena had left. He was still surrounded by a lot of family members who loved him.

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