Book 8: Chapter 110 - Grave-sweeping In Our Homeland

There were hibernating manmade metahumans in the rows of regeneration capsules. If there hadn’t been the war this time, they would have been allocated to the next upcoming war against the Ghost Eclipsers.

Both sides were stacked high with regeneration capsules. It was an endless grave of tens of thousands of people. 

The further we walked, the darker it was. In the depths of the factory lay the hybrid humans.

I stood before a hybrid human. The fluid in his capsule was different from the manmade humans’. It was a murky white starch, barely showing the hybrid human’s face.

Their physiological condition was shown on the surface of their capsules. Before activation, they were dead. They were like robots, their bodies similar to Haggs’.

“Turn them off,” I told Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan’s hand was already on the console for hybrid humans. He pulled down the energy lever for that section. With a sudden *Bang!* The starch in every capsule churned. The vague human faces distorted and melted away along with the churning starch.

*Gru…* The entire section was filled with the starchy liquid’s churning noises.

Suddenly, an arm harshly circled my waist. Spinning around, I saw Xing Chuan still standing at the console nearby but his lengthened arm was entangling my waist like a nude cobra. 

All at once, he exerted strength and pulled me towards him until I was right next to the console. Without warning, he pressed me against the console. I stared at him in shock, refusing, “No way! Everyone is still waiting for us!”

He pressed his body lower grimly, not hiding his lustful desire at all. His body was unusually hot and firm, as though he had prepared for battle long ago. Xing Chuan’s body pressed against mine like a sturdy rock, suffocating me.

“I said this before. The first thing I’m going to do when I recover is to do you!” He said grimly in an imposing manner, not allowing any refute. The Xing Chuan who had always gotten what he’d wanted was back again.

Before I could reject him, he’d already sealed my lips with a kiss. Anxious, I asked, “Can you do it quickly then?”

Murderous intent soared within him at once, and he bellowed, “Are you belittling me? Stop talking and let me savor you!” He then covered my mouth so that I couldn’t make any noise…

I walked in the corridor, taking deep breaths. I was trying to soothe away my blush. I glared at Xing Chuan, who walked next to me calmly. He was in a good mood, visibly in high spirits.

“If you rush me again next time, I will make the blush on your face stay forever, just like that part of yours!” He smirked, gazing at me like an eagle. His arrogant expression was tinted with a tinge of coquettishness. 

I glared at him in annoyance. “Are you in such a hurry?! We have business to do today!” 

“You know how much of a hurry I was in! When we were in Silver Moon City, you already knew how I wanted to do you at all times!” He narrowed his eyes unhappily. As though what had happened earlier was far from enough to satisfy his lust. “When I became an old man, I saw you sleeping with other men all the time. Did you think I was happy for them or for you?” He rolled his eyes at me. “To be frank with you, I only wanted to kick them off!”

That’s the real him.

Humph. I get to decide who you sleep with in the future,” he said domineeringly, already ignoring the existence of Harry, Raffles and Ah Zong.

I wasn’t surprised at all. It was within my expectations, because that was Xing Chuan and that was his style. But this was already the changed Xing Chuan. If it had been the previous Xing Chuan, he wouldn’t have said he’d kick them off the bed but: I will kill all of them!

Before us was the familiar Silver Moon City field. When Silver Moon City had disintegrated, the field had flipped around and turned into a deck. Now, it had become a field again.

Everyone was seated on the field in rows. They were looking up ahead of them at a huge light screen, which was playing Radical Star’s video like an outdoor cinema. 

I found it strange. Why was it playing videos of Radical Star?

Raffles and Haggs were explaining, “This is our new farm. We are planting modified grass. The grass can improve the soil condition by absorbing acidic substances in the soil and decomposing them…

Xing Chuan and I walked onto the field. Harry and Ah Zong were waiting by the side. Lucifer quickly greeted me excitedly the moment he saw me, “Bing! You are finally here!”

I couldn’t help but blush.

Harry and Ah Zong walked over to us too. Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously at me, but his eyes were filled with a chilly gleam. Harry was looking at Xing Chuan grimly.

“Where have you been?” Harry asked, his eyes on Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan continued to look forward arrogantly. He lifted his hand to smooth out the crease on his sleeve nonchalantly, answering, “You know where we were. We dealt with the hybrid humans.”

Humph.” Harry smirked coldly, taunting, “Does it take so long? Isn’t it just a push on the button? You took an hour!”

Xing Chuan glanced at Harry sideways, then said arrogantly, “Did her too.”

I was stunned. I really wanted to find a hole and die inside!

“Why? It turns out that you don’t even last an hour?” Xing Chuan remarked disdainfully.

Harry rolled his eyes while I covered my face, saying, “Can you stop…”

Humph! I knew we can’t let this old man recover!” Harry grabbed Xing Chuan by his collar while Ah Zong said smilingly, “That’s great. It’s pointless if all of us are too similar in character. Our Queen needs different kinds of men.”

“Does it include me?” Lucifer barged in to join the conversation.

“Don’t add to the trouble! I have something to talk about with your dad!” Harry roared, shoving Lucifer away.

Lucifer chuckled happily.

Xing Chuan held Harry’s wrist while Harry glared at him coldly, clamoring for war. “Are you asking for a fight?!”

“You misunderstood me. In order for Bing to get bored of you sooner, I have decided to transform you back so that she no longer enters your room!” Xing Chuan said, holding Harry’s wrist.

I held my forehead. These two are so egoistic! They are reluctant to admit it even when they want to help each other.

Ah Zong chuckled by the side. It simply meant that these two had no murderous intentions towards each other at all.

Harry’s fish skin slowly transformed into ordinary flesh. Then, he touched his face, chuckling happily.

“Harry!” I went forward happily, looking over Harry who had made a full recovery. He raised his hand to stop me and his smile faded. He glared at Xing Chuan coldly. “How dare you fool me?! Humph! Old man, I will be watching you closely! I won’t let Bing enter your room too!” 

“As you wish,” Xing Chuan replied. He didn’t seem to feel threatened at all. He glanced at Harry in disdain as though he couldn’t be bothered with Harry’s threats.

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