Book 8: Chapter 98 - Who Intercepted?!

“I guess that’s why I got addicted to controlling others’ fate…” He was like a child who had made a mistake and was admitting his wrongdoing in tears. He really had done wrong.

“How much time did we spend to get to Earth?” I finally recalled the issue about time after a long silence.

Ula answered, “Not much. The operation of the orbit has no time and space. It recreates an interplanetary gate that allows us to travel between the universes and planets freely.”

It’s just like Doraemon’s Anywhere Door! That put me at ease.

Ula continued, “Although the revolving speed here is different from Kansa Star, Kansa Star is slower compared to here. So, spending a few hours here might only be a few minutes back there. Kansa Star should still be at war when we return."

“What about Deity Universe?” I asked, glancing at him. He sat quietly in the energy capsule as he answered, “There’s no time on Deity Universe… There’s nothing…” His translucent expression seemed to show disappointment. “Deity Universe is simply eternal and empty. There’s no time. Everything is eternal but empty. There’s nothing. There’s no other living thing there. So, I didn’t like Deity Universe. I wanted to see other living things, like animals, flowers, insects, and also humans…” His voice grew soft and he slowly collapsed, leaning against the glass.

I took in his feeble look, panting slowly by the glass. He looked like a human who had run out of strength after a period of long starvation. 

Getting up, I walked over and stood in front of the energy capsule, watching him for a while. Finally, I opened the capsule and the overflowing energy naturally flowed into my empty body.

I extended my hand toward him. Suddenly, a tentacle sprouted from his neck and seized my finger. Then, it began sucking on my finger like a baby.

Blue energy began to flow to him through his tentacle like liquid. Slowly, he opened his eyes, gazing at me in silence.

His tentacle slowly let go of me. With eyes filled with sorrow, he asked, “Did I really do wrong?”

Mm,” I responded, closing the door. He looked at me from behind the door, then asked, “Will you forgive me?”

I thought it over for a while before I shook my head.

He lowered his face sadly and hugged his knees again. “Don’t humans forgive children for whatever mistakes they commit?”

“That depends on what mistake it is…”

“The orbit is fully charged. We can go back now…”

“Alright.” I looked for Loki and soon found him at the ecology cabin. I called, “Loki, we are done charging. We are leaving now.”

He finally looked reluctant to leave. He turned to his friends. “Bros, this time… I am really leaving. Don’t miss me…”

Their reluctance to bid farewell touched me.

All of them nodded in silence. Suddenly, Fatty glanced at Loki, asking, “Loki, you didn’t take your limited edition cards, right? Can you give them to me?

The sorrowful farewell mood was ruined at once. Loki glared at him, complaining, “I am not dead yet!”

“Nor are you coming back! It’s useless for you to keep it anyway. I know where your backup house keys are. Don’t worry. I’ll get them myself. All the best!”

“Fatty, you-!”

“Bye!” Fatty cut off the line.

Loki was upset for a while before he burst out in laughter.

Zhengyi said, “Loki, Fatty is merely not used to saying farewell. Remember to miss your brothers here. Come back and see us if you have the opportunity to. Come back often if you can. Bring us with you next time.”

Loki smiled and nodded, giving them an OK sign.

I sighed, preparing for departure.

The orbits flew back from the sun, shimmering in blue.

“Hold on!” I shouted and the orbits stopped in front of us. I stood up and stuied the orbits. “Is there radiation?! What should I do with my brother?”

“I am controlling the orbits now. The radiation won’t spread. We were fighting earlier so our energy was in rampant mode. Hence, our surroundings were covered in radiation. The orbits were absorbing our energy back then too,” Ula explained.

“Alright then. Let’s begin.” The cockpit door opened and Loki ran back excitedly, concealing his sorrow at the bottom of his heart.

The orbits were already spinning before us. My heart was beating fast because I saw the route back to Kansa Star. If I could, I wished I could bring everyone back to Earth. But Radical Star was back there, and there were also my people who believed in me. There were too many obligations and duties that I had to carry out. I couldn’t let them go. I couldn’t abandon them! I couldn’t give them up! Because I was their Queen!

Blue lights between the high-speed spinning orbits merged into one, before suddenly stopping. The twelve pieces of orbits connected with one another and formed a huge space gate. It looked like a gate of blue light stretched across in a thin layer. I could faintly see the huge planet through the gate.

“That’s Kansa Star!” Loki said excitedly, pointing at the huge planet.

My heart was at ease at the sight of the planet. When I had been on Kansa Star, I had missed home and my parents. Now, I realized that I’d become reluctant to leave everything on Kansa Star. I couldn’t leave the men that I loved. Nor could I leave my people of Radical Star.

“Prepare for travel.” Nirvana began to speed up. The low rumbling made one’s heart speed up from excitement.

“Let’s go!” I shouted. Nirvana then plunged towards the interplanetary gate. We were getting closer and closer to the planet. Any moment now, we would see the magnificent greens and water once we leaped through the gate.

Loki’s expression grew more and more excited. We were finally returning to Kansa Star.

Nirvana arrived before the gate and we plunged right through it. Right then, the light gate disappeared and the orbits scattered all around us. Kansa Star vanished before us too, along with the gate. Now only boundless darkness stretched in front of us.

“What’s going on?!” I immediately got up.

Ula suddenly stood up excitedly, cheering, “Brother! My brother is here! That’s great! I can go home! I can go home! Hahaha! Brother! Brother!”


What brother!

“Sis, look!” Loki suddenly shouted, pointing in front of us. A flash of blue light shone ahead in the dark universe. Then, blue light exploded before Nirvana. A man made of blue light stood within the blue glare. His long hair, his face, his body and his limbs were far clearer than Ula. He also had a pair of blue light wings on his back, like a butterfly.

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