Book 8: Chapter 107 - Everyone Is A Friend

I plunged to the middle of Silver Moon City. Suddenly, there was a flash of green. A soft green whip entangled my ankle.Then  Feng You appeared in front of me, aiming her gun straight at me. I quickly opened the hull and showed myself, “Feng You! It’s me!”

She quickly put away her gun and stared at me in surprise, releasing the green white around my ankle.

“I need to go to the center. Cover me,” I said.

“Alright!” She immediately jumped on Magik’s shoulder, opening a route for me.

Just then, a strong gust of snow swept past before me. Then, Gale appeared before me. Just like Feng You, he wanted to attack me.

I shouted, “Gale! It’s me! Luo Bing!”

He froze, dumbfounded, in the air. Next came a flash of electricity. Dian Yin appeared next to him, his hand sparking with electric current as he reached for Gale.

“Dian Yin! Stop!”

Dian Yin froze dumbfounded in mid-air too. Both Gale and he stared at me blankly.

“All of you have to help me! I have to go to the center!” I told them and they looked back at me blankly.

Feng You jumped before them, shouting, “What are you waiting for? Cover her!”

Gale was dumbfounded and so was Dian Yin. Gale pointed at himself and I looked at him solemnly, asking, “Why are you still standing there? Don’t you know me?!” Dian Yin flew past above Gale, running at a high speed circling me. The flashing electric current helped me open up a route.

“Dian Yin, please get Flurry here,” I told Dian Yin as I saw the tip of the familiar Silver Moon City.

“Yes!” Dian Yin flashed and left, leaving a trail of electric current in the air.

I fell towards the tip of the moon. It stood erect, towering above all the tall buildings, just  like the sickle of the universe terminator that had broken and stabbed into the barren land.

Just as a fireball flew at me, Feng You’s green whip flicked before me, shattering it in the air. I flew out from the fire comet that splashed in all directions. A fire giant blocked the way before me.

I looked up at him, saying, “Yama! It’s me, Luo Bing!”

The fire giant froze, stunned.

“Stop everyone from fighting. We are fighting among ourselves!” I flew past above him, charging up at the tip of the moon. There was another person that soared up with me. Another whirl of blowing snow shook the people off. They hovered in mid-air in surprise, watching Gale who appeared from the snow.

“General Gale, what are you doing?! Why are you helping our enemy?!” Everyone gaped at Gale in shock.

Gale was still dumbstruck but he continued to open up a route for me. He pointed at me, saying, “Look! The North Star, Luo Bing, is back!” 

I began to slow down, while everyone seemed confused and surprised to see me. They seemed to find it unbelievable, yet were also confused and suspicious.

Their memory had been tampered with. They didn’t know that I was a woman.

“Who is… that?”

“The North Star?! General Gale, that’s North Star?!”

Under their doubtful questioning, Gale glanced at me suspiciously. I seized the chance while they were still confused to increase my travel speed. I plunged to the tip of the moon and stood high. Coming out of the cockpit, I stood on Magik’s huge palm.

With a flash of lightning next to me, Dian Yin brought Flurry to me. Flurry’s long hair was in a mess. He shoved Dian Yin in contempt, but Dian Yin merely smiled at him. Instead, Dian Yin gestured for him to look in my direction.

Flurry saw me and he immediately stiffened.

Just then, the surrounding people swarmed towards me. The metahumans who were safeguarding Silver Moon City charged at me.

Suddenly, the snowstorm in the air froze. In the snow-white world, a giant stepped out from the thick snowstorm. His long red hair had been frozen into icicles. 

He lifted his chin and roared, “Xue Gie! You are freezing me to death!”

I really wanted to cover my face and pretend that I didn’t know Harry.

“It’s me, Harry! I did plastic surgery. What do you think? Do you find me even more handsome now?” He flipped his hair, causing his icicle locks to sweep the surrounding metahumans off.

Harry quickly covered his mouth, apologizing, “Oh! I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

But right after his nonsense, the snowstorm died away in all directions. A white figure was shimmering in the high sky. She stopped for a while before she dived at Harry. She pounced at Harry, hugging his face tightly. 

“That one Lieutenant Harry?!”

“How is it possible? He doesn’t look like him at all.”

“Plus, isn’t Lieutenant Harry dead?”

As the snowstorm died away, the surrounding view became clear. Metahumans were appearing from the fading snowstorm one after another. The ground was likewise thickly dotted with metahumans who had gathered because of Harry’s roar.

I glanced at Flurry, “Pass on a message for me.”

“What?” Flurry replied, narrowing his eyes.

I said, “Stop the war. Silver Moon City is doomed!”

Flurry pouted while a grey cloud filled his eyes. In an instant, the clouds from above were pulled down by a hurricane. A face appeared in the air, shouting, “Stop the war. Silver Moon City is doomed.”

Gale, Yama and the metahumans from Silver Moon City stood dumbfounded in the air. Some of them clenched their fists, boiling with murderous intent.

“I’ve already killed Your Highness Cang Yu,” I added. My words once again stunned the people who were filled with murderous intent.

I swept my gaze at the surrounding people. “I am Luo Bing. I’ve come back again! I came back this time to unearth the truth, the truth that has been concealed for the past sixty years!”

“North Star… Luo Bing…” Someone spoke haltingly in surprise. 

“How is it possible?! Isn’t the North Star a man?”

“No! The North Star is a woman. I knew that!” Suddenly, Sophia dashed out from the crowd, shouting, “Gale knew it too!” Sophia pointed at Gale while Gale was still gawking at me.

“But isn’t the North Star dead?”

“Yeah. The North Star and Harry died in Steel Ghost City…”

“The North Star didn’t die…” Suddenly, Sharjah stumbled out from the crowd. He was covered in blood. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked away as he said, “Your memory was tampered with and you forgot the truth…”

“What? Our memory was tampered with?!”


“I don’t know but Marshal Sharjah said it.”

“Not only was your memory tampered with!” Sharjah roared in his trembling voice, “His Highness Xing Chuan was killed by His Highness Cang Yu too. The prince we’ve been serving after the war in Steel Ghost City is a counterfeit! Ah!” He suddenly clenched his fist, raising it in the air. He knelt and punched the ground harshly, muttering, “I wasn’t capable enough to save His Highness so I could only pretend… I didn’t know anything… Your Highness… I’m sorry…” he choked with sobs.

Everyone looked surprised when Sharjah sobbed. Slowly, they landed on the ground, watching Sharjah blankly. Gale, Yama and the rest stood on the spot in shock.

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