Book 8: Chapter 104 - The Battle To Change The World

“What? But, but didn’t you say that we can’t return?!” Loki immediately rounded on Ula. Ula looked away and refuted, “Don’t look at me. My orbit was confiscated. I am not capable of sending you back to Earth.”

I smiled, taking out the bead that I’d walked off with from my pocket. I said, “I think… this shall do.” The bead hovered above my palm as I slowly transmitted stellar energy into it. It then opened up on my palm and formed a miniature orbit.

“Heart of orbit! How could you steal the heart of orbit!” Seeing the bead in my hand, Ula quickly sprinted over to me, wanting to grab it.

I grasped the bead tightly, glaring at Ula with cold eyes. I threatened, “Do you have any complaints?”

He immediately stopped, his eyes widening. It seemed that he didn’t dare to voice his anger. He lowered his head, muttering, “Forget it. I was the one who got into trouble. I have no right to speak now…”

“How do I use this?” I asked him casually.

He bit his lips. After a brief struggle, he seemed to give up and caved in. “The heart of orbit operates with interstellar coordination. It is formed by the orbit’s core. It can open an interplanetary gate, although the gate would be slightly smaller in size. It is about the size of a hatch…” he said, pointing at our hatch. “It can’t send huge transport vehicles, but we can go through it freely…”

“That will be sufficient,” I smiled. I didn’t intend for our spaceship to go to Earth.

“That’s great! Mom and dad can go home at any time!” Loki smiled happily.

“But it will expend stellar energy!” Ula added. “Now that the orbit has left Kansa Star, the stellar energy will weaken. There won’t be much usable stellar energy. Make the best use of it. The stellar energy will not be able to support many rounds of shuttling. You will still be separated in the end, forever…”

I clenched the bead tightly. Although I already knew the ending and I was mentally prepared, I couldn’t help but feel laden with anxiety.

Loki’s smile slowly faded because of Ula’s words too.

People come and go. It was only a matter of time.

As his elder sister, I have to be stronger than him.

I walked over to Loki, patting his shoulders. He was much taller than I was. Good-looking and tall, my mom had sure raised him well. I said, “Mom and Dad are getting old. They are not suited for a tough life. The living environment outside will never be as comfortable as home to them. But you can’t live off them forever…” 

Loki chuckled.

I lifted my hand, raising the pure stellar energy. “So… what do you think? Do you want to go back to Earth, or do you want to stay here to open up your own world?”

Loki’s eyes glistened. “Sis, you are amazing. In seven years, you became a Queen but I’ve only studied for the past seven years, without even knowing what to do with my education.”

I gazed at him proudly. “The definition of a hero is different in every environment. Kansa Star’s environment made me a hero. You getting into Tsinghua University made you a hero in our family!”

Loki nodded happily. He then took the drop of pure stellar energy from my hand without hesitation. Lifting his chin, he swallowed it. He then smiled at me, saying, “I’d still want to be like you. I want to have a different life!”

His eyes glistened with brilliant light. Without warning, he passed out. I quickly helped him back to his seat.

“This is normal. He will be a metahuman once he wakes up. As for what superpower he has, it depends on his desire,” Ula explained.

I put the back of the seat down, allowing the protective shield to cover Loki’s body. He lay inside quietly, like a peaceful newborn baby.  He had inherited our mom and dad’s every positive feature. Big eyes, double eyelids, curly eyelashes, a tall nose and that delicate mouth that my mom was proud of. I regretted not watching him grow up. He had definitely been a cute, pretty boy when he was younger. 

I pinched his face dotingly. Then, I turned and rested my hands behind my back, pushing my chest out. Looking at the crimson planet, I commanded, “Full speed! Charge!”


Nirvana immediately plunged towards Kansa Star at full speed, turning into a stream of flowing light that weaved in between the falling Silver Moon City, down towards the churning atmosphere. The debris from Silver Moon City’s disintegration had turned into fire comets in the atmosphere, falling towards the planet quietly. Like a catastrophic meteor shower, it tainted the clouds in red.

We flew through the vast expanse of fire meteor shower and clouds, pulling a long trail of fire clouds behind us, just like a fire phoenix’s tail fluttering in the fiery sky…

We stopped in mid-air, watching the fire meteors shower down densely. It was just like another doomsday.

I smiled in the fire. As I turned, we charged onto the ground at a high speed.

Gradually, I saw many metahumans stopping the burning debris in the air. Fire dyed the sky red as they shuttled through the fire like saint warriors fighting hard at the end of the world.

*Hong!* With a loud rumble, a huge disintegrated part of Silver Moon City landed on the ground. It raised a thick layer of dust and soil, veiling the entire ruin.

Then, other parts landed one by one, forming a huge city on the ground once again. Fighter planes flew out, soaring into the sky.

Just then, a huge spacecraft appeared in the air, covering the city in its shadow. Within moments, metahumans were jumping off from above.

It was Su Yang’s battleship!

Huge ruins continued to fall from the sky. Bolts of lightning were flashing all around the city. Fire ignited all over, while more metahumans were exiting from the gradually reforming Silver Moon City to greet the metahumans. The war was happening right before me, soul-stirring yet heroic.

Suddenly, a spacecraft shot past above us. It was the battleship that Sharjah had used to head to Aurora Legion’s base. As they flew past above us, Gale had already jumped off the battleship, charging straight at the lighting bolts.

The bolts of lightning were flashing inconsistently. Dian Yin seemed to have been seized by Gale.

Not one battleship that passed by us attacked us. They treated us as people from Silver Moon City. In other words, they probably thought that it was still His Highness Cang Yu inside Nirvana.

“North Star, Sharjah requests to speak to you.” Silver Moon’s duplicate stood before me.

I thought for a while before I waved, saying, “Cut off all connection with everyone from Silver Moon City. We can’t let them know that it is me who is taking control over Nirvana. Oh yeah, try to connect to the main server.” I hoped that Xiao Ying was still in there. Then, I could inform Raffles, Xing Chuan and Zong Ben that I had come back. So that they could be at ease.

Xing, Raffles, I’m back. You can never guess where I went while Silver Moon City was falling. I saw the past, the present and the future. I came back and I am going to change our previous future and welcome our new future.

The war before our eyes was a war to change the future!

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