Book 8: Chapter 119 - Return to Noah

My dad seemed to have blurted what he’d said on impulse. He immediately seemed overcome with regret. Turning in the direction where my mom was, he said, “I can only decide when your mom wakes up. If she wants to go back to Earth, I will go back with her. The two of you shall stay back. You don’t have to worry about us. We can take care of ourselves. The responsibility you have now is more important. Your mom and I will support the two of you forever!” He placed his hands on our shoulders, gripping tight. Loki and I hugged him simultaneously. Loki and I had succeeded in our own ways because we had a dad who always supported us and understood us.

“Lil Bing, we arrived in Noah City,” Raffles reminded softly. We let go of each other. I smiled at my dad and Loki, saying, “Dad, Loki, let me show you the place I stayed in after I came to this world.”

We looked out into the sea of clouds again. Silver Moon City was slowly descending, revealing the ground below. The wilderness was covered in green, full of life. The water reservoir at the cliff was shimmering under the sunlight, like a huge mirror.

Raffles and I looked out over the place where we had grown up. Noah City had once been our warmest and safest cradle. It had sheltered us, taught us, and built a solid foundation for my growth. I wouldn’t have become who I was today if there hadn’t been Noah City.

I had lost my parents and family. With the love of Elder Alufa, the strict teaching of Sis Ceci, and friends like Harry, Raffles, Xue Gie, Sis Cannon and the others, they had replaced my dad, my mom, family and friends. They had provided me with a healthy environment. They had given me a home so I hadn’t been lost in the dark world.

Noah, no doubt, had an irreplaceably important spot in my heart. I still had a soft spot for it. After all, I had so many fond memories of Noah City. Yet on the other hand, I also had too many complicated feelings for it. It was like the base camp of every soldier. 

We left Silver Moon City in Ice Dragon excitedly. Xue Gie’s spaceship flew next to Ice dragon. The spaceship that belonged to Noah City reminded me so much of the past.

We plunged down below together. Silver Moon City’s shadow almost covered the entire place. We flew out of the shadow, towards the green field with a small entrance.

People were already gathering at the entrance. Elder Alufa, Sis Shirley, Butterfly and the rest of the people were standing there, waiting to welcome our arrival.

As our spaceship slowly hauled up, Raffles, Harry and Ah Zong were thrilled with excitement. Before Ice Dragon came to a complete stop, they had already hopped off and ran over towards Noah City.

Sis Cannon, Xue Gie, Xiao Ying and the others ran out from the other spaceship towards Noah City, their home.

Everyone was locked in an embrace. The Honeycomb boys who had become girls surrounded Ah Zong too. Ah Zong took a look at Butterfly and she immediately pounced at him, hugging him.

I saw Brother Qian Li. He had become even steadier and more mature, like a king. Next to him, I saw a cute boy and girl again. They seemed to be older now, standing next to their father, staring at me. They looked like they were watching an enemy who was trying to take away their homeland!

Elder Alufa and Sis Shirley came forward. I immediately rushed over to them and hugged them both.

“You came back… You finally came back…” Elder Alufa’s eyes welled up with tears. He looked even older than when I had left back then. His hair was completely white now, and he had lost his glowing countenance from back then. His hoary appearance was heartbreaking.

“I’m sorry… that I am only back now…” I choked with sobs, holding him tightly. He patted my back, comforting me, “The outside world is your world. Noah City will only limit you…” Elder Alufa was no doubt my mentor. He always encouraged me to go outside and look at the world, to change the world with my power.

I no longer nursed a grudge against them for selling me out to Silver Moon City. What had happened in the past had also contributed to who I was today.

“You really scared us! You fought against Silver Moon City!” Sis Shirley said, chuckling. Xue Gie stood next to her. Although she didn’t have many expressions, there was excitement tinkling in her eyes.

“Everyone thought the Ghost Eclipsers were here and we are preparing for war!” Sis Shirley said.

I wiped my tears and said, smiling, “We already informed Pelos and the others. They should be here soon.”

Sis Shirley and Xue Gie looked delighted.

“Sister Luo Bing! Sister Luo Bing!” A fifteen-year-old young maiden squeezed her way to the front, standing in front of me. Her cheeks were rosy as she asked, “Do you remember me?!”

I looked at her and exclaimed in surprise, “Da Li! You are a grown-up now!"

She broke into a happy smile.

She had only been a thirteen-year-old girl the last time I had seen her. But she looked like a young lady now.

“I actually wanted to go but Elder Alufa wouldn’t let me!” Da Li complained, pouting.

“Us too! Us too!” Many young chaps and ladies were raising their hands. They had used to be children in Noah City. Now they had all grown up well, full of vigor.

“Don’t cause more trouble!” Harry said, knocking his knuckle on their heads. “We nearly fought among ourselves.”

“Who told you not to inform us?” Da Li complained, puffing her cheeks at Harry.

Harry frowned, saying, “Would you be helping Silver Moon City or us if we told you earlier?”

“Of course Sister Luo Bing and you!!” Da Li replied without hesitation. But she very soon became worried. “Princess Arsenal would probably… Mm!” Xue Gie suddenly covered her mouth, stopping her from talking. Everyone was in an awkward silence then.

Raffles suddenly pointed up to the sky, shouting, “Pelos and the others are back!”

“That’s great! Everyone’s back!” Everyone waved, cheering excitedly at the spaceship.

“Hi! Pelos!”

“Let’s head in and you can tell us everything!” Elder Alufa said. Suddenly, he seemed to catch a glimpse of someone and he seemed confused. He asked, “These two are…” He had seen my dad and my younger brother. They were watching from the side, moved by everyone’s enthusiasm and emotions.

I introduced them to Elder Alufa, “This is my dad and this is my younger brother.”

“What!? Your dad! You found your dad and your family!” Elder Alufa was thrilled. He was even more excited than when he had found his own family.

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