Book 8: Chapter 96 - Nirvana

Loki’s friend suddenly exclaimed, “That’s right! At the recent global scientist meeting, didn’t they say that the sun has been really active recently and there might be an intense solar storm?”

“Someone even did the calculations and speculated that there would be a solar storm a hundred years from now, destroying half of the Earth!”

“Is that true?!”

Ula stole a glance at me and pouted with his head hung low. He said, “Actually… we planted the sun too…”

“What?! Why did you plant the sun?” I rounded on him at once with my guard up.

“Sis, what are you talking about? Planting the sun?!” He couldn’t help but laugh. The originally serious conversation turned humorous at once over the topic of sun planting. His other friends began to pick up the beat too.

“Sun planting. Oh, sun planting. Oh, mmhmm…

Psst, psst, psst.

“I have a beautiful wish. Oh. To plant sun when I grow up.”

I glanced around at them, not knowing whether to cry or laugh. They even made up a hip-hop song over it. My brother’s friends were a bunch of weirdos after all.

Yo, yo! One for the North Pole, turning penguins into grilled chickens.”

“…” They even came up with their own lyrics too. But wasn’t it too unfriendly to the environment?! Penguins were precious animals!

“That’s enough!” I finally lost it. My brother rolled his eyes at his bunch of friends. They immediately shut their mouths, stealing glances at me in embarrassment.

I faced them solemnly, explaining, “Ula is a mysterious tribe from Deity Universe. They possess powerful strength, enough to create planets and destroy them…” Loki and his friends’ jaws dropped at what I said. I continued, “They describe creating planets as ‘planting’. The planets can provide them with enormous energy, which they refer to as harvesting. You can see them as Gods. I was chasing after him before I returned to Earth because he participated in destroying Kansa Star. This is not a joke. He can destroy Earth in the blink of an eye.”

They gawked, gulping.

“You captured God…” They stuttered. 

I didn’t explain further but turned back to Ula instead, questioning, “Did you plant the sun to harvest its stellar energy too?”

Ula nodded. “Yes… We at Deity Universe are mainly concerned with maintaining the balance between the universes. The birth and death of stars that you see from here are in fact our doings. Stars could provide more stellar energy compared to a dead star. It can also be used for creating black holes and other planets. Normally, after we create stars and planets, we wouldn’t harvest them if there was life in that galaxy. We would wait until the galaxy died naturally before we harvest it. So… the sun can be used to charge the orbit and… I can feel that this star is burning exceedingly vigorously. It needs to have part of its energy taken away. Otherwise, it might really destroy half of the Earth in its next explosion…”

“The scientist’s calculations are real!”

“Loki! Hurry up and save our Earth!”

“Hurry and suck it!”

“I feel like our sun is female, and would get periods regularly. So there are times when she overflows too…”

“Auyong! You are so disgusting!”

I immediately looked up to the faraway sun. “Prepare for departure, we’ll charge up ourselves on the sun!”

“Yay!” Loki’s friends cheered as though they were also joining the interplanetary journey.

“That’s great!” Loki said softly.

I glanced at Ula. Seeing me looking, he quickly lowered his head. “I know that I made many mistakes but I won’t repeat them again…”

“Kansa Star has a sun too. Why didn’t you charge there?” I asked, looking at the kid.

“I crash landed and parasitized in Hagrid’s body. Sigh.” He sighed. “I… really didn’t know I was wrong back then. I felt that Hagrid had the right mindset and I really wanted to speed up human evolution on Kansa Star… Plus… the orbit was damaged and it needed time for repair. Later on… I realized that I was in big trouble… I didn’t dare to go back and then… I got addicted to being a human… In Hagrid’s body… controlling the fate of the living things on a planet alongside Hagrid… it felt…”

“It felt awesome playing God?!” I roared and his body stiffened.

“I know I was wrong! I know… I already knew when you hit me… Staying with you now, I’d rather be back there, imprisoned…” he said, curling up.

“Sis, what did you do to him? Why would he think so?” Loki asked, staring at me.

I ignored him, glaring at Ula in anger. I turned and walked towards the elevator. “See you in the main cabin.”

“The main cabin! It must be the cockpit!” Loki’s friends were excited.

The energy capsule hovered, following next to us. It became a portable prison. Magik lost its energy capsule and its head hung low, entering standby mode.

When Loki caught up with me, his few friends entered the elevator too, peeping at me through the screens.

“Loki, your sister is so amazing..” They whispered among themselves.

“She’s so beautiful too… How’re your family genes so great…”

“Loki, can you introduce us to your sister?”

Loki smirked, introducing, “My sister, Luo Bing. Sis, these are my brothers who play music together: Fatty, Auyong, Zhenyi and our playboy, Yanxi!”

The handsome-looking young man, Yanxi, shot Loki an unhappy look and complained, “Introduce me nicely! Who is the real playboy here?”

“We have to stand by Yanxi for this,” Fatty spoke up, narrowing his eyes. Yanxi nodded in satisfaction. Fatty then continued, “Yanxi has ten girlfriends but Loki has… twelve of them! Hahaha!

They burst out in laughter while Yanxi and Loki both blushed.

I watched them as they fooled around. I felt happy for my younger brother. I was envious of their brotherhood too. Should I really… bring my younger brother with me?

Although Radical Star had advanced technology and abundant resources, it was still like opening up a wasteland right now. Can he really adapt to life there?

Plus, he was a commoner… He wouldn’t be able to go to many places because of radiation. He would have to stay within the livable zones in Radical Star…

“Yanxi, you aren’t thinking about going after Loki’s sister, are you? She wouldn’t be interested in you. Hahahaha…

“Loki’s sister is at a goddess’ level. She isn’t like those ordinary girls on Earth. No way. Even goddesses on Earth are not her match!”

“Oh yeah, Loki, didn’t your sister go missing twenty years ago? Why does she look…”

“Sis. Sis?” Loki suddenly pinched my cheek. I came back to reality. How dare you pinch my face?! Are you asking for a beating?!

I glared at him and he smiled at me, commenting, “Sis, you… do look younger than I am.”

“The rotation speed of both planets is different. You study physics. You should understand.” Loki studied quantum physics. It was easy to explain things to him.

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