Book 8: Chapter 103 - Set Nora Free

Teta flew to the side of the light gate. He looked into our cockpit again, before he finally turned away and raised his hand reluctantly. Then, Nirvana was thrown off the light gate by a huge force. The moment we went through the light gate, I was greeted with the sight of Silver Moon City slowly falling, as well as the crimson planet below.

“This is?!” Loki stood up in surprise, staring at the huge city disintegrating and slowly falling from dark space towards the huge planet that looked bigger than Earth.

Debris that didn’t seem to belong to the disintegration drifted in the dark space. Silver Moon City was disintegrating. It was shattering, forming a tragic yet magnificent sight.

Escape capsules launched from the shattering Silver Moon City one after another, like comets flying at Kansa Star.

“That’s Silver Moon City, a space fortress,” I answered. I stood up and walked over to the windshield.

Loki stood next to me. “Does it belong to you?”

“It’s mine! You don’t know how much effort I have put in. Yet now it’s destroyed by you, just like that…” Ula muttered, lowering his face in sorrow.

Loki immediately glanced at me, asking, “Why did you destroy the space fortress?” Loki found it a pity.

I looked back at him. “Do you want to know why? Follow me. Silver Moon, bring us to the secondary server room.”

Lights condensed and Silver Moon appeared before us, leading the way as she replied, “Yes.”

Following Silver Moon, we left the cockpit. We walked along the corridor and arrived before a white cabin. The door opened, revealing a round white space inside.

Loki and I walked in. In the middle of the cabin was a round ball. It was connected to several translucent blue pipes, filled with delicate circuit cables.

“Open it,” I said and the ball opened up. A human brain was revealed before us. Loki was gawking in shock.

Looking at the brain hovering in the ball, I felt emotional. “All the research that Silver Moon City is carrying out is centred on the human body. They use a living human’s brain as the main server of a computer. This is the reason why their AI is so lively and so advanced. It’s simply because… it belongs to a human…” 

“What…” Loki’s face turned pale, finding everything he saw unbelievable.

“I know the owner of this brain. She was once an amazing metahuman on Silver Moon City. She went missing later on and I couldn’t find her anywhere. Now I know what she’s been through… Come here!” I roared.

Ula, who had been hiding outside the door, walked in with his head hung low.

I glanced at him. “You are the one who consumed Nora, aren’t you?”

Ula didn’t dare to look at me. He nodded. “Mm…

I didn’t look at him, instead ordering, “Activate the secondary server.”

Blue lights immediately twinkled and blue fluid flowed in the pipes filled with data cables. It looked just like Deity Universe. 

Lights suddenly weaved before us, forming Nora’s shadow. She slowly opened her eyes, only to be shocked when she saw me. She shouted, “Luo Bing! Where’s His Highness Cang Yu?!” She kept her guard up.

I gazed at her calmly, questioning, “Cang Yu killed you yet you still love him?”

Loki looked away. He didn’t look at the brain. Nor did he look at Nora.

Nora’s expression turned calm, and she looked down.

I studied her for very long, before I at last said, “Thank you for your reminder back then.”

“I merely didn’t want you to become His Highness Cang Yu’s wife! I can’t tolerate the idea of His Highness Cang Yu loving another woman!” Nora muttered angrily.

“He won’t love anyone else because he only loved one woman from the beginning until the end. The person is his wife!”

“Who?! Who became his wife?! Tell me who she is!” Agitated, Nora roared at me with all her strength.

Loki turned to look at Nora, unable to understand why she roared at me. There were many things that he had yet to understand and would need time to slowly digest in this world. 

“Cang Yu is Professor Hagrid Jones. He had a wife, named Yin Yue.” Nora’s expression turned empty once she heard what I’d said.

“There’s no woman who can replace Hagrid Jones’ beloved wife in this world. So, you can be at ease. No woman on Silver Moon City will ever receive Cang Yu’s love.”

Nora became quiet, standing still on the spot. She slowly revealed a faint, satisfied smile.

I watched Nora, asking softly, “Don’t you hate Cang Yu?”

“I love him and I am willing to die for him. I am willing to do anything for him. You won’t understand.” Nora’s stubborn love moved me, yet at the same time, I felt pity for her.

I let out a long sigh. “Silver Moon, destroy the secondary server…”


I knitted my eyebrows and *Bang!* The fluid in the ball churned and Nora’s shadow became blurry. She smiled, saying, “Thank you… I can go and look for His Highness Cang Yu now…” As her voice disappeared, the brain vanished into the blue fluid too…

I turned around and let out a sigh filled with heartache.

“Your sister killed another one…” Ula complained to Loki, pouting.

Loki glared at him, scolding, “Shut up! You are mad! You are cruel! What’s the meaning of life when a person doesn’t even have a body anymore?!”

Ula pouted in silence.

I took a look around the white cabin. It felt as if the very air was filled with the sin of the human experiment. I glanced at Silver Moon and asked, “Can this cabin be ejected?”


“Great.” I walked out. Loki and Ula followed closely behind me. I shut the door behind us, before commanding, "Eject.”

*Bang, bang, bang, bang.* The loosening mechanism made several loud noises. The white cabin was ejected the very next moment, leaving behind an empty section. The hull closed from above; only blinking lights remained before us.

Finally feeling at ease, I turned around and commanded, “Full speed to Kansa Star."


We could instantly feel Nirvana increase in travel speed.

When we returned to the cockpit, I spread my hand and revealed the drop of pure stellar energy in my palm. I looked at Ula. “How do I use this?”

Ula replied with his head hung low, “Just putting it on will do…”

I turned to Loki, who seemed nervous. He asked, “Sis, why do you have to put this on me?”

I smiled at him, explaining, “Loki, the living environment is different from Earth. If your body doesn’t change accordingly, you will be restricted by the environment.”

“What about mom and dad? Why don’t you save this for them? Can they adapt to Kansa Star?” Loki asked anxiously.

I smiled faintly, answering, “Because… I want to send mom and dad back to Earth.” That had been my last demand but I knew the King of Universe wouldn’t agree. He wouldn’t provide an orbit connecting Kansa Star and Earth for me to use as I wished because they had to safeguard the balance between universes and galaxies.

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