Book 8: Chapter 118 - My Story

Raffles looked at my dad happily, saying, “Father, you can wake mom up now!”

“No!” No one expected him to raise his hand and shout. We sank into an awkward silence.

Loki couldn’t hold back the urge to laugh. He quickly covered his mouth and turned around to snigger.

He Lei seemed confused as he stood on the balcony. Lucifer whispered into his ear for a while, then He Lei couldn’t help but laugh too. Besides laughing, there seemed to be a tinge of disappointment too. Jun patted his shoulder, giving He Lei some sort of reassuring smile.

Raffles stood by the side stiffly in embarrassment. My dad also felt embarrassed and awkward. He glanced at Raffles, then at the other few men, before he quickly turned back as though he couldn’t bear to take another look at them.

“How about… we wake mom up when we arrive at Radical Star…” Dad mumbled to me in embarrassment. I shared the same thought actually. There were many tasks on hand that had yet to be taken care of. It would be beneficial for her recovery if she were to rest more anyway.

“Dad, you are worried that mom would pass out like you when you saw your four sons-in-law, right?” Loki couldn’t help but say.

Dad glared at Loki while Loki was sniggering, “How do you know if Mom would pass out? All your sons-in-law are so good-looking. You know how much Mom likes good-looking young boys. Who knows, she might accept them faster than you do. Hahaha…

“That’s enough!” Dad’s face grew grave. Loki quickly shut his mouth. Forget about Loki. Even Xing Chuan and the other men tensed up.

Raffles glanced at my dad apologetically and said, “Fa… Father… I’m sorry that… we… scared you…”

Dad’s expression turned gentle. He looked at Raffles, wearing a soft smile, “Raffles, you are a good kid. If it wasn’t because of you, who knows when Lil Bing’s mom will wake up.”

Raffles blushed, smiling bashfully. The few other men wore jealous expressions, seeing my dad’s attitude towards Raffles.

I suddenly recalled that Raffles was always easily acceptable because of his harmless look. When I had first arrived in Noah and had been unable to accept the reality, Elder Alufa had sent Raffles to comfort me.

Harry, Xing Chuan and Ah Zong glanced at my dad anxiously. Xing Chuan took a step forward, saying, “Father… we…”

“You are all good kids. I thank you for taking good care of Lil Bing but I… might need some time…” my dad said without looking at them.

“I’m sorry,” Xing Chuan said apologetically. Then, he glanced at Harry and Ah Zong, suggesting, “Let Lil Bing introduce us slowly. There are still many things to be done in Silver Moon City.”

No one objected. Harry and Ah Zong nodded and left.

Dad turned to the balcony. The few of them at the balcony bowed politely at my dad, greeting, “Hello, uncle.”

“Hi, hi…” Dad grew tense again as though he was seeing a few more of my husbands.

Jun smiled considerately. He nudged He Lei and glanced at Lucifer. Then, he told my dad, “We are glad that Aunty is doing well. We shall make a move first.”

“Alright. Alright…” My dad revealed a relaxed expression.

After Lucifer, Jun, He Lei, Zong Ben and everyone else had left, my dad finally let out a breath of relief. He asked, “Lil Bing, why do you have so many husbands…”

“Sis! Hurry up and tell us! Why do you have so many husbands? What happened here? How did you become a queen?” Loki began shooting questions at me.

There were only our family and Raffles, who was monitoring mom, here in the medic room. I glanced at Raffles while Raffles looked back at me. We exchanged a smile. As Silver Moon City gradually ascended, I began telling them the long story…

A thin, shapeless protective shield engulfed Silver Moon City. Even though the balcony door at the medic room was open and we could clearly see the boundless clouds, we didn’t feel any chilliness.

“This is so beautiful… This technology is so advanced. We can stand and walk above the clouds,” my dad sighed, watching the sea of clouds.

After they had heard my story, we leaned against the balcony, watching the churning sea of clouds before us in silence. Dad didn’t say anything but only extended his hands and pulled Loki and I into his arms. I leaned on dad’s shoulder, while his tears flowed down from the corner of his eyes.

“Grew up… You grew up. You never disappoint me…” My dad patted my shoulder gently, shedding tears of joy. He wiped them away and nodded. “I finally understand why you want to return to Kansa Star. It is because you have your duty here. You are a warrior and your duty is to protect and safeguard your people! I am proud of you!”

“So, Dad, I am not going back to Earth!” Loki quickly spoke up. Dad looked at him solemnly, asking, “What would you be going back for? A man should have the ambition to conquer the world! There are so many things to be learned here. Of course, you have to stay here!”

I never expected my dad to be so supportive of Loki’s decision. Loki was thrilled with excitement.

“You should learn from your brother-in-law, Raffles!” Dad said, pointing at Raffles. Raffles immediately blushed at the sudden compliment. Dad added, “He is an amazing scientist! Now that war has ended, it is necessary to strengthen infrastructure. Science is something inevitable! Lil Bing, have you strengthened national defense?” Dad suddenly rounded on me, sounding like a senior leader.

Loki made a funny face at me behind our dad’s back, as though he was making fun of our dad’s behavior too.

I reported to my dad cooperatively, “National defense base is under construction.”

Mm, that’s great!” My dad complimented. Then, he asked, “What about education? Is the education system in progress too?” 

My face turned glum, saying, “Education… is something we are having a headache over. As education stopped at the end of the world, we lack intellectuals. Raffles and Haggs are occupied with the base. So, we are short of teachers now.”

“Let your younger brother do it. Your young brother got into Tsinghua. Although he only studied for a year, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to teach the primary school kids.’ Dad made the arrangements directly.

“Dad, I got into Tsinghua! You are making me teach primary school kids?!” Loki seemed unhappy with the arrangement.

“Do you know anything about this place?!” Dad roared. Loki was reduced to being at a loss for words. Dad glared at him grimly, lecturing, “You just came to a new planet. You are a primary school kid yourself. Help your sister in building this nation!” Dad couldn’t help but chuckle. He was feeling smug, saying, “My daughter is the Queen. Hahaha! I want to stay here too. I can train up a SWAT team!”  

“Sure!” Loki and I agreed, looking at dad at the same time. He blushed. As a member of a SWAT team, my dad had a peculiar predilection for training people. I could tell by the way he had trained me in the past.

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