Book 8: Chapter 101 - Easy To Invite God In But Hard To Send God Away

The King of Universe and the elders seemed to finish their discussion. They turned to look at me in unison. Although they looked arrogant, they weren’t as condescending as Ula’s brother.

“Teta, send these two humans back to Kansa Star,” the King of Universe commanded sternly

Ula immediately lifted his chin. “Father King of Universe, I told him earlier to not bring them back. He didn’t want to listen to me!”

The King of Universe looked down at Ula sternly too, who then immediately hung his head low in silence.

Teta looked at the King of Universe, confused. “But, Father King of Universe, they stole stellar energy, which led to the delay of the solar storm. They changed the Earth’s fate for a century and affected the harvest of the galaxy…”

“Bring them back!” The King of Universe abruptly roared.

All the surrounding light people bowed in reverence.

Teta seemed confused but he didn’t dare to go against his father. He only lowered his chin in distress and bowed, acceding, “Yes.”

Teta flew towards us. He commanded without looking at us, “Follow me. You are free now.”

That’s funny. Since when do you get to decide if we are free?

“Hold on!” I lifted my hand. Teta stopped next to me, while Ula quickly ran to hide behind the elders in fear. Loki glanced at me in surprise. I gazed at the King of Universe glumly. “There’s a saying on Earth: It’s easy to invite God in but it’s hard to send God away."

The King of Universe and the elders watched me solemnly. I continued, “Am I someone you can capture and release as you wish?”

The King of Universe and the elders remained silent.

“If you do not want to go back, you can undergo a trial!” Teta stood arrogantly in between his Father King of Universe and I. His dignified expression looked just like his father. He continued, “You messed up the destiny of the celestial body so you should…”

“Teta!” The King of Universe roared and cut off Teta mid-speech. The entire palace became dead silent.

Teta glanced at the King of Universe confusedly while the elders nodded at him, gesturing for him to stay quiet.

The King of Universe turned back to me calmly, asking, “What do you want, Luo Bing? Tell us your demand.” 

“I want to see Ula undergo a fair trial! As the representative of Kansa Star, I have the right to know if the trial is fair!” I replied loudly, claiming the rights that I deserved.  

The King of Universe nodded and glanced to the side. Ula immediately ran out and knelt obediently, his light wings hanging low behind his back. “I am willing to accept any punishment,” his tone sounded like he wanted the trial to end soon so that I could leave. Every single minute I stayed here terrified him.

The King of Universe took a glance at me, then spoke, “Your punishment is to be banished to Kansa Star and become Luo Bing’s servant, serving her until she dies.” His commanding tone elevated one’s soul.

“What?” Ula gaped at the King of Universe in shock. He wailed, “No! Father King of Universe! I am willing to be imprisoned for ten thousand years instead of staying next to this demon. No~”

“Huh?!” The King of Universe made a low scary hum.

“Hum…” Everyone immediately let out an imposing hum too. The mood in the palace instantly turned solemn.

Teta looked around in shock but he seemed even more confused.

“Imprisoning you for a thousand years, ten thousand years? By the end of it, you still wouldn’t understand what you did wrong, would you? Return to where you first committed your mistake, that’s where you will see your future. Luo Bing, Ula will be under your command from now onwards. Do you think this is fair?” The King of Universe asked.

I thought for a while, glancing at Ula who seemed to have lost all hope. I then raised my eyes to meet the King of Universe’s gaze. “What form would he be in?”

“We will give him a physical body.”

“Alright. I accept it, King of Universe. You are a fair King.”

“Do you have any other demands?”

I immediately requested, “Cleanse Kansa Star.”

“Kansa Star moved out of the stellar energy range when the orbits left. The stellar energy will slowly fade from Kansa Star after that. The mutated factor in the metahumans’ bodies will also become weaker over generations. The people on Kansa Star will slowly lose their superpowers,” the King of Universe said calmly. 

I was shocked. In short, it meant that superpowers would disappear over a few generations on Kansa Star.

“Earth experienced similar phenomena once.” The King of Universe unexpectedly brought up a distant era.

“Earth? It once had metahumans?” Loki was surprised.

“The gods in your legends are metahumans who once received stellar energy. Through intermarriage with commoners, their stellar energy weakened over the generations. That was how demigods came about. After a thousand years, metahumans vanished from Earth completely.” With a casual story, the King of Universe resolved the mystery of the gods and demigods’ origins, and why there weren’t any divine powers on Earth anymore.

I had never been this enlightened. This could be said to be the concept of a universe. The celestial bodies in the universe had their own balance. Just like the balance of nature on Earth, or the so-called butterfly effect.

“I can no longer provide you with any more answers for your other questions. You have to resolve them on your own. Do you have any other requests?” The King of Universe continued calmly.

I went silent for a while. Finally, I looked at the King of Universe and asked, “King of Universe, you think that the celestial bodies have their own destiny. Now that the Earth has changed its fate, is that counted as its destiny?”

The King of Universe nodded without thinking. He said, “Yes, any change in fate is also destiny. The more changes there are, the more it would go out of control. I understand what you mean. Don’t worry. We won’t interfere with the Earth’s current destiny.”

I smiled calmly. Loki glanced at me confusedly, asking, “Sis, what are you saying to the King of Universe?”

I smiled at Loki, replying softly, “I’m making sure they won’t reverse the Earth’s destiny.”

“Oh… Sis, you are amazing! Cool!” Loki complimented as he gazed at me in admiration.

Looking at Loki, I suddenly recalled something. I turned back to the King of Universe, and asked, “Can you also restructure my younger brother’s body constitution so that he can adapt to the current living environment on Kansa Star?”

“You are too greedy!” Teta, who had been holding himself back the whole time, suddenly roared. “You have so many requests! Father King of Universe,” he turned and bowed at the King of Universe, “ Why are you afraid of her? You know that human greed is boundless!”

The King of Universe glanced at Teta calmly, replying, “I am not afraid, instead I respect her. She is originally from Earth. She was sucked over to Kansa Star because of your younger brother’s mistake, where she then turned into a celestial body. She is no longer a human.”

“Celestial body?!” Teta stared at me in shock. Ula peeped at Teta, scolding, “I told you. She is the demon of stellar energy. Don’t bring her to Deity Universe. She can suck this whole place dry!”

Teta looked tense. The surrounding people erupted in commotion too.

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