Book 2: Chapter 37 - Xing Chuan’s explanation

“Today is full of surprises,” Xing Chuan said emotionally, lifting his robot’s hand to rub its temple. Then, the robot froze in position, as though the person inside had stepped away and was trying to calm himself down first before continuing.

After a while, he put his hand down. Xing Chuan looked at me through his silver mask. “God led us to meet but we missed each other. Now, we meet again in God’s land. Luo Bing, this must mean that God wants me to bring you along!” He extended his hand to me.

“Don’t touch me!” I pulled out my gun and aimed at the robot’s face. His hand paused in the air. Behind the silver mask, there was silence.

“Regretted? Humph.” I smirked under the scarf and started walking backwards. “How did you recognize me?” I’m wearing a scarf yet he can still recognize me?!

It seemed to be unusually quiet above. I believed Raffles and Harry were watching what was happening before me, and hence had stopped Ice Dragon’s actions. Otherwise, Silver Moon City would find out that I wasn’t alone.

“Your eyes.” Xing Chuan suddenly spoke after a long silence. The robot’s silver mask reflected my face covered in a scarf. There seemed to be a gaze from behind the mask that fixed upon my eyes, “Everyone’s eyes have a different look to them, which isn’t difficult. At first, I wasn’t sure as well but you recognized me.”

Well, blame it on my lack of experience.

“Your voice recovered?” Xing Chuan sounded gentle, just like the time when he’d first seen me without shoes. He tried to enter your heart by showing concern.

“None of your business!” I glared at him and he became quiet again.

“I’d like to apologize to you about what happened.” His sincere voice resounded from the robot.

*Hmph!* I put my gun away. “Leave! Don’t let me see you again!” I walked past his huge body. *Pak!* The robot’s hand held me by my wrist. Its grip was extremely hard and I couldn’t shake it off.

“Luo Bing, I only wanted to scare you back then!” He immediately turned around and looked down at me, taking the blame without a thought and explaining anxiously, “You were in an escape pod, which I could control from afar. I didn’t mean for you to die. I planned to go and look for you. But I didn’t expect the escape pod to be broken by the flying corpse.” He sounded so guilty and remorseful, causing one to be unable to discern truth from lies. 

He was telling the truth about not wanting me to die. I could believe that because Raffles had said that the spaceship could control the escape pod and Xing Chuan would come to find me. Even if he had abandoned me, he wouldn’t give up his escape pod.

However, his emotion just now was fake. His anxiety, remorse, self-blaming; those were all fake.

I started pulling my arm back but the robot held it tight. How could my strength win against a high-tech robot?

“Luo Bing, we are coming to save you.” Suddenly, Harry’s deep voice sounded in my ears. I wanted to say no because I didn’t want to expose their presence. But Xing Chuan was right in front of me. How could I tell Harry and the others my message?

Xing Chuan was too smart. As long as someone saved me, he would know that I was not alone. According to the geographical location, it was only a matter of time before he suspected Noah City, since he had suspected Noah from the very start.

“Luo Bing, I have to be responsible for Silver Moon City!” he continued to explain seriously. “I have to be responsible for all the people in Silver Moon City. If you suddenly met a stranger and you have to bring him back to your house, wouldn’t you be suspicious? That’s just the natural order of this world!”

“I lost my memory!” I turned and glared at him. “I don’t remember the natural order of this world! I only know that I saw you and He Lei the moment I opened my eyes. We have been through so much together and broke through the besiegement! You were my only hope back then. I needed healing! But you wanted to kill me!” I was furious. I stared at him through the silver helmet, so angry that I didn’t know what to say.

We stared at each other for very long, my chest heaving up and down. I couldn’t calm myself down. The entire building regained its original silence, the silence of having no living person for miles around.

Suddenly, a huge shadow that blocked the sunlight materialized beyond the hole that Ice Dragon had blasted. Faint blue lights shone on Ice Dragon’s body, like a beast waiting in the dark to pounce on its enemy.

“I’m sorry.” Xing Chuan’s robot held my arm tightly and lowered its head. “I never expected that you really had lost your memory.”

“Humph.” I smirked, then gestured around me with my chin. “However, I’ve to thank you for leaving me alone. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known that I’m not too shabby of a metahuman myself. I can live well alone here. I don’t need! Anyone! To save me!” I emphasized, hinting to Raffles and Harry that I didn’t need them to save me. I was able to extricate myself.

The light on Ice Dragon grew dim, fading into the shadows surrounding it.

Xing Chuan went quiet again. In the silence, Ice Dragon stealthily moved away and out of my sight. I knew that they were hiding outside but they wouldn’t leave.

“No way, you can’t stay here. You have to go with me. I know you are angry at me but the people outside in this world need you!” He dragged me. He sounded sincere, just like when he had implored He Lei back then. He made you feel like you were a hero and you had the power to save more people.

If it was before, I would have believed in him because I had found He Lei unreasonable. Xing Chuan had invited him to Silver Moon City so sincerely. With He Lei’s superpower, he could have done so much for the people if he had gone to Silver Moon City. I had thought he was cold-blooded for not being willing to leave with Xing Chuan.

But now, I hated Xing Chuan more than He Lei. Xing Chuan didn’t know that I had heard his conversation with Sharjah in Noah City. He wanted to kill me! He didn’t care what it took to find me, regardless of whether I was dead or alive! He’d been so brutal and ruthless just because I had offended him.

Now, he wanted me not because he wanted to save me, but merely because of his own desire. Because I had finally become a chess piece that he needed, a tool that was useful to him.

I glared at him. “I won’t leave!”

“You don’t understand. It’s dangerous here. You have to leave!” He suddenly extended his hand and forcefully carried me. Then, there was a sudden *swoosh*, and a pair of wings appeared on his back. 

“Luo Bing, we will spring an attack on him when he comes out. Don’t worry, he won’t notice us,” Harry said. They already had their plans.

Idiot! Of course he would notice you if you sneak attack him!

“No!” I immediately shouted. My words were also a reply for Harry to hear. “I think you’re the most dangerous person! Xing Chuan!” I immediately raised the gun in my hand and shot the robot’s chest. There was a burst of light. *Bang!* The robot moved back from the impact. I took a step back and steadied myself.

Xing Chuan’s robot looked down at the hole in its chest. I could see a blinking circuit board inside. The robot from Silver Moon City is too high-quality! It didn’t die in one shot!

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