Book 8: Chapter 105 - Have To Put An End To Everything

“Alright. Begin connection with the main server. Successfully connected to the main server.” Silver Moon’s image suddenly quivered. Lights reformed her body from top to bottom, as though she was being reshaped. A silver maxi dress draped over her elegant body like starlight, while she turned even more elegant with her high ponytail. 

Seeing me, she immediately smiled and said, “Lil Bing! You are okay?! That’s great. Xing is very worried for you.”

I smiled. “Please help me get in touch with them. Get them to meet me."

“Alright. Let me get in touch with Ice Dragon.” Just as she turned around, a short figure appeared right next to her. At the sight of me, that figure started wailing in tears, “Don’t scare me like this!” She pounced and her figure materialized rapidly in the air, revealing her real self.

She pounced on me, crying her lungs out.

Her huge boobs were pushing against my stomach and lungs. I was suffocating. “Xiao Ying… You should really… shrink your boobs a li’l…”

“Get lost!” She chuckled while crying. She even punched me. “What happened? We were so worried when you disappeared in a ‘poof’. You disappeared entirely! We were terrified!”

I glanced at her with a smile. “It’s a long story. I can’t tell you in just one sentence. I’ll tell you later."

“Alright! You better not forget your promise to tell me what you have been through!” Xiao Ying hugged me tightly.

“Ice Dragon, we found Lil Bing. She’s in Nirvana.” Silver Moon got in touch with Ice Dragon.

Xiao Ying smiled happily. “Raffles can finally be at ease.”

Ice Dragon’s image immediately appeared before me, looking at me excitedly. “Oh, my master. You came back so quickly. I didn’t even have the time to miss you,” he said smilingly, yet his eyes were glistening with tears.

“Lil Bing! Lil Bing!” Raffles called. He had already appeared before me. He looked me up and down anxiously, asking closely, “Are you okay? Where did you go?! You suddenly disappeared. Xing and I were worried sick. We didn’t dare to inform Harry and the others…” Raffles’ breathing was shaking.

“I asked her already! I am the first person who came to Brother Bing! I am faster than any of you!” Xiao Ying boasted smugly, holding my arm.

“Xiao Ying, I am not in the mood to joke around with you.” Raffles was really worried.

I smiled faintly, gazing deeply into Raffle’s eyes. I replied, “I went through spacetime and found out the truth behind everything. I will tell you later. Oh yeah, where’s Xing?” I only saw Raffles but I didn’t see Xing Chuan.

“Xing joined the war. He believed that you will return so he wanted to stabilize the war before you came back,” Raffles answered. He was more at ease now. “But your sudden disappearance made him feel uneasy. So…” Raffles wanted to say something but he stopped, lowering his face.

I glanced at him anxiously, then at Xiao Ying. She sighed and continued, “I guess anyone would behave like him. He said that he believes that you will definitely be back, but he was worried sick deep down. So, Brother Xing Chuan went a little out of control. Your disappearance deepened his hatred towards Silver Moon City. So… he joined the war with the intention to destroy Silver Moon City.”

Destroy Silver Moon City… It’s still his home at the end of the day…

“We were really worried. We have never seen such force…” Raffles’ eyes were filled with insecurity, as though he still felt some lingering fear. “Now that you’re back, Xing can probably calm down. He wanted to burn down the manmade human farm but many of them are already adults. They are humans after all. They are alive. Now, only you can stop him,” Raffles explained.

I immediately frowned, urging, “Hurry up and meet me."

At once, Raffles got fired up, shouting, “Alright! Ice Dragon, what are you waiting for?!”

Raffles’ image was still in my cockpit but he was already looking forward, rushing to meet me in person.

“Only you can really calm Brother Xing Chuan down. You didn’t see how murderous intention was soaring from him when you disappeared. It was so terrifying…” Xiao Ying complained, glancing at me.

I knew him well. Xing was brutal and merciless. He could shoot anyone in the head without hesitation. Of course, he could also blow up his duplicate without any feelings. He could even walk over Cang Yu’s dead body after Cang Yu had helped him recover. 

His heart was as remote and dark as the universe. But there was one star in his heart, which was me, the North Star. Only the light and heat from my body could warm his universe. If he lost me, he would be swallowed by the cold universe, drowning in boundless darkness. On top of that, he had evidently chosen to fall into the darkness himself.

I had to stop him. The manmade humans were already adults. They were merely hibernating in the incubator. They had beating hearts and they had their own minds. They were alive. They couldn’t lose their right to live just because of Xing Chuan’s hatred.

Even though they were just manmade humans.

“Bing!” When Raffles called for me excitedly, the ice blue Ice Dragon had already pierced the fire and billowing smoke, charging straight at me. 

Ice Dragon circled around Nirvana before it stopped steadily by the side. I looked at Ice Dragon. Its windshield opened, revealing Raffles’ smile. We gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled. There was no need to say too much. We then turned to look ahead of us together. The war should have stopped by now.

Suddenly, the surrounding air froze. An intense chilliness rolled over us from behind,  instantly putting out the fire clouds around us. The debris that was falling from the sky froze too and fell straight down. Then, the air froze over and snowflakes formed across our windows.

Xiao Ying and I ran before the windshield happily, touching the snowflakes blooming on the other side of the window. Raffles’ image appeared next to me, saying, “This superpower… Could it be?!” He suddenly looked outside excitedly.

“It’s Xue Gie! Xue Gie and the other girls are here!” Xiao Ying jumped in excitement.

I turned my gaze outside excitedly. It was really Xue Gie! We were right. It was really her! I would have never guessed that she would come. No, they all came!

“Everyone is here!” Raffles looked out, but the excitement across his face was fast fading. He sighed, “I never expected us to meet in such a way.”

I smiled faintly at Raffles. “This is great too. At least everyone is here.”

“That’s right. We can reunite now! It’d be great if Brother Harry brought Joey, Sia and the others here too!” Xiao Ying was thrilled with excitement.

Ah!” Raffles suddenly recalled something. He looked up happily, announcing, “I forgot to tell you that they came too.”

Everyone was really here. All the comrades were finally gathering together although we were ‘oppositions’.

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