Book 8: Chapter 111 - New Tomorrow

Humph!” Harry seized Xing Chuan’s arm, refusing to take another look at Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan stood tall arrogantly, allowing Harry to hold him as he wished.

I stood behind them, speechless. The two of them looked more like a couple.

The supposedly solemn mood was completely ruined by the two of them.

“Everyone is waiting for you,” Ah Zong reminded me with a smile, leading the way.

I glanced at him confusedly, asking, “Why are you playing videos of Radical Star?”

Ah Zong looked at me resentfully, complaining, “Well, we have been waiting for you…”

I immediately blushed. Well, it is my fault because I let Xing Chuan have his way.

“This is the capital city of Radical Star, Star Capital. This is our kindergarten…”

When Raffles introduced the kindergarten, everyone let out a gasp in unison, “Wow!” It wasn’t an exclamation of admiration but an involuntary gasp at an adorable and cute scene.

I walked up next to Raffles. Seeing me, he handed me the laser pointer. I smiled at him and took it over.

He moved to the side with a smile, standing in line with Ah Zong, Xing Chuan, Harry and Lucifer.

I stood in his original spot, looking out at the people sitting neatly across the field, which included people from Silver Moon City, He Lei’s army from Aurora Legion, the army from the alliance of the East, and the few familiar figures at the corner.

“Brother Bing!” They cheered, standing up the very moment they saw me. It was really them. They had once been my comrades, my sisters and brothers!

They had already seen me when everyone had still been enchanted by the adorable kindergarten kids in Radical Star.

Xue Gie, Sis Cannon, Bill, William and so on. They were all there.

Everyone redirected their attention to me once they heard them cheering for me. They stood up and ran towards me. I stood in the spot, welcoming their embrace.

All of us hugged together, just like how we had done many times in the past. Even Harry, who had just sworn to watch Xing Chuan closely, pulled Raffles along to join the group hug. It had been a long time. The warm comforting feeling of a family made us all reluctant to let go. 

“Let go of Brother Bing. She is a Queen now. She has many things to do.” Sis Cannon shooed everyone away, looking at me excitedly. “Go ahead and do what you need. Go ahead,” she said, taking a seat nearby with everyone else. They continued to look up at me in excitement.

Even Xue Gie, who didn’t usually show much expression, looked delighted. That was already the greatest expression for her. She cuddled together with Bill, watching the video behind me.

“Are those real? Radical Star?” Sis Cannon’s question voiced out everyone’s doubt.

I pointed at the video using the laser pointer as I replied, “Of course it’s real! This is what I have been doing in the past few years when I went missing. I am sorry…” I looked to Gale, Yama, Sophia and everyone from Silver Moon City, saying, “I did not trust Cang Yu so I was hiding from you.”

“It’s okay! Brother Bing! The rumor says that it was you in Blue Shield City. Actually, we really hoped that it was real too!” Sophia played along and called me ‘Brother Bing’ too.

“You should have told us… I should be your best friend, right?” Gale complained.

“And me too!” Yama said, patting his chest.

I gazed at them apologetically. Gale lowered his face. “Alright. I understand your concern but you can’t abandon us again in the future!” Gale said with his cheeks puffed red.

I chuckled. “Don’t worry. Even if you are reluctant to, I would find you too.”

Gale and Yama let out a hearty laugh.

“Radical Star Queen! Why do the women look so silly?” Someone asked confusedly, pointing at the video. The video was showing the rehab center next to the kindergarten now.

I sighed. “Those are human pigs whom we rescued.”

“What?! Those are human pigs?!”

“Human pigs… Radical Star Queen, did you see my father?” Someone choked with sobs.

“Did you see my younger sister?!”

“Did you see someone tanned and scrawny? That’s my younger brother, my younger brother…” The situation became chaotic all of a sudden.

I gestured for everyone to stay quiet. I said, “We rescued human pigs who are still alive. As for the others…” I paused with a heavy heart. Everyone drowned in sorrow at my unspoken words.

Taking a deep breath, I pulled myself together. “Their children are in kindergarten. That’s why they are allocated next to the kindergarten. It is beneficial for their recovery. The rest of them have been adopted by the people in Radical Star. They will learn to be an ordinary human again from living in a family environment. So, everyone can try to look for their family members in Radical Star…”

Everyone lifted their heads. They gathered themselves up, fueled with anticipation.

I stood right in front of the video about Radical Star, continuing, “I know that it is a difficult day for everyone. The truth is too hefty and hard to accept. It’s okay. Everything will be better soon! Because everything has ended!”

Everyone nodded in unison, looking encouraged.

“There’s no longer the eastern and western hemisphere but only one Kansa Star! You can come to Radical Star. We will provide the greatest assistance. We will rebuild our homeland together. We will rebuild Radical Star. I have to tell everyone some good news. The blue crystal stones have left Radical Star so the radiation will gradually wear off. Kansa Star will slowly recover and this planet will get better!”

“That’s great!” Everyone cheered happily.

I looked happily at their faces all puffed up with excitement and hope. I was just like them, anticipating the future.

“What about you, Your Highness? When are you going back to Radical Star?”

“Are you going to come back here in the future?”

I smiled, replying, “Of course, I will be back. We are no longer separated. We live under the same sky. We are a family. We will also rebuild Blue Shield City. Of course, there will no longer be Honeycomb boys…”

Hahahaha…” Everyone chuckled bashfully.

“Without the Ghost Eclispers, I hope everyone can rebuild trust and respect for one another. Don’t become a new Ghost Eclipser,” I said, looking at them sincerely. Some of them seemed guilty, lowering their heads.

I maintained my smile. I stood before my men, meeting their eyes sincerely. “Tonight will be a long night. We have to rest well and be prepared because when the dawn comes, when the first ray of sunlight pours over the land, it will be a brand new tomorrow!”

“Yes!” Everyone cheered.

They glanced at one another excitedly. The young men and women in Silver Moon City lifted their chins, looking up to the sky. It was their first time sitting under the real sky.

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