Book 2: Chapter 36 - Xing Chuan Is Everywhere

Then, I realized that there weren't any women’s undergarments in the entire shopping mall. I wasn’t referring to underwear but bras. I knew that Noah City didn’t have any; instead, the women wore a kind of tight singlet. I didn’t expect that there would be none in the mall as well. Even now I couldn’t get used to the fact that I wasn’t wearing any and constantly felt like something was missing. 

I casually picked up a dress to look. I realized that there was padding on the chest area, which felt soft and comfy. It had a certain thickness to make up for the deficiency of one’s body, yet blended well with the dress so that no one could tell that the chest was padded. I liked the design. It turns out that this world had already eliminated the need for a bra. No wonder Xing Chuan had mistaken my bra strap for a bandage.

I immediately blushed. Due to the situation then, I had barely registered that another guy had seen my bra and didn’t even have the time to feel shy. Xing Chuan had a pair of sharp eyes and he really had been looking at places that he shouldn’t.

I looked away, and something suddenly caught my attention. Turning towards that direction, I spotted a one-piece sportswear and was instantly deeply attracted to it.

The tight black sportswear was slim fit and light, and was made of a unique material that shimmered with a navy blue luster. On top of that, it looked rather sturdy. A red stripe with a slight fluorescent tinge ran from the sleeves to the trouser leg. A belt was cinched at the waist, which the merchant had even accessorized with a lock and a tool bag.

I walked towards it, and saw next to it a simple introduction of the outfit, Nano sportswear. Suitable for hiking, diving, car racing, and various outdoor activities. It could keep warm, waterproof, electricity proof and other functions.

The sportswear looked well-made. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be suitable for hiking since protruding rocks and branches on the cliff could easily tear one’s clothes. 

I took down the clothes. It was very light. When I pulled the fabric, it was extremely flexible, yet still very thick and hardy!

*Bang!* Suddenly, there was an extremely clear thud, which sounded like a shelf falling on the ground. My heart skipped a beat and started racing. All my nerves were pulled taut. I immediately turned and looked around with my guard up. I didn’t want to miss anything that moved.

Besides the dancing dust in the gold silken sunlight, there were no other people in the empty mall. 

*Hong!* Ice Dragon broke through another wall.

I let out a breath of relief. It might’ve just been me scaring myself. Maybe the moving upstairs was too vigorous and something dropped from the impact. I am in the center of the radiation zone. The entire city is like a ghost town. Who would be here?

Seeing a fitting room, I immediately instructed, “Turn off the camera.”

“Noted. Are you sure you don’t want to turn off the sound too? The sound of a woman changing can be quite seductive.”

“Raffles! What perverted program did you write?!”

“I am only reminding out of goodwill,” Ice Dragon sounded so elegant. “I was once a woman too.”

“Shut up! Turn off everything!”

Ice Dragon finally became quiet. If he didn’t purposely highlight it, I wouldn’t have thought of myself as a girl, especially since my voice sounded like a guy, and most likely Raffles and Harry wouldn’t have either. But, now that he mentioned it, all three of us became awkward.

I grabbed the Nano sportswear and entered a fitting room. The one-piece sportswear was to be worn from the bottom. The moment I pulled up the zip, the entire sportswear molded around my body. It fit my body snugly and felt really comfortable, while retaining sufficient flexibility and toughness so that I wouldn’t feel restrained when making big movements. Instead, it might even help to save energy as it was rather easy to move around. This wouldn’t be the kind of clothes the Flying Corpse King was wearing, right?

Grabbing the clothes that I’d taken off, I exited the fitting room. I walked to the mirror and wiped off the dust with my old clothes. Then, I examined myself in the new sportswear.

The black sportswear looked simple. It had both the handsomeness of a speed car racer’s attire and the charm of a diver’s diving suit, especially with the two bright red lines that looked rather futuristic.

The material seemed to automatically even out my chest lines so that my chest looked like a man’s muscle instead of a woman’s boobs. Plus, I was still wearing Noah City’s singlet underneath and my chest had yet to fully develop as well.

I strapped my waist holster onto my new sportswear, which instantly made it even cooler. If I was a man, I would definitely say, “I’m impressed by my handsomeness!”

As for my one-piece battle uniform, I rolled it up and tied it around my waist. Then, I picked up the rose gift box, flipped my hair and said, “Beautiful lady, please accept this rose of love.” My scarf made me look like a mysterious man who would be attractive to any woman.

I admired myself in the mirror. It’s such a waste that I am not a man. If I were a man, the beautiful Arsenal would definitely be mine. As for that Xing Chuan… Suddenly, I saw the robot in the mirror!

My breathing stopped! Since when was he there?!

In the next second, the robot was standing behind me and staring at me through the mirror! Under the silver mask, there seemed to be a real living person!

My heart started racing and I slowly reached for my gun. He was a Silver Moon City’s robot. He’d woken up, which meant that Silver Moon City now knew of my existence!

“Luo Bing?” Suddenly, Xing Chuan’s voice sounded from the robot!

I spun around in shock and looked up at the robot’s silver mask. “Xing Chuan?!”

“It’s really you?!” He sounded astonished and also shocked.

My heart skipped a beat. I am not nearly experienced enough nor cunning enough. Xing Chuan had obviously been in doubt earlier, which meant that he wasn’t certain that it was me. However, I’d subconsciously called Xing Chuan’s name and confirmed my identity for him!

I clenched my teeth in regret. Blame me for hating Xing Chuan too much, and hence getting affected by my own emotions and losing my calm. I took a deep breath and released it to quickly calm myself down. Yes, I had to calm down because I was going to fight against His Highness Xing Chuan who could see through everything.

“Why are you here?” He took a step forward. His silver mask was looking at me right in the eyes, as though Xing Chuan’s sharp gaze was behind that mask.

I placed my hand on my holster, smirked and looked at him, “Humph! Silver Moon City put me on the wanted list all over the world. Where else can I go? No one could come in here. Of course, I would be here!”

“It’s impossible for you to be here!” He said, then suddenly paused. My alert expression reflected on his silver mask. “You are a metahuman!” he concluded emotionally, “You are a metahuman! You are a metahuman whose existence is impossible!” By now he was shouting. I believed no one could have remained calm after realizing my superpower, not even His Highness Xing Chuan who could be an Oscar award winner.

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