Book 8: Chapter 97 - Charging

Oh. So, you didn’t actually live there for twenty years.” As expected, Loki understood at once.

Mm, I only lived there for about seven years. So, I am only twenty-two now.”

“What does it mean? Loki, what does it mean?” His friends asked curiously.

Loki looked around at them, answering solemnly, “Simply put, it’s like a day in Heaven is a year in our world. My sister only lived in the other galaxy for seven years but it has been twenty years in our galaxy.”


The elevator stopped and the door opened. A voice resounded, “Arrived at the main cabin.”

When the door opened, they gasped.

The lights in the main cabin turned on, lighting up the spacious white space and a console ring table. Additionally, there were also… fresh flowers that Cang Yu appreciated.

The main cabin looked more like a leisure reading space.

Magik’s energy capsule flew into the main cabin and attached firmly to the ground. Ula sat inside and looked around, commenting, “Hagrid likes fresh flowers. So, the flowers here are immortal. They don’t need water.”

“This is… the main cabin? Why are there fresh flowers?” They were confused. I had already taken a seat by then as I instructred, “Prepare to launch Interstellar. Depart to the sun.”

“Alright.” Light poured down from above. It really was a copy of Silver Moon.

“What’s that?!”

“That’s an AI,” my brother answered. He was no longer surprised. Seeing me sit down, he quickly took a seat too.

“Interstellar, charging. Estimated arrival time, thirty minutes.”

Surprised, I asked, “Magik needed an hour to reach the Earth. Why is traveling to the sun quicker?”

“Magik is a robot so it can’t bring a large engine and simulated blue crystal. Nirvana is a spacecraft. So, it is equipped with better Interstellar, better functions,” Silver Moon explained.

“Sis, it’s just like the engine set up for cars and spaceships are different.” Loki easily grasped the concept.

I was worried. “Then, the travel speed might be faster. Dad’s body might not take it well. Silver Moon, put my dad in hibernation mode.”


“Connect to my dad.”

The screen connected to the medic cabin. We were greeted with the sight of fresh flowers again.

“Dad,” I called. He was shocked when he saw me, and even lifted his hand to reach for me. He should be looking at my holographic image. “Dad, this is my holographic image. I am in the cockpit. We are going to do another interplanetary trip again. It would be even faster this time. It might make you feel even more uncomfortable. So, I am getting a robot to put you into hibernation mode.”

“Hibernate?” My dad became nervous.

“Don’t worry, dad. Don’t be scared too. It’s like sleeping…”

He then chuckled, saying, “Ever since your mom went into a coma… I haven’t slept well. Alright. Let me take a good rest then!” He then became high-spirited.

The robot began to prepare my dad for hibernation. All of us kept him company as he entered the hibernation capsule. Looking at how Dad fell asleep in peace, Loki’s expression grew calm. “Dad hasn’t slept well for very long…”

“Yeah… he looks like he aged a lot…” I felt my heart aching. I then announced, “Let’s go now.”


The engine restarted and slowly ascended from the moon. Then, like a phoenix reborn in fire, it charged towards the sun. By the time it stopped, there came vomiting noises again, “Retch.”

“Bro… You should go into hibernation mode too…” I said, glancing at Loki who’d vomited again. Poor thing.

He waved at me and I smiled. “Now, you can bring your friends around. It will take some time to charge.”

He lifted his pale face and nodded.

The screens appeared again, showing Loki’s friends.

“What happened earlier? The signal got cut off again.”

“Wow! The sun! The sun! The sun!”

“Wow. I have never seen the sun so close up…”

Loki lifted his head and saw the burning sun in front of our windshield.

Ula stood up and swung his hand to the front. The twelve orbits charged from Nirvana’s surroundings towards the sun. Their mysterious pattern began to twinkle in blue again. They hovered above the sun, slowly spinning.

A fire dragon slowly swirled up from the sun, spinning among the twelve pieces of orbits. Then, the blue light ribbon slowly swam out like cobras between the twelve pieces of orbits. The blue light ribbon was the blue crystal energy that I was familiar with, which Ula referred to as stellar energy.

They shimmered around the fire dragon like the purest stars, slowly tinting the fire dragon blue. It turned out this was them assimilating various kinds of energy.

“That’s so magical! They look like they are alive…” Loki was astonished at the sight before him.

“Loki! When are you bringing us around?!”

“Exactly. You’ll have to leave once you are done charging.” The guys could wait no more to tour around Nirvana.

Loki took back his gaze from the orbits absorbing energy and rolled his eyes at his friends. “I’ll bring you around now. Stop yapping.” He then looked at me. “Sis, where’s the robot that is supposed to bring us around?”

I pointed at the door, answering, “It is waiting for your order outside. Go ahead.”

“Thanks, sis!” He ran over and gave me a quick peck on my cheek. The guys immediately clamored in objection, “Don’t kiss our Goddess!”

“You are so infuriating!”

“Goddess! We want to be your younger brothers too!”

“Get lost!” Loki shouted, walking out through the door. Even after the door shut behind him, I could still hear their clamoring. 


“This is so beautiful.”

“This doesn’t look like a spaceship at all.”

The cockpit finally became quiet. The orbits were absorbing energy outside while Ula and I watched from inside.

The scenery outside was beautiful. Ice dragons constantly sprouted from the sun, flying past before us as though they were going to rescue the fire dragon that we’d seized. The fire dragon among the orbits was slowly turning into a blue dragon. It continued to spiral among the orbits, entering them.

It was very quiet. It had been a long time since I’d admired the scenery in silence.

“Father King of Universe mentioned before… the revolution of life is beautiful…That’s why we have to respect all lives…” The orbit outside seemed to remind Ula of his memory.

“Seems like you never listened to him.” The scenery outside calmed me too.

“No child likes to hear their parents nag...”

“Why did you run away from home?” I asked, still watching the spinning orbits outside.

“Because I thought I was ready but Father King of Universe always said that I wasn’t qualified yet. So I got upset and left home. I thought that since we control the universes, there wouldn’t be anything I cannot control.”

“Fate… Even you can’t control your own fate…” I muttered softly, my voice almost a sigh.

Mm…” He let out a heavy sigh too, then kept quiet. We watched the orbits charge in silence.

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