Book 2: Chapter 35 - Robot from Silver Moon City

The entire twenty-sixth floor was filled with medicine. There were so many that I didn’t know where to start. Plus, Ice Dragon wouldn’t be able to transport so many back in one go.

What should I do?

There happened to be a huge poster where I’d entered from. I looked at it casually and saw a man and a woman, naked! They were hugging one another, with their private parts covered. There was a slogan saying, Happiness in bed ensures happiness in life.

I instantly stiffened and my face blushed. I quickly covered the camera on the helmet. I knew Raffles and Harry could see whatever I saw via the camera.

“Too late. They already saw,” Ice Dragon said teasingly. I blushed even harder.

“Oh. They are just like you now. Your body temperature is rising,” Ice Dragon said. “I envy you humans. You have various kinds of feelings and your body temperature would change accordingly. When you are nervous, feeling guilty, lying, or shy, your body temperature would rise. When you humans are doing the mating call, your body temperature would rise even higher while your hormones change.”

I rolled my eyes and cut him off gently, “If I shoot a bullet at you, your temperature would rise extremely high too!” I’ll burn his circuit board and see if he feels hot.

“You are so rude,” Ice Dragon said, annoyed, before he finally stopped talking. Finally, peace.

This poster is really hurting my eyes.

Although it hurt my eyes, I couldn’t help but glance below the poster curiously. The shelves below the posters held various medicine and adult products, as expected!

Those medicines.

Those adult products.

I turned around stiffly and let go of the camera, “Ice Dragon, there are too many medicines here. You’d better get Raffles to decide.” The shelves were the same as the ones downstairs. The three bottom layers held loose packages while the three top layers held carton boxes. There were too many medicines and I didn’t know how to choose. Better let Raffles choose then Ice Dragon’s claw could grab them by the box instead of the packages, saving some time.

“Raffles says okay. He also told me to inform you that you can take a look at the fashion department and pick some clothes that you like.” Ice Dragon passed on a message to me.

I only stopped in the fashion department for a bit, but Raffles must have noticed that I wanted to go and see the clothes.

I couldn’t help but smile. Raffles is such a meticulous and caring guy. Somehow, I was reminded of another guy who had been observant and meticulous: Xing Chuan.

When Xing Chuan had helped me put on the shoes, I had found him heartwarming and caring. However, he tore down his warm mask with his own hands and threw it at my feet.

Thankfully, I won’t have to see him anymore.

*Hong!* Ice Dragon blew up the wall on the twenty-sixth floor barbarically, allowing the storage cabin to enter again. When the cabin door opened, the scouting robots flew out and shuttled between the shelves, quickly picking certain boxes before the claw immediately grabbed a box of it.

The scouting robots and the claws were busy moving the boxes. I returned to the twenty-fifth floor. When I arrived on the twenty-fifth floor, there was another explosion from above. Dust fell from the ceiling around me.

*Cough.* I pulled up the scarf around my neck; it was the same floral scarf that Raffles had given to me. Wrapped my face in the scarf, I entered the twenty-fifth floor.

When I entered, I suddenly stumbled on something and fell.


*Bang!* I fell on an ice-cold, white body. At first, I’d thought it was a mannequin because I was in the fashion department. As I looked closely, I spotted a silver-grey mask. No, it was more like a helmet, with a mask in front of it. It looked just like a robot.

I supported myself up by pushing against his sturdy, cold chest. It really is a robot! A white robot! The robot looked like a human in a white helmet.

I looked down and saw the familiar Silver Moon City logo on his chest. My heart suddenly started racing. *Lub-dub! Lub-dub! Lub-dub! Lub-dub!*

Suddenly, the blue lights under my palm started blinking. Then, the robot suddenly sat up; instinctively frightened, I aimed my gun at the robot and held my breath anxiously.

However, the robot didn’t make a sound after the sudden twitch. It lay on the ground quietly like before. 

*Phew! Phew! Phew! Phew!*

Breathing quickly, I carefully got off its body with my gun aimed at its face. It looked like it had run out of battery. I let out a breath of relief. I’d never thought Silver Moon City would traumatize me so badly; I was frightened just seeing the logo! Even my body was covered in cold sweat.

Feeling pissed off about myself for not being calm enough, I kicked the robot hard; in my mind, I was also kicking Xing Chuan. D*mn Silver Moon City! Humph!

I put the gun away and turned to leave. That is a Silver Moon City robot. Which meant that Silver Moon City had come here before. But why did the robot “die” here?

“I found a Silver Moon City robot,” I reported to Raffles and Harry as I walked. “Ice Dragon, you really don’t know much about the situation inside this historical sites, Kro?” He had told me in the spaceship earlier that Silver Moon City had once sent robots to Kro but mysteriously lost contact with them.

Technology was the absolute ruler within Silver Moon City. They wouldn’t let a robot with low battery enter a historical site; they needed the robot to transmit the data back.

“I’m very sorry. I was only an AI in an aircraft in Silver Moon City. I didn’t have the right to obtain encrypted information on the main server; I only learned about the lost robots during a casual chat with other pilots.” He is truly an AI, he could even listen to gossip. An AI that wouldn’t listen to gossip could only be considered as AI but not human-like.

There was another explosion above. *Hong!* Some dust continued to fall from above. Ice Dragon is trying to disassemble this building. However, Ice Dragon’s claw length was limited. It was impossible for it to stretch all over the warehouse. Hence it could only blast a hole in the area nearest to the shelves so that it could pack.

I pulled my scarf tighter to guard against the dust that was falling from above, holding the rose gift box in one hand while I walked forward. I could finally walk around the shopping mall like a carefree woman.

I am the only shopper in the shopping mall and I can take any items I want. Most importantly, I don’t have to pay. This is so awesome!

I passed rows of clothes racks. These clothes were no doubt beautiful but it wasn’t suitable for the end of the world. They were too fragile and were impractical. However, I could pick some gowns back for the girls to wear during the ball. It would bring Noah City beautiful colors and enchanting clothes that made people feel happy.

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