Book 8: Chapter 113 - First Watch

Harry rolled his eyes at him. Then, he turned to smile at my dad. “No, dad. I am Lil Bing’s favorite husband, Harry!” He then shoved Xing Chuan away with his body and bowed at my dad.

My dad was dumbfounded, as still as though he’d been freeze-framed. Even the monitor showed that there was a skip in his brainwave.

Harry immediately nudged Raffles, urging, “Hurry up and introduce yourself!”

Raffles blushed, stammering, “Dad… Dad… I am also Lil Bing’s husband. My name is Raffles…”

My dad’s jaw dropped. He turned to look at Ah Zong stiffly, asking, “You wouldn’t be Lil Bing’s husband too, would you?”

Ah Zong nodded bashfully, responding, “It is my honor to be Lil Bing’s husband!”

My dad looked around at them for a while before his eyes rolled back. “I’d better continue to sleep…” he said and passed out.

Ah! Dad! Dad, are you okay?” Raffles went forward hastily and examined him nervously. He then let out a breath of relief when he realized that my dad was alright. “Dad is okay… But he really passed out…”

“Raffles, let dad rest,” Xing Chuan said gently.

Harry immediately shoved him, reprimanding, “You are such a treacherous b*stard! We agreed to wake him up when we arrived in Radical Star! How dare you be the first!”

Xing Chuan glanced at Harry in disdain as he replied, “Who told you to barge in out of nowhere? I would have introduced you one by one. Humph. Your impulsiveness ruins everything as usual! Look how terrified he was!”

“Are we too impulsive? Or was it that someone wanted dad to think that he is our leader?”

“That’s enough!” I finally couldn’t hold back my anger and roared! Lucifer leaned against the medic room door, sniggering while looking at everyone in the room.

The four of them became quiet once I roared. Raffles lowered his head in embarrassment, while Ah Zong frowned in sorrow. On the other hand, the other two showed no sign of reflecting on their own mistake. One of them was arrogant while the other one looked away, smug.

“My dad hasn’t rested for very long because he has been taking care of my mom. His aged body can’t bear the burden of interplanetary travel. That’s why I made him go into hibernation mode. So that he could rest! Look at the four of you! Fighting over being the first to meet my dad, only to end up scaring him out of his wits! We practice monogamy on Earth! Do you remember that?!” I was furious.

Harry frowned and looked away. Xing Chuan averted his gaze and rested one of his hands behind his back.

I pointed at the medic capsule near the hibernation capsule, scolding, “My mom is still lying down there! Aren’t you ashamed?!”

Now, Xing Chuan and Harry lowered their heads simultaneously.

I pointed at my younger brother too. “My younger brother is not even awake yet!” My whole family was in a coma, yet their insensitive behavior drove me insane.

They lifted their chins slightly, looking in the direction of where my younger brother was.

Suddenly, someone seemed to have hit their acupuncture point, and they all froze and became funny-looking statues.

Ugh… I woke up long ago…” I heard Loki’s voice from behind and I quickly spun around. Then, I saw him raising his hand sneakily from his cabin.

“When?!” I blushed.

He blushed too, replying, “Just when your… husbands came in to greet dad. Then… when you were giving your husbands a lecture…”


The medic room sank into an awkward silence.

I looked at my younger brother stiffly while my younger brother looked back at me awkwardly. He then fiddled with his fingers and stole a glance at me, before he asked with his head hung low, “Er… how many wives can I marry here?”

Pak!” I slapped my forehead, muttering softly, “The first thing you ask when you wake up…” Men were all the same, including my younger brother. Sigh… It’s unfortunate!

The few men then walked past me and surrounded my younger brother.

“Don’t worry. You can have however many you want. Your brother-in-law can take care of it for you.” Xing Chuan was already thinking of managing my younger brother’s concubines.

“Loki, don’t just take in any woman he finds for you!” Harry said, pushing Xing Chuan away. He then draped his arm over Loki’s shoulders, and muttered into Loki’s ear at a volume that everyone else could hear, “He is very treacherous. The women that he finds for you might be his spies.”

“Don’t slander my reputation in front of Loki!” Xing Chuan roared.

Loki stiffened in Harry’s arm.

Harry looked up at him, chuckling, “Did I say it wrongly? Treacherous Xing Chuan! Aren’t you the one who woke dad up?!” 

“I think you need a lesson after your recovery!” Xing Chuan began to roll up his sleeves, signaling his desire to fight.

Harry let go of my younger brother and burst into laughter. He said, “I reckon someone else got a new skin so he’s itching badly for a beating.”

Xing Chuan and Harry immediately turned bitterly hostile and irreconcilable.

“Why not… bring this outside?” Ah Zong suddenly suggested smilingly. Then the two of them really walked out onto the balcony.

I held my forehead, thinking to myself: This is unfortunate!

“Are they… always like that? Sis! Your concubines’ living quarters are so lively!” Loki said jokingly.

I could tell that my younger brother was also a b*stard who wished for the whole world to be in chaos!

I glared at him coldly and he immediately felt my soaring murderous intention. His smile then grew stiff.

“Actually, they are usually very loving and caring…” Raffles spoke up. Loki turned to look at him, and was immediately stunned. Ah Zong added, “It’s just that they got too excited at the chance to meet Lil Bing’s family.” Hearing Ah Zong’s voice, Loki turned to look at Ah Zong and was stunned once again.

I was agitated when I saw his reaction. At once I went forward and snapped my fingers in front of him.

*Pak! Pak! Pak! Pak!*

My younger brother snapped back to reality and I glared at him coldly, scolding, “Don’t stare at your brothers-in-law like that!”

He blushed and peeped at Ah Zong, who was smiling flirtatiously at him. He said, “Sis… I don’t intend to humiliate anyone but aren’t they…”

“Too beautiful?” I said.

He chuckled awkwardly, saying, “Hehehe… Yes, yes…”

I looked at him, angry yet finding it funny. What can I do? He is my own younger brother.

“Bing, tell us what happened. And also Ula, he fell asleep not long after you left. That kid looked like he was exhausted.” Raffles was the only one who was concerned about what happened to me and my family.

Ah Zong watched me with concern too. They all wanted to know what had happened after I’d disappeared.

Loki couldn’t help but glance at Raffles and Ah Zong again. Ah Zong walked over to the balcony and said something to Lucifer. He then turned back while Lucifer flew out, shouting, “Bing is going to have a meeting.”

His shout attracted Loki’s eyes, who then looked into the night sky. He was shocked to see Lucifer’s graceful takeoff. He muttered, “There’s, there’s really metahumans here!”

I smiled at him. “Your brothers-in-law are all metahumans.”

“Really?!” Just as Harry and Xing Chuan rushed back, Loki looked at Raffles and Ah Zong in admiration and curiosity.

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