Book 8: Chapter 109 - Digesting The Truth

“What, what is that?!”

“That’s too scary! Too scary!”

“I have goosebumps all over…”

“That’s the parasitic creature that gave Hagrid Jones an immortal body. It merged into one with Hagrid Jones and brought about the end of the world, hurting all the young maidens on Silver Moon City…” Raffles said loudly.

“It turns out that the missing young maidens…”

“Legend has it that Silver Moon City always has missing young maidens. It turns out that they were eaten by His Highness Cang Yu and the monster…” 

“That’s so scary…” The girls curled up together, crying in fear.

“We were envious when Nora was chosen by His Highness Cang Yu…”

“I never thought that Nora…”

“Was Nora really eaten by the monster?!” Gale then came back to reality, staring at me with his pale face.

I nodded sorrowfully, replying, “Not only did he consume her, but he also made her brain into a server."


“I’ve already set her free. I never expected her to still be in love with Cang Yu even after she died. Nora was obsessed with Cang Yu. Silly woman…” At my reply, Gale lowered his face, his eyes glistening with tears.

The video was cut off at the point where Raffles had retreated. It was when Ula and I had fought against each other using energy. The powerful energy then should have severely interfered with the signal. 

Everyone became silent. People were gathered under the blue sky but it was dead quiet. I could hear the sounds of people sobbing on and off. It was the people from Silver Moon City. They were either hugging one another or tearing up in silence at the edge of the crowd. The others standing around them were either sighing in pity or patting them to comfort them.

“Stop crying! Everyone is still alive! We are going to live better!” Suddenly, a loud voice cut through the sobs. It was Harry.

Everyone wiped their tears and looked up at Harry.

Harry took huge strides towards me. He was especially cautious at every step, in fear of stepping on the people on the ground. His huge figure stood next to me like another Magik. He continued, “As for the Ghost Eclipsers, we wiped them out long ago! There aren’t any more Ghost Eclipsers in this world. Hahaha!

“What? What is he talking about?” People exclaimed in surprise.

“He said that the Ghost Eclipsers were wiped out! Are you deaf?! He was so loud!”

“Is what you say true?! Is it true?!!”

“How is it possible? How can the Ghost Eclipsers disappear?”

“Of course it’s true!” Ah Zong suddenly appeared next to me too. By his side was He Lei. Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously at everyone, saying, “Otherwise, why would our Queen be the North Star? North Star, the one who brings hope. The territory of the Ghost Eclipsers belongs to us now. And she is our Queen, the Queen of Radical Star.”

Everyone stared at me blankly. Although most of them were actually looking at Ah Zong…

He Lei looked down at everyone glumly. “Stop fighting. Our enemy has vanished from this world completely! The Ghost Eclipsers and the old monster are dead! Everyone here is our own people. Although they are the Great Ghost King’s men…” He Lei pointed at Dian Yin, Flurry and the others, continuing, “But the Great Ghost King is the old monster’s, Cang Yu’s, own son. He is His Highness Xing Chuan’s father, Su Yang.”

“What?! The Great Ghost King is Silver Moon City’s man?!”

“The missing Prince Su Yang?”

“It’s His Highness Su Yang!”

“What’s going on?! Why is the Great Ghost King Silver Moon City’s man?!”

“The Great Ghost King isn’t the real Ghost Eclipser!” Xing Chuan’s voice resounded. He looked around, explaining, “He hid among the Ghost Eclipsers to find their weakness, to find an opportunity to wipe them out! The arrival of the North Star gave him the hope to wipe out the Ghost Eclipsers completely!”

I gaped at Xing Chuan in shock. Ah Zong, Harry, He Lei and the rest of us looked to Xing Chuan too, because we all knew the truth. The truth wasn’t so but Xing Chuan had lied for Su Yang. Xing Chuan, who had once stopped at nothing to defeat his father, was helping his father right now.

Ah Zong, Harry, He Lei and I exchanged glances. We made a decision simultaneously. We were going to keep this lie a secret along with Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan lifted his chin and looked up. A huge spacecraft appeared vaguely in the air. It was Su Yang’s spacecraft.

Everyone looked up in surprise, while Su Yang slowly descended from the spacecraft. He landed next to Xing Chuan with a complicated look, his eyes welled up with tears. Abruptly, he hugged Xing Chuan tightly. The feeling of estrangement that had lingered between the pair of father and son for the past twenty years, now finally vanished in the embrace today.

What was most needed to reunite everyone’s heart the most, was time. Su Yang had rectified his mistake. The current Su Yang was a Su Yang who had turned over a new leaf. Some mistakes and some secrets should be gone with the wind.

Dian Yin, Flurry, Feng You and the others appeared grateful. They looked at Xing Chuan and the rest of us, feeling moved, and bowed politely at us while we smiled, nodding. Tears were glistening in their eyes. They turned to secretly wipe away their tears.

I gazed at the people from Silver Moon City, who were in need of a new direction and hope. I declared loudly, “Silver Moon City is still here. Your Highness Xing Chuan is still here!”

As expected, what I said gave the people of Silver Moon City the courage to lift their heads. Their eyes were shimmering with anticipation.

I continued, “It’s just that it is no longer the proud and aloof palace floating in the universe. Silver Moon City will be staying on Kansa Star with us. Su Yang will be taking over control. The resources in Silver Moon City will be open to the public for sharing! We will be living under this sky all together! We will rebuild Kansa Star together. We will work hard to revive Kansa Star together!” 

“Sharing?! We can actually share Silver Moon City’s resources?! Did I hear that right?” The alliance army repeated in surprise.

“That’s great! That’s great!”

“This news is so motivating!”

“She is the North Star! She must be the North Star!”

“That’s right! Only the North Star can bring hope to this world!

“Revive Kansa Star!” Someone suddenly shouted.

Revive Kansa Star!” Someone else immediately echoed. Then, more and more people cheered along.

"Revive Kansa Star!”

The high-spirited cheer reverberated in the air.

Xing Chuan and I stood in the humongous manmade human factory, managing the manmade humans. The rest of the affairs were allocated to Harry, Raffles, Ah Zong, He Lei and Su Yang outside. They were going to gather everyone and reassure them. 

We had just gone through a war and exposed the truth behind the chaos in Kansa Star for the past sixty years. Everyone had yet to calm their emotions. Raffles and Su Yang were distributing food for everyone so that they could settle down and slowly digest the truth that had been unearthed today.

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