Book 8: Chapter 108 - New Silver Moon City

Suddenly, a gust of human breeze rose next to me. Long black hair fluttered next to my face. I looked to the side happily and saw him standing quietly next to me. He looked calm. “You finally came back. If you hadn’t come back soon, I might not be able to hold myself back from destroying this world once again!” He muttered savagely. His tense expression hinted at how he was suppressing his billowing emotions.

I chuckled and said, “Go ahead. I will tell you slowly when things end here.”

Mm!” He jumped off. His long black robe made him look like a handsome dark dragon. Xing Chuan was no doubt a show off too. He’d even had the mood to change his clothes in the short time I was gone.

*Clang!* Zong Ben landed next to me. I glanced at him and draped my hand over his shoulders, asking, “You have yet to burn down the manmade human storage right?”

Zong Ben nodded and turned to look ahead.

The crowd slowly cleared out a walkway in shock for Xing Chuan. They seemed to be unsure if the Xing Chuan before them was real or fake. Hence, they chose to retreat and watch from a distance.

Xing Chuan stood before Sharjah, the hem of his robe fluttering in the breeze.

Sharjah slowly lifted his chin and gaped at Xing Chuan in shock. At once, he wanted to punch Xing Chuan. “You are just a hybrid human! You are no match for His Highness!”

A slap landed across Sharjah’s face, resounding with a loud clap. Sharjah was dumbfounded.

“You are so weepy. You shouldn’t be one of my men!” Xing Chuan’s merciless roar reverberated throughout the silent universe, yet it sparked a delighted smile on Sharjah’s face.

He gazed at Xing Chuan excitedly, asking, “Your Highness? Your Highness! It’s you! It’s really you! But, but I saw His Highness Cang Yu…”

“Don’t bring up the old monster in front of me! He’s dead!” Xing Chuan flung his sleeve and turned away. His cold gaze swept past every one of the surrounding people as he declared, “Cang Yu is dead. Silver Moon City is doomed. Your future is in her hands!” Xing Chuan pointed at me, continuing, “The North Star, Luo Bing!”

Everyone stood blankly on the spot. The sudden drastic change made them feel lost. Some of them felt insecure. Some of them panicked. Some of them looked around their surroundings anxiously, not knowing what to do.

Cang Yu’s death and Silver Moon City’s destruction made them feel like they had lost their home. Everything had made them feel lost with no direction. They felt uneasy and at a loss. I had once had the same feelings before.

I looked out over the people on the ground. There were people from Silver Moon City, the Aurora Legion, Su Yang’s men and also people from the alliance army who I didn’t know and wasn’t familiar with. People slowly scattered around, looking for their own comrades. They stood alongside their comrades, looking up at me with confusion, bewilderment, insecurity and impetuosity. They wanted an answer from me. They wanted to find a new direction.

I made Magik land on the moon tip, standing in front of everyone. I pronounced loudly, “The end of the world sixty years ago was a manmade catastrophe. The culprit’s name is Hagrid Jones. He received the power to stay immortal. He is Cang Yu from Silver Moon City!”

There were gasps of shock from all directions. The people who had scattered now moved to stay close to each other simultaneously. They had been enemies mere moments ago, but now they were fighting alongside one another.

I continued in a loud and clear voice, “I know that many of you don’t know Cang Yu. He has always been a mysterious existence because he is a madman. He launched the end of the world, just to stimulate human evolution. The people who survived the end of the world were the people he wanted to evolve. However, it wasn’t enough to satisfy him. He still thought the people weren’t advanced enough. So, he continued to observe us from Silver Moon City like God, hanging high in the sky. He let us fight against one another on the ground and continued to evolve humans using the law of the jungle. Even the leader of the Aurora Legion was his man! Just so that he could lead all of you to war whenever a war was needed. He was using war and death to sift out the strongest evolved human!”

Everyone grew pale at my speech. They found it unbelievable.

I knew that there wouldn’t be many people who believed in what I said right away, because it was really hard to be convinced in such a short time, especially the people who had been living on Silver Moon City and treating Silver Moon City as their belief.

“Today, I killed Cang Yu, who was also Hagrid Jones, and put an end to everything! The blue crystal stones have already left Kansa Star. In the future, the radiation on the ground will grow weaker. We will no longer be suffering the damage of radiation!”

“What about the Ghost Eclipsers?” Someone shouted.

“That’s right! What about the Ghost Eclipsers?! North Star, how do you explain yourself helping the Ghost Eclipsers to attack Silver Moon City?!”

“You are the only one who said so! Where’s the evidence?!”

“The evidence that you are asking for is here!” Suddenly, Raffles' voice resounded in the air. Then, Ice Dragon hovered in the air above us, shooting out lights. The final battle between Cang Yu and I replayed in front of everyone. I smiled gratefully while everyone grew shocked by the replaying video.

“That’s Cang Yu!” Xing Chuan stood next to Sharjah, pointing. His voice caught everyone’s attention. He continued, “And that is my duplicate, a hybrid human, the puppet he used to calm everyone down!”

Everyone looked at the other Xing Chuan in the video. Just then, Cang Yu’s tentacles came into sight.

“That is Cang Yu’s superpower!” Xing Chuan’s voice was filled with anger and hatred. He explained, “He relied on consuming metahuman’s energy to stay immortal! He is a monster! A monster! He has been killing young maidens with powerful superpowers on Silver Moon City! My sister, Elena, and Nora both died, by being consumed by him!”

Everyone let out gasps of astonishment while gaping at Cang Yu’s tentacles.

“I can be a witness!” Sharjah immediately added, “I saw it with my own eyes. I saw His Highness Cang Yu consuming His Highness Xing Chuan’s life and throwing him off Silver Moon City…” Sharjah’s eyes welled up in tears, as he sobbed, “He didn’t alter my memory because he needed someone who was familiar with His Highness to be with the duplicate. I helped him to disguise… I, I was too fearful… I, I only knew to submit to His Highness Cang Yu then. I wanted to live. There would be no one who knew the truth if I had died. There would be no one who knew that His Highness Xing Chuan had actually died…” Sharjah fought back his tears in agony. What happened in the past had definitely terrified him and caused a huge impact on his mentality.

Everyone stared at Cang Yu’s tentacles in horror. He was a man that even Xing Chuan had once been afraid of. How could these people not be afraid?

In the video, Cang Yu was pulling Ula out. Everyone’s face grew pale at the terrifying sight.

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