Book 8: Chapter 102 - Return To Kansa Star

“She is the demon of stellar energy?”

“The prophecy came true. We really made a dark body of stellar energy…”

“This is terrifying…”

The King of Universe looked around evenly and everyone quietened down at once. They lowered their heads in reverence.

After a short silence, the King of Universe spoke again, “The change in her destiny is caused by your younger brother. We are the ones who changed her life’s course. We are the ones who created a dark celestial body. We have to be responsible for her, and also the future of our tribe! We have to thank her for her appearance and arrival. Her existence is a warning to us to use stellar energy wisely!” The King of Universe’s loud voice reverberated throughout the serene palace. All the people hung their heads in shame. 

The King of Universe looked at me, saying, “Your request isn’t overboard. It is rather simple. Come here.” The King of Universe beckoned for me to come forward.

I lifted my foot and walked out of the bubble that had been protecting me before everyone’s eyes. They then gasped in shock.

“I see. We can actually get out of this bubble!” Loki said, wanting to step a foot out. I quickly stopped him and he glanced at me confusedly. But the expression in his eyes swiftly turned to shock, and he remained dumbfounded in the bubble. From my reflection in his bright black eyes, I could see myself glowing blue.

I looked down at my body. Blue light was gathering towards me from all directions, surrounding me. Every inch of air here was saturated with stellar energy. The stellar energy constantly swarmed towards me, fighting to enter my body. My body took it in endlessly like a black hole. Soon, my body turned translucent while my exposed hands also started to look slightly transparent, just like the people here. 

I walked forward, moving closer to Teta who stood rooted on the spot. The blue light on him slowly drifted off his body like evaporation. He gaped at the sight in shock, watching the blue stellar energy leave his body and flutter towards me like mist. Quickly, he moved back for a distance, and his stellar energy stopped leaving his body.

He seemed to be frightened. He immediately swiveled to look at Ula while Ula peeked out at him from behind the elders, pouting, “I told you earlier. You didn’t want to listen to me…” 

“It’s all your fault!” Teta was furious. He turned away angrily.

The King of Universe extended his hand, revealing a drop of pure stellar energy the size of a rain droplet. It flew over to me and hovered before me.

“This can alter your younger brother’s genetics and make him an anti-radiationer, adapting to Kansa Star’s living environment.”

I extended my hand to receive the drop of pure stellar energy that was radiating in brilliant light. I smiled. My younger brother had lived on for me for the past twenty years. I could tell that he had greater ambition and was more capable than I was. I couldn’t trap him in a restricted environment. I hoped for him to explore broader and higher horizons, to accomplish more than I had.

“There is a balance between planets. Human development has its own law too. I can’t satisfy your other requests.” The King of Universe seemed to see through to my countless requests at the bottom of my heart.

Yes, I had many requests. But I knew that I could achieve them without asking God. So, why would I?

I looked up at him and smiled. “My last request is to please send us home. This is not too much, is it?”

The King of Universe nodded. He turned to throw a sideway look at Ula, roaring, “Come over here.” 

Ula walked before the King of Universe with his head hung low, dispirited. He raised his hand and the pure stellar energy encircled Ula’s body. The brilliant light engulfed him entirely and slowly entered his body. Human skin slowly formed from the soles of his feet up to his thighs, glutes, back, shoulders, neck, all the way to his long hair fluttering on his back.

“Go now,” the King of Universe commanded.

Ula turned around and I quickly looked away. Aren’t they going to put some clothes on for him?!

“Ula, hold on,” Teta called Ula. My attention was redirected to Teta. His gaze fixed upon his younger brother for very long, before he sighed and raised his hand in the air. Suddenly, a glowing blue robe materialized in his hand. He put it on Ula and slowly buttoned it up for him.

Although I didn’t like Teta, I could feel his love towards Ula from the sight. In terms of feelings, Teta and I were similar. He was an older brother while I was an older sister, and we loved our younger brothers.

“Serve your term obediently. Don’t get yourself into any more trouble,” Teta exhorted, stroking Ula’s long hair. Ula in human form looked much shorter than Teta. He was around the size of a thirteen-year-old teen. Ula slowly lifted his chin, revealing an immature youthful face.

He looked aggrieved, saying, “Brother, I am scared…”

Teta was stunned at first. Then, his surprise was replaced with reluctance and heartache. He seemed to be worried too. Finally, he pulled Ula into his embrace, gritting through his teeth, “Don’t be scared. I am here.”

Ula pouted dispiritedly, “You can’t go to Kansa Star with me…”

Teta was stunned again.

Ula left his embrace in sorrow, before he walked towards me step by step in fear, as though he was a prince held as a hostage.

I glanced at him, then bowed at the King of Universe. Holding the drop of pure stellar energy tightly, I turned my back to him, smiling.

I had reaped quite a bumpy harvest during this trip to Deity Universe. I had gotten things that I’d wanted and I had taken a captive as my servant for life.

Nirvana ascended once again. Ula sat by the side, hugging his knees. His robe covered his body but couldn’t reach his thighs. His long hair was all over the place. He sat there alone, sobbing so pathetically that even Loki couldn’t bear the sight. Loki walked up to Ula, comforting him, “Don’t worry. My sister is very nice. She wouldn’t bully you…”

“You have never seen her hit me…” Ula choked with sobs. Tears flowed out of his eyes, creating an extremely heart-wrenching sight. He added, “You only just met her. Do you know how many people she has killed? Do you know how scary she is? Do you know that she is a Queen?! You don’t know anything. Don’t you think you know her well!”

Loki stared at me in shock. I smiled, blinking innocently. Loki gulped before he asked, “Sis… is what he said… true? Did you… kill people?!”

I smiled, looking over at the wide open light gate. The people in Deity Universe couldn’t wait to send me off.

“Sis?!” Loki asked again.

I smiled at him in an extremely good mood, saying, “I will tell you everything slowly in the future. Kansa Star isn’t like Earth. There’s a war. You have to be mentally prepared.”

What I said didn’t seem to comfort Loki. On the contrary, his eyes rapidly filled with fear towards me like Ula. He glanced anxiously at Teta, who was guiding the way in front.

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