Book 8: Chapter 116 - Let Go Of The Past

The end of the world that had occurred on Kansa Star sixty years back, finally became the past as the spirits vanished. The river of time mercilessly washed it away to the distant past.

The spirits had been the remaining witnesses of the end of the world. Maybe it was just like how Jun’s parents had described it. Our new world had begun, so their time should start ticking again and they should accept their supposed destiny.

In the end, it was just like how Ula had told me. A world was born and another world had died. The birth of our new world had caused the extinction of the spirits. Everything had been because of the blue crystal energy, the orbits.

The orbits had created spirits and the departure of the orbits had brought the spirits along with them.

There was only Zong Ben left.

Jun was just like me. He had sensed the spirits leaving and woken up, startled. Zong Ben had naturally felt it too. They  hadonce again experienced a painful farewell with their family and friends.

“The spirits you are talking about are actually a pseudo celestial body…” Ula, who sat by the side, explained with his head hung low, “The stellar energy strengthened the magnetic field in the human body. In other words… you can substantiate the spirits that you talked about… but once the orbits leave, the energy that they relied on would weaken, so it would… lead to their death…” 

“Stop…” I turned away in agony. Isn’t that what I’ve caused?

I looked apologetically and guiltily at Jun, who was being examined. He was overly quiet, so quiet that it made one uneasy and worried. 

Raffles was conducting a body check for Jun in the medic room while Zong Ben watched closely by the side of the bed.

“But… They are dead… And… it is only a matter of time before they are going to disappear because I will leave with the orbits anyway…”

“I told you to shut up!” I shouted at Ula. He curled up and kept quiet.

Raffles glared at Ula angrily, before he turned to look at me with a smile, saying, “Everything is normal with Jun.”

“Not normal!” Ula said hastily. We rolled our eyes at him. He wasn’t afraid now. He pointed at Jun, explaining, “That’s my body. If he wants to stay immortal, he needs to consume others’ blue crystal energy…”

“Shut up!” I was furious. I got up and Ula ran off in fear. Zong Ben took off and pressed him on the ground so that he couldn’t move an inch. Ula had completely lost his ability to counter.

“I don’t need to be immortal…” Suddenly, Jun spoke. We glanced at Jun, who still looked pale. He wore a faint smile, saying, “Don’t worry about me. I’m okay…”

Zong Ben let go of Ula and flew before Jun, staring at him.

Jun lifted his pale face and looked at Zong Ben. He reassured Zong Ben, “I’m really okay, Zong Ben. Get Lil Bing to build you a body too.”

Hearing what Jun said, Zong Ben moved back. Then, he suddenly turned and flew out.

“Zong Ben!” Jun quickly got off the bed and chased after him to the balcony but Zong Ben was already far away.

Jun lowered his head and sank into a worrying silence again.

“Jun definitely doesn’t feel good. He is so kind. Zong Ben gave him the chance to live and he is definitely blaming himself now…” Raffles sighed, walking next to me.

I glanced at Jun sadly. Then, I looked at Ula and pulled him onto his feet. I bellowed, “How long can Jun live for if he doesn’t consume others’ energy?”

Ula’s eyes were glistening with tears, answering, “The life that the body possesses… Don’t worry… It’s quite long too. It should be about eighty to ninety years…”

“Can you make another body like this?! Just like how your father made you yours,” I asked, pointing at him.

Ula’s tears rolled down as he bit his fingers, saying, “How could I make any now… When I am serving a prison term, my energy is sealed. What do you think this body is for? This body is a prison. I can’t do much now…” 

I glanced at Raffles next, and he sighed, “I’ll try my best.”

I was against human experiments all this while. Especially after what Sayee had told me when she’d bid farewell, I was even more against any human transformation, cloning and living hybrid experiment in Radical Star!

But now, I was willing to make an exception for Jun.

Suddenly, Jun turned to look at Raffles, asking, “Raffles, can we perform a remote lock-in on his armor? I know Zong Ben well. He will disappear in order for me to not feel guilty. He will leave his armor! Raffles, you can’t let that happen!”

Raffles was shocked when he heard that. He quickly replied, “Alright! I will encrypt and lock him in so that he can’t leave his energy capsule.”

Jun revealed a relaxed smile, saying, “Thank you, Raffles.”

Raffles rushed to leave the medic room. I pulled Ula next to Jun and watched him with concern. I asked, “Are you really okay?”

He revealed a familiar, comforting smile. His long black hair had yet to be braided like how he’d used to wear it, and was instead scattered all over his back. A few tufts of hair fluttered in the breeze before his lips.

He turned to the front with his eyes closed. Taking a deep breath, he opened his eyes. He then wore a bright smile again, saying, “Zong Ben is right. It feels great to be alive again.”

I smiled at ease. Seeing his bright innocent smile, I knew that he had really let go. Jun was really fine.

“As for my parents’ passing… You don’t have to blame yourself. Nor would they blame it on you. Human life comes to an end anyway. No matter if it was yesterday, today or in the future, they had already lived an extra sixty years. To many spirits, it was a curse and it was painful. But to them, it was a blessed release. It isn’t an ending but a new beginning…”

“That’s right! Their original source is energy. The energy would enter the other’s bodies, which is what you called reincarnation,” Ula added from the side.

I rolled my eyes at Ula and he immediately shut up. He pouted, “Life and death is very normal…”

When I turned, Jun’s face suddenly magnified before me. Then, his soft lips landed on mine. His long eyelashes fanned in the sunlight. Behind his eyelashes were his dazzling eyes.

I stared at him, dumbfounded. He left my lips and smiled, saying, “I finally touched the real you. It’s a great feeling…”

I blankly touched my lips that Jun had just kissed. Although the soft kiss didn’t feel like a kiss but rather like a feather landed on my lips, it made my heart race. I felt a blessed warmth instead of disgust.

The corners of his lips lifted as he looked at me. His heartwarming smile could make all the haze at the bottom of your heart vanish.

I smiled back… 

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