Book 8: Chapter 106 - Charge

Harry and the others’ arrival complicated the war situation further. I sighed, “Didn’t they agree to wait in Radical Star?”

“Everyone is worried about you. How could they possibly wait in Radical Star? They are only coming to watch. They won’t be participating in the war,” Raffles explained. “But now… there are more and more people joining the war. The situation is getting messy. Even Xue Gie and the others came to help. I’m worried that the war might turn into a bloodbath. Then, they might get hurt!” Raffles became worried, unwilling to see everyone fighting among themselves.

“Wouldn’t it be… fighting among ourselves?! Xue Gie and the others don’t know it’s us. They might mistake us as the Ghost Eclipsers and fight against us alongside Silver Moon City!” Xiao Ying panicked too.

Xue Gie and the others’ arrival surprised us. We had never expected any backup. It was a battlefield after all. Bellicose people would get excited by the rapid changes in the battlefield.  

We had all grown up in Noah City. We knew that the East was one huge alliance. If Xue Gie and the others came, it meant that the other cities’ metahumans might be on their way too. Su Yang’s military power would be significantly insufficient. The addition of He Lei’s Aurora Legion would barely scrape through. Harry and the guys definitely couldn’t just sit and watch.

I looked around at the surrounding clouds that were growing denser. “Regardless, we have to leave Xue Gie’s snowstorm range and look for Xing Chuan. We have to stop the people from Silver Moon City.”

“Alright.” Raffles ascended alongside me, rushing out of the condensing snowstorm. Once we rushed out of the snow-white world, we were greeted with a sky full of fire comets. Burning debris was falling into the snowstorm below, flashing for a short while in the snow-white world before vanishing.

“It’s so beautiful…” Raffles was attracted by the magnificent view before him. The sight of fire comets flying past the sky was reflected in his eyes.

I took a look at him before I turned around. “I am going to meet Xing Chuan. Raffles, get in touch with He Lei, Harry and the others. Tell them not to start another war. It is time to end things.”

“Alright…” He came back to reality and immediately turned to look at me. “Meet Xing Chuan? Over there?” He asked, looking at Nirvana.

I glanced at Xiao Ying, commanding, “Xiao Ying, take over control!”

“Yes!” Xiao Ying stood up excitedly. She suddenly blinked playfully, asking, “Brother Bing, I have been wanting to ask… Who… is he? And who is he?” Xiao Ying pointed at Loki, who was lying in the seat capsule, and Ula who kept quiet in the corner.

Xiao Ying’s question caught Raffles’ attention. Looking in their direction, he was surprised. Avoiding eye contact, he asked, “Who are… they?” Raffles blushed. He clearly wanted to ask something else but he bit his lip, looking away.

I gave Xiao Ying a smile. “Take good care of everyone. They are very important to me.” I purposely said it that way.

Xiao Ying’s eyes twinkled. She ran up to Loki’s capsule, looking in at him curiously. Ula, curled up in his corner, hugging his head. As though the other person wouldn’t be able to see him if he couldn’t see them.

Raffles continued to avert his eyes, asking, “Are they… so important to you?”

I chuckled, making fun of Raffles, “Don’t you find it strange? I only disappeared for a while and I brought back two men.”

“Exactly! They are both cute and good-looking. Can you give them to me?” Xiao Ying asked, smiling at me next to my younger brother’s capsule.

“No way!” I warned Xiao Ying. Xiao Ying shot Raffles a playful look, complaining, “Raffles! Brother Bing is not willing to give them to me.”

Raffles quickly looked down, blushing. “Mm…

I didn’t make fun of Raffles further, but said smilingly, “The one inside the seat capsule is my younger brother, Loki…”

“What?!” Raffles and Xiao Ying cried in unison, surprised.

“When, when did you have a younger brother?” Raffles stared at me in shock.

“Yeah, Brother Bing. Where did your younger brother come from? No wonder I found him to look like you,” Xiao Ying asked, running back to me.

I shrugged. “Yeah. I was surprised when I saw him too. But… It has been twenty years on Earth and now I have an extra younger brother.”

“You, you went to Earth!” Xiao Ying and Raffles exclaimed in unison again.

Mm, I’ll tell you in detail later. The boy in the corner is very important too, Xiao Ying. Find him some clothes,” I said seriously. I wasn’t joking around anymore.

“Understood. Where did you pick him up from? Why is he not even wearing pants?!” Xiao Ying asked, suspiciously eyeing Ula, who remained curled up in the corner.

“It’s a long story. And, not only did I bring my younger brother, but I also brought my parents from Earth!” Everything that happened in Deity Universe was too complicated.

“Uncle and aunty?!”


They exclaimed once again simultaneously. Raffles blushed anxiously while Xiao Ying’s eyes opened wide. I patted her shoulder, exhorting, “So, take good care of them. I am handing over my entire family into your hands.”

Xiao Ying’s knees weakened, as she muttered, “I, I, I, I…”

She was stuttering. She was even more nervous than Raffles. I smiled, reassuring her. Then, I turned to leave the cockpit.

“Activate Magik,” I commanded Nirvana to activate Magik as I entered the elevator.

By the time I entered the hangar, the energy capsule had already been reinstalled into Magik.

“Magik! Let’s go!” I shouted, running over to it. The ground under its feet suddenly opened and it fell. I quickly leaped down along with it. Chilliness soared up at me from the spiraling snowstorm below.

Magik caught me in mid-air and I was instantly connected to it, rushing into the middle of the snowstorm.

“Xue Gie’s snowstorm had engulfed Silver Moon City entirely!” Raffless image appeared before me. Then, Harry, Ah Zong and He Lei appeared one after another.

“Lil Bing, we are here!” Before Harry’s image was done talking, he turned blurry. He said, “Xue Gie and the others brought backup. We can’t wait here.”

“The children from Blue Shield City who were living in Noah are definitely here too. I am going to stop them so they won’t mess up the war situation!” Ah Zong’s image blurred too.

“Oh no. Someone is interrupting our connection! We have to figure out a way to resolve the snowstorm. It is impossible to recognize one another under such circumstances!” He Lei’s image went blurry too.

“I will figure out a way to look for Xue Gie…” Harry’s voice went on and off in the screen. Then, the screen became blurry again. It must be because of a metahuman. Only a metahuman would be able to do that.

It would really turn into a messy war if no one stopped anyone.

I plunged into the middle of the snowstorm. The shattered Silver Moon City was under protection. In the snowstorm were metahumans who were still fighting against one another. 

There were flashes of electricity accompanied by fire sparks. Bolts of lightning were followed by claps of thunder all over. One side was countering soldiers with arms, while on the other side was a battle between giants. I spotted familiar faces in the messy war: those from Silver Moon City, the Aurora Legion and the sixteen Ghost Messengers.

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