Book 8: Chapter 99 - Look For A Guardian

He was just like a beautiful blue elf, standing before Nirvana. I was blown away by the magically beautiful scene. Next to me, Loki was astonished too. It was as though the most ancient elf in the universe was standing right in front of us, and we were looking at him in reverence.

Suddenly, he vanished from the universe outside. Then, he pierced our windshield and stood before us. His blue light disappeared as he slowly took the shape of a human form.

From his initial appearance to his current human form before us, it was obvious that he was far more powerful than Ula. He could switch freely between different forms.

When he was in human form, I could feel that there was no leakage of stellar energy. He was wearing a simple white robe in an oriental style, while his long hair was combed neatly behind his head. His delicate facial features were so unrealistic that he looked like a character from an online game.

Despite being the one who’d barged into Nirvana, he still stood arrogantly before Loki and me, sweeping his gaze past the two of us before landing on Ula with a stern look. “Ula, you ran away from home and stole stellar energy from me. Follow me back!” 

“Sure! Sure!” Ula answered excitedly. He couldn’t wait to go home. “Brother, hurry up and bring me home! I am willing to accept any kind of punishment!”

Ula’s excitement and willingness to ‘cooperate’ evidently surprised his brother. He even stared at Ula with his guard up, questioning, “What are you thinking about?!”

“What am I thinking about?!” Ula was confused. “I want to go home! I really want to go home! I don’t want to go to the outside world anymore! I nearly died… Brother… Hurry up and bring me home…” Ula wailed in tears. His tears rained down as distinct drops of blue crystal energy. 

Loki leaned next to my ear, asking softly, “Sis, what did you do to him exactly?”

What else could I do? Did I bully him?

I glanced at the kid’s brother. Since he was only a kid, I should speak to his guardian directly. “Please bring your brother back. He participated in the extermination of Kansa Star.”

“The extermination of Kansa Star?” The kid’s brother wasn’t surprised at all at what I’d said. It was as though the terrifying extermination of a planet we spoke of was nothing unusual to them. Rather, it was probably common. He didn’t look shocked at the fact that Ula destroyed a planet, rather he glared at Ula arrogantly. “It turns out that you ran off to reclaim wasteland. I will report the incident on Kansa Star to Father King of Universe. But you stole my stellar energy too, which led to the fate of Earth changing. Do you know how much trouble you have caused?!” The kid’s brother’s reprimand showed that he was angrier at the fact that Ula had taken his stellar energy.

Ula kept quiet. He hung his head low, muttering, “I didn’t know that Earth was under your jurisdiction…”

Ula’s brother remained silent, glaring at Ula grimly.

“Is extermination what the Earth deserves?!” Loki suddenly questioned angrily. 

Ula’s brother redirected his stern gaze back to us. “That’s right. The extermination of Earth is its fate. You people on Earth don’t need to know so much. Now, all of you have to follow me back to Deity Universe to receive a trial.”

“What?!” We exclaimed in surprise simultaneously. Not just my brother and I, but also Ula.

What did we do? Why should we go through such a ridiculous trial?

Ula immediately slammed the glass, shouting, “Brother! Bring me back. Don’t bring them! Let them go back to Kansa Star.”

Ula’s pleading made me feel complicated. I was angry at his conduct but he was a child after all. He had been misled by Hagrid Jones. Because of his power, he had been taken advantage of by a bad guy.

I was moved by Ula’s words. He really knew that he’d been wrong, hence he’d understood that we were innocent and it was unreasonable for us to go through the trial.

Ula’s brother glared at him coldly. “Why are you speaking for these two? They captured you, which is disrespectful to Deity Universe! They even made use of you to change Earth’s fate and the order of the entire galaxy. It even affected the balance of other universes. They have to go back for trial!”

“You are unreasonable! You aliens are unreasonable! The Earth is ours! Of course we have to act to save our homeland!” Loki was agitated.

Ula’s brother stared at Loki coldly, as if he was being ignorant. He rolled his eyes at my brother arrogantly and turned to leave.

“Brother, you don’t understand. You can’t bring the demon back to Deity Universe!” Ula suddenly shouted. I spun to look at him at once. Alright. I’d misunderstood him. I’d thought he was helping me, but it turned out that he was only afraid of me.

Ula’s brother ignored Ula and continued to walk forward.

Ula stomped his feet anxiously. “Brother, you will regret this. She will destroy Deity Universe. She is a demon of stellar energy. A demon!”

But Ula’s brother had already left through the windshield. The light wings on his back suddenly spread open as he raised his arms before our spaceship, like an arbitrator from Heaven. The orbits were activated once again, and spun even faster than before.

A light gate opened before us and Ula’s brother led our spaceship like a guide. Then, he suddenly turned and threw a strange bubble at us. The bubble flew into our cockpit, engulfing my brother and me within it.

I looked around at the bubble confusedly. It looked like the light wall in the center of the radiation zone. Yet, the brilliant glaze flowed slowly over the surface, just like a soap bubble. At the same time, an even bigger bubble had formed around the entire Nirvana. It looked like a protection yet also like an imprisonment.

Loki touched the bubble curiously while Ula explained to him from within the energy capsule, “This is purified stellar energy that protects you against radiation. The purest stellar energy has no radiation and can defend against radiation. Don’t come out of the bubble when you are in Deity Universe. Otherwise, you will turn into ashes. Your sister can do whatever she wants…” Ula glanced at me in terror. Loki quickly retracted his hand, watching Ula’s brother closely.

Ula looked at me cautiously. “I am not the one who wants to bring you back to Deity Universe…”

“I know.” My face turned grave. They wanted me to go through a trial. Sure. I wanted to clear this up with them on Deity Universe too!

“Don’t destroy Deity Universe! I am the one who did wrong!” Ula immediately shouted in fear.

I walked towards the windshield and the bubble moved along with me. I stared at the blue gate, saying, “In our world, when a child does wrong, we will talk to their guardian!”

“No… I’m in big trouble…” Ula muttered helplessly in terror behind me.

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