Book 8: Chapter 114 - Showing Themselves Off

Raffles smiled bashfully. In the blink of an eye, Haggs came out from behind him. Loki was surprised at the sight.

Ah Zong rested his hand on his waist. Just as he was about to transform his body, I stopped him, “You’d better not!”

Ah Zong couldn’t help but laugh.

Loki asked curiously, “Why won’t you let brother-in-law perform his superpower?”

I pushed Ah Zong further, explaining, “I’m afraid he might scare you.” My reply made Loki even more curious.

“Are we showing Loki our superpowers?” Harry suddenly increased his body size and raised his eyebrows at Loki who was dumbfounded at the sight. He added, “I can become even bigger!”

“That’s amazing, brother-in-law!” Loki cheered, gazing at Harry in admiration.

Abruptly, Xing Chuan lengthened his arm like a cobra and entangled Harry’s body. He exerted strength and with a *whoop* threw Harry’s huge body out next to Loki’s capsule. Loki’s jaw dropped at the sight.

Xing Chuan put on a friendly smile, retracting his arm. He glanced at Loki gently, saying, “Harry is not as educated. He will lower your intelligence.”

Loki nodded blankly.

“Xing Chuan!” Harry shouted, jumping back. I glared at them and roared, “That’s enough!”

Xing Chuan smoothened his sleeve while Harry glared at him in annoyance. He then quickly put on a smile, appeasing me, “Waifu, we are fine. We are just fooling around.” He hugged Xing Chuan’s shoulders intimately. 

Loki stared at them and then he turned to look at me in admiration, giving me a thumbs-up.

Lucifer cupped his cheeks, squatting by the railing of the balcony outside. Zong Ben landed next to him. Everyone seemed to be waiting for me to tell them what had happened.

I looked around at them and began sharing. From the time when Ula and my power went into a rampant mode, accidentally triggering the orbit, to my return to Earth, meeting my parents after twenty years, not to mention my younger brother who had popped out of nowhere…”

“Didn’t you kill that pair of mother and daughter?” Xing Chuan asked me in a strange tone. As though I was a killing machine and I would kill whoever I found to be an eyesore...

“Brother-in-law, we can’t kill as we wish…” Loki stole a glance at me in fear, adding, “But she threw that b*tch out of the window. I was really shocked. I never expected her to be so strong…” He stole another glance at me, smirking maliciously, “No wonder she could suppress so many brothers-in-law. Hehe.” He glanced around at my men happily as though he’d found himself four backers.

“You should have killed them. Those b*stards will only continue to produce b*stards. They make no contribution to society. Just like the Ghost Eclipsers, they corrode the hearts of the people around them,” Xing Chuan commented mercilessly.

“But the b*stards where we are from don’t have the guts to do evil like the Ghost Eclipsers because we have laws governing them,” I told Xing Chuan who showed no regard for life. “And, you can’t kill as you wish in the future in Radical Star too!” I said solemnly, warning Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan glanced at me calmly. “I will manage according to law.”

That put me more at ease.

“After all, laws can be amended if it is unfair,” he suddenly added coldly.

I looked at him stiffly. Does he want to amend the law to something that allows him to kill as he wishes?!

“Brother-in-law is so cool!” Loki was beginning to worship Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan wore a friendly smile again. “I will bring you around Radical Star for a tour.”

Everyone gaped at Xing Chuan. He could really switch between angel and demon freely and flawlessly.

“Then? How did you come back?” Raffles asked hastily.

“Then…” I continued. They became shocked and found it unbelievable as I unfolded the story. If it wasn’t because I had seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have been able to believe that there was an ancient and mysterious tribe in the depths of the boundless universe. Their existence had completely overturned our conceptions about planets and the universe entirely.

I reckoned that they could be considered Gods.

Their divine power had created me, their natural enemy. Hence, they referred to me as a demon. If my heart was really demonic, I would have really been a demon.

“How is it possible… how is it possible…” Raffles muttered, shaking his head.

“To us scientists, nothing is impossible,” Haggs was much calmer compared to Raffles. He even seemed a little excited, adding, “The advancement of technology requires the improvement of energy. Every discovery of a new energy source brings humans a step forward. As solar energy exists, it is perfectly reasonable for them to create planets.”

“They are so powerful. Just one child ruined our planet,” Harry muttered, crossing his arms grumpily. He looked like he wanted to wake Ula up and give him a good beating.

“Even if there wasn’t Ula, do you think that madman wouldn’t destroy the world?” Xing Chuan’s cold smirk revealed a tinge of brutality.

Yeah, that mad man had already been in close contact with Croton military base, preparing to launch a war at that time. Hence, even without Ula, the end of the world would have still happened. Ula’s arrival had merely sped up Hagrid Jones’ plan.

I took out the bead from my pocket, placing it before Raffles. I told him, “This is a bead that I stole. Raffles, Haggs, I shall hand this to you.”

Raffles and Haggs were at a loss for words. Raffles took the bead and studied it closely with Haggs.

“It’s late. Everyone should go back and rest,” Xing Chuan commanded as the leader of all husbands.

Harry rolled his eyes. “Xue Gie and the others are still waiting for us.” Then, he came in between Raffles and I, hugging our shoulders. He smirked smugly at Xing Chuan. “This is a reunion night for Noah City. It has nothing to do with you.” 

Xing Chuan’s face turned grim while Ah Zong sniggered. Loki looked around at his few brothers-in-law and chuckled, “What should I do? I just woke up and I’m all pumped up!” Loki was worried that it wasn’t chaotic enough.

Xing Chuan glanced at him, saying, “I shall bring you around Silver Moon City.”

“Sure!” Loki jumped out of his capsule and stood next to Xing Chuan. He asked, “Brother-in-law, can you let me drive a spaceship for a short while?”

“Sure!” Xing Chuan agreed, walking past us with my younger brother.

“That’s great!” Loki cheered excitedly next to Xing Chuan.

Harry snorted, pouting, “Pfft.

“It seems like he got to be the first again…” Ah Zong looked in the direction where Xing Chuan and Loki hadleft. Then, he turned back to the few of us, “Go ahead and reunite with Xue Gie and the others! I will be here, taking care of them. Don’t worry,” Ah Zong said, sitting in between my parents’ capsules. I was most relaxed when he was the one looking after them.

Harry, Raffles, Haggs and I exchanged a smile because we were going to see Xue Gie and the others really soon.

The war had gathered almost everyone on Kansa Star in this barren land, and now there was suddenly a magnificent city that had landed today. The city twinkled under the pale moonlight, like a dark crystal palace shimmering under the night sky.

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