Book 8: Chapter 112 - Don’t Scare My Dad

The spaceships from the alliance in the East left after bidding farewell with He Lei and Harry, returning to their respective tribe and city to spread the good news.

The people of Aurora Legion would take a short break in Silver Moon City for the time being, under the lead of He Lei. Then, they would return to Radical Star along with He Lei, as He Lei’s subordinates.

The people of Silver Moon City would rest in Silver Moon City as they wait for their brand new tomorrow.

Watching the spaceships leave in the starry night, Silver Moon City became quiet again. It had really been a long day. It might be because I had made a trip to the Earth.

He Lei and Harry walked over to me. He Lei frowned, looking at me. He seemed like wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words.

“What’s wrong, He Lei?” I looked at He Lei confusedly. I glanced at Harry but Harry shrugged, showing me that he had no idea.

He Lei thought for a long while before he finally replied, “Sayee… can I be in charge of her?”

I suddenly understood that it was because of Sayee.

I could tell that He Lei was struggling inside too. He was a resolute person. It was really heartbreaking to see him behaving like this.

Just as I wanted to speak, Harry hugged his shoulders, urging, “Hurry up and go. Otherwise, Sayee wouldn’t live for long once Xing Chuan comes.”

He Lei glanced at me as though he had to get my permission. “Mm,” I nodded without hesitation. He Lei then immediately vanished before us.

Harry looked at me, chuckling, “You are so magnanimous now. You were petty about what happened with Arsenal back then.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “How’s that the same? Arsenal is a sister I grew up with. She was my best friend. I was of course hurt when she betrayed me. I don’t have much feelings for Sayee. I just wonder if she really liked me…” I rubbed my chin.

“I think it’s real,” Harry said, hugging my shoulders. I wasn’t used to his recovered appearance, all of a sudden. I wondered if I should tell him that I had actually gotten used to his merman look.

“Because there’s no need to lie.” Harry rarely analyzed something with all seriousness like this. “Judging from the situation then, it didn’t matter if she liked you and if she’s a spy. So, she should be serious. She probably knew that she wouldn’t see you again after you got onto Silver Moon City. He Lei already made Sayee go through a trial earlier. Sayee was sent to sneak in among the Ghost Eclipsers. That’s why she happened to be in the prisoner’s cage when you met her.”

“I see…” Although it was in the past, thinking back, there had been a mysterious string pulling us together and leading to our encounter.

“Then, she happened to meet you and then He Lei. Xing Chuan was eyeing He Lei then. So, she met Xing Chuan. In short, Sayee accidentally followed He Lei. Sometimes, fate is a magical thing,” Harry shrugged, chuckling.

“Yeah… Really magical,” I sighed.

Just then, Lucifer landed from above. “Bing! Uncle woke up. Xing Chuan is already on his way there!”

What? Dad woke up?!

“My dear father woke up?!” Harry exclaimed in surprise with his eyes wide open. “Xing Chuan that b*stard is going to be the first?! No way! I can’t let him win this!” Harry said and began running.

I panicked, shouting, “None of you get to see…” But Harry was long gone.

The few men had been surprised when they’d heard from Raffles that I’d brought my parents. It happened to be the time when the war had just ended, so everything had still been in a mess. They hadn’t had time to find out more details or to be surprised for too long, since they had to get to work.

But now, as things had settled down, they wanted to see my dad once he woke up. My dad would be terrified!

“Bing!” Lucifer stretched out his hand and I quickly grabbed on, shouting, “Go after them!”

“Yes!” Lucifer quickly pulled me into his arms and spread his wings. We then took off to the moon tip!

When I had joined the war, I had handed my parents and my younger brother to Xiao Ying and Raffles. Xiao Ying had moved them together. Once the war had ended, she had relocated them to the medic room in Silver Moon City. The medic room had more comprehensive equipment and it was more comfortable.

My mom’s situation was stable, so she might not need to go back to Radical Star. We could complete her treatment in the medic room on Silver Moon City. Dad had been in hibernation mode the whole time because I still had yet to figure out how to explain everything to him. There were too many incidents and it was too complicated. I wanted to wake him up when we arrive in Radical Star and let him slowly adapt. But now, he’d woken up.

Someone definitely woke him up! Who was it?!

It was most probably Xing. He had always wanted to pre-empt and create his own opportunities. Especially when it came to my dad, he wouldn’t let the other men stand a chance to win favor as a son-in-law.  

Under the starry night, Lucifer laid me on the platform outside the medic room. I saw through the glass that it was really Xing Chuan who stood next to the hibernation capsule.

I held my forehead. I suddenly felt that it had been better when Xing Chuan had been an old man. Now that he’d recovered, he had returned to his defensive, overbearing self. In the past, he had to pretend to be Mr Nice Guy. But now, he didn’t even have to pretend in front of the people of Silver Moon City any more. He didn’t bother with the young men and women who admired him. Instead, he freely ignored everyone and made them feel as though the one who had died in the video had been the real Xing Chuan… 

However, his arrogant attitude made the people who had admired him before, admire him even more now.

I hastily walked into the medic room. The cover of the hibernation capsule was already open. Looking up at me, Xing Chuan quickly put on his usual Mr Nice Guy’s smile as he helped the person in the hibernation capsule sit up.

I sped up and pushed the door open. Xing Chuan had already helped my dad up as he spoke with a smile, “Hi, uncle. I am Lil Bing’s husband, Xing Chuan.”

My dad looked at Xing Chuan, stunned. He had just woken up. But then, my dad quickly got bought over by his Mr Nice Guy’s smile. He held his arm, smilingly happily. “Good! You look handsome and talented. Good. That’s good. Thank you for taking care of our Lil Bing.”

“Dad!” I quickly went forward while my dad turned to me. I asked him curiously, “Aren’t you surprised? You suddenly have a son-in-law out of nowhere.” 

My dad smiled, saying, “What’s there to be surprised about? You did interplanetary travel. You grew up in the blink of an eye and got yourself a husband. I won’t even be surprised if you have a few more husbands! Hahahaha...”

I looked at my dad, gawking. Dad, stop laughing. Because your daughter, I, really have a few more husbands!

“Dad!” Suddenly, Harry barged in. Raffles and Ah Zong were following closely behind. Raffles ran over and the first thing he did was to check the data on the hibernation capsules. He said, “That’s great. Everything is normal.”

My dad was dumbfounded, looking around at the people who barged in. Finally he said, “You are... oh, I know. You are all Lil Bing’s friends.”

Xing Chuan immediately wore a smile.

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