Book 8: Chapter 100 - Deity Universe

The blue light gate was getting closer and closer. Our Nirvana slowly passed through the light gate, as though something was towing it. The blue world entered Loki and my field of vision. We couldn’t help but be enchanted by this magical world.

Blue light ribbons drifted freely in the equally blue world. There seemed to be something flowing in the light ribbon, like blue blood flowing in thick blood vessels.

As we shuttled through the light veins, the people bustling in the surrounding stopped, looking at us curiously. All of them were just like Ula’s brother, each sporting a pair of blue light wings like butterflies or dragonflies. They moved out of the way, bowing politely at Ula’s brother.

Ula’s brother continued to lead us forward. The spacing between the light veins became broader as we went along; by now, the light veins were as wide as spacious blue tunnels.

We emerged below a crisscrossed light vein, entering a huge blue space. The thick light veins met right in the middle, converging at a hovering oval palace. It was like a huge heart in the middle of all the light veins.

Ula’s brother brought us to the palace. The earlier onlookers followed around Nirvana too. It seemed that they had never seen humans before, so they’d followed along curiously. They looked similar to each other, just like the spirits in the center of the radiation zone. Blue light spots flowed in their bodies. Some of them had hair whereas some of them didn’t.

Nirvana slowly landed. Ula’s brother hovered before the windshield, raising his hand. A small light door appeared on the windshield. He obviously wanted us to walk out through the door instead of waiting for us to get off through the normal hatch.

“They are so arrogant!” Loki roared, glaring at Ula’s brother outside.

An opening had formed in the energy capsule glass too. Ula popped his head out to look around before he walked out of the energy capsule. He uncoiled and spread his arms to stretch. He seemed to be doing well now that he was home.

His body slowly grew bigger, until it was about the same as an adult. Now he didn’t look like a kid at all. The tentacles sprouted from his back again, but they weaved into light wings just like his brother’s. Fanning his light wings, he flew up into the air. He flew one round in the air happily, saying, “Hahaha, I’m finally home! I don’t have to worry that I will die now! Hahaha!” He chuckled until he caught sight of my glum expression. Immediately, he shut his mouth and hid behind his brother after stealing a glance at me.

“Sis, what do we do now?” Seeing the scene before him, Loki was angry yet also anxious. He had never stepped foot out of Earth. Suddenly, he had to deal with so many aliens and now he was even on a planet that didn’t look like Earth. It was inevitable for him to feel nervous. However, I was proud that he lived up to being a member of our Luo family. Up till now, he had never shown fear or terror. He was much stronger than I was. Even I had been in terror for a while when I had first arrived on Kansa Star.

What else can we do? We will do what we can.

I walked ahead, while Loki followed next to me. I reminded him gently, “Don’t leave my side.” I held his hand and he nodded at me solemnly.

No matter where we were, our hearts would be beating calmly in our chests as long as our family was with us. We wouldn’t be defeated by anything.

The people in Deity Universe slowly landed, hovering in the world full of blue light spots.

Ula’s brother turned around arrogantly, moving forward. Ula followed next to him, still stealing glances at me in fear.

More and more people were flying in from all directions. Large-sized light men emerged from the wide blue light tunnels, flying towards and landing on what seemed to be a clamshell-shaped altar in front of the palace. Both the floor and back wall of the alter was covered in mystical runes that resembled the orbits.

The ground that we were standing on was see-through. Blue light balls flowed along the blue light pathways, reminiscent of the scenery of a boundless universe. A spinning bead was embedded every few meters along the light pathway. The beads seemed to be made of a material similar to the orbits, except that it didn’t glow. Instead, there were delicate patterns shimmering on them. 

“Teta, what happened? Why did you bring humans back to Deity Universe?” A calm voice resounded from a few light men ahead of us, who seemed to be even larger than the ones we’d seen so far. Colorful glazed halos hovered above their heads, just like the pure stellar energy Ula had mentioned. The lights were as beautiful and magical as the Northern Lights in Norway.

“Father King of Universe, I know I did wrong. Father King of Universe!” Ula suddenly ran to the middle of the crowd.

“Ula?” The people were shocked. They gaped at Ula in surprise.

“His Highness Ula has returned…”

“Your Highness Ula is finally back. You’ve frightened all of us…”

This kid is a prince?! This is so infuriating.

“Father King of Universe.” Ula’s brother, Teta, bowed in greeting. He then reported, “Ula destroyed Kansa Star when he was reclaiming wasteland. Then, he came to the universe under my jurisdiction to steal my stellar energy, to help these few men from Earth to escape to Kansa Star. Father King of Universe, please make a decision!”

Ula’s father looked calm after hearing Teta’s report. The elders next to him glanced at one another.

“King of Universe, let’s decide after we have seen the truth,” the elders suggested.

Ula’s father nodded.

One of the elders raised his hands. One of the embellished beads on the ground I had seen earlier floated up and expanded into a small orbit. A light gate formed in the middle of the orbit. It didn’t show another world but… everything that had happened on Kansa Star! 

As if the bead was the universe’s storage disk from the galaxy where Kansa Star was in, it rapidly played out the past events on fast forward speed. It recorded everything that had ever happened on Kansa Star, and it could also retrieve any necessary information for the King of Universe and the other elders.

The record turned into a spurt of heavenly river, flowing towards the King of Universe. He extended his hand and received it through his palm. He watched closely for a while, before he frowned. Then, he and the other elders suddenly looked surprised, exchanging glances among themselves. One of them looked over at me, before quickly looking away after meeting my eyes for a moment. The hovering bead slowly moved back towards the side of my foot.

They began a discussion while I glanced at the hovering bead. With a spread of my hand, the remaining blue crystal energy in my body began to flow out and form a light ribbon reaching toward the bead. Seemingly sensing my blue crystal energy, the bead slowly spun towards me. When I exerted some strength, it instantly got sucked into my palm. Casually, I placed my hand into my pocket without anyone noticing.

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