Book 8: Chapter 117 - Look Forward

The regular meetings we’d had in my dreams had rooted the relationship between the three of us, Jun, Zong Ben and I. Like a tub of wine, the longer it aged the better it became. 

So, I was on the same side as Jun. I wouldn’t give up Zong Ben. We would definitely find him a body. So that he who was the most passionate about living, would be able to continue to live in the new world.

I shouted into the air, calling, “Lucifer!”

Lucifer’s silhouette appeared in the clouds and descended quickly. He landed steadily on the railing in front of me and Jun. He bent down, greeting happily, “Brother Jun! You woke up?! Kiss!” Lucifer kissed Jun’s face. Unlike the other men, Jun looked at Lucifer happily, saying, “Lil Bing always tells me that you like to kiss her and the other men and it makes them really vexed.”

Hahaha!” Lucifer and Jun shared similarities. They were optimistic and cheerful, and their bright smiles showed innocence.

Although I found out that Jun’s optimism had been because he’d died and he’d wanted the people around him to be happy again, to not be swallowed by hopelessness. That was why the people in Dust Ruin Valley had been so happy.

“Bring me to look for Zong Ben,” I said, extending my hand to Lucifer. Lucifer pulled me up. To him, I was as light as a chick.

Jun grabbed my other hand. He gazed at me solemnly with burning worries in his eyes, exhorting, “You have to bring Zong Ben back. He listens to you. He likes you.”


Jun let go of my hand and I looped my arm around Lucifer’s neck. Lucifer immediately leaped and spread his wings, soaring up into the high sky.

“Bing, will you get married to Jun and Zong Ben?” Lucifer suddenly asked.

I glanced at him confusedly, asking, “Why did you ask that?”

Lucifer pouted, complaining, “Because you have too many husbands. I’m not sure if I stand a chance.”

I chuckled, looking at him. He became agitated, muttering, “I knew it! You still treat me like a child. Humph!” He turned his head aside angrily.

I took a look at him, then at the cliff that was at the end of the horizon. A glimpse of golden light was twinkling by the cliff. We’d found Zong Ben.

“I think… they shouldn’t want to marry me…” I said with a faint smile.

“Why?! No man doesn’t want to marry Bing,” Lucifer said as though he found it impossible.

“It doesn’t matter if we get married. We wouldn’t be bothered with identity and status. We… are like soulmates. Judging from Jun and Zong Ben’s character, they would want to tour around the world. They… are like free leaves that flutter along with the breeze…”

Jun’s heart was unrestrained while Zong Ben’s heart was wild. One of them was a storm petrel that traveled the sky while the other one was a wild horse that ran in the wild. They seemed different yet they were similar. 

They wouldn’t stay back in Radical Star but instead would go to explore broader horizons. They would want to take a good look at the world and live well on behalf of the dead spirits.

They would leave me. Yes, they would because they knew I was in good hands. I had people who loved me safeguarding me. They could leave me with peace of mind to complete their dream. When everything came to an end, they would return to me…

Lucifer couldn’t understand such a relationship because he was different from them. He liked to cling to Xing Chuan and me. I even suspected that he couldn’t differentiate if his feelings for me were yearning for a mother or romance between men and women. Just like He Lei, who had once been confused.

Lucifer put me somewhere near Zong Ben. Then, he sat down and watched us in silence.

I walked over to Zong Ben and took a seat next to him. His armor was much bigger than before but he was still small in size. Next to me, he was like a dwarf. His wings were kept behind his back.

“Come back. Jun is very worried about you,” I said.

He didn’t move an inch.

“Even if we can’t figure out a way for you to be reborn yet, who would protect Jun when he heads out?” I said, holding his hand. He slowly lifted his face robotically, looking at me. I kissed him on his cheeks. He looked at me while I smiled, saying, “How could you have the thought of leaving us? We are a family. We won’t let you go, Zong Ben. I can’t guarantee it but we will definitely work hard for it. We have the stellar bead, the technology of the other universe. It might be able to create another body for us. So, let’s go back. I don’t want to lose my family here after I’ve found my family from Earth.”

Zzz.” Zong Ben’s claw tightened around my hand and I smiled at him. He let go of my hand, stood up, and with a leap, flew towards Silver Moon City.

Silver Moon City slowly ascended. Su Yang had decided to drive Silver Moon City back to Radical Star, then merge it with our current base that was currently under construction, becoming Radical Star’s technology research and military defense base.

Su Yang had once wanted to take control of Silver Moon City with the intention of taking revenge. But now, he hoped for Silver Moon City to contribute more for everyone. There was no doubt that joining Radical Star and being led by Raffles and Haggs would put Silver Moon City’s capability to full play.

His decision had surprised me. I had been surprised that the people of Kansa Star had received abundant wealth like Silver Moon City. I had been surprised that Su Yang had managed to put away his hatred and resolve the knot in his heart. I’d been surprised that he was willing to leave Silver Moon City behind.

Silver Moon City would be fully run by us while Su Yang would keep Yu Xi company, making up for the time they had once lost in the past.

“Lil Bing! Aunty’s wounds have fully healed!” Raffles’ happy cheer sounded from the other side of the communicator.

I immediately turned in the direction of Silver Moon City. Lucifer lifted me up casually to take me back.

My dad and my younger brother were already standing next to my mom’s medic capsule. After a night’s sleep, my dad had seemed to adapt to the fact that I had four husbands. Or maybe he couldn’t be bothered about the ridiculous affair because my mom was about to wake up.

In order to keep my dad sane, Xing Chuan, Harry and the others stood three meters away, keeping their distance from my dad. They were giving me sufficient space for my family and I.

Lucifer put me on the balcony. Zong Ben was already standing next to Jun. Jun glanced at us happily. Suddenly, there was a flash of a shadow next to him. He Lei was there too. But he only stood at the balcony, watching us in silence from outside.

Dad held my mom’s hand. His tears welled up in his eyes. “That’s great… That’s great…” He choked with sobs, holding my mom’s hand tightly. The medic capsule had healed my mom’s every single wound and the nutrition fluid had rejuvenated my mom’s pale face. She looked younger now.

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