Book 1: Chapter 9 - Give Him a Bomb

“Hahahaha! Guns are useless against me! My power is petrifying after death!” He broke into a smile and his eyes turned bloodshot. They were filled with excitement to massacre!

Petrify after death? Huh? Isn’t he just a fossil then?

“Die!” He roared and suddenly sat on the spot like a sturdy barbette. Then, he lifted his hands and aimed them at us.

“Be careful!” Ah Xing shouted, and suddenly there were stones shooting out from the petrified bandit chief’s fingers!

That’s right! There really were crimson stones shooting from his fingers!

Bratatatatat!! He was just like a machine gun continuously shooting stones from his ten fingers! They were thickly dotted just like bullets!

Pak! I immediately felt a piercing pain in my right knee. It was as though my entire right leg had lost its strength, and I thought I was going to die right there.

I was really going to start crying. I came to this world out of nowhere and I had just barely managed to escape by the skin of my teeth. And now, I was going to die from random stone shots fired by a dead petrified guy!? I was really saddened by this turn of events. And just recently, I had even bought Mister Guo’s concert tour ticket!

Suddenly, I felt someone scoop me up by my waist and hold the back of my head. He instantly brought me away from the stone shower.

When he brought me away, the surrounding time seemed to slow down. The stones became slower in my eyes and moved through the air in slow motion. I could even clearly see the air current that they caused as they flew through the air.

In the blink of an eye, we stopped. I felt nauseous as though I had just gotten off a roller coaster ride. He Lei put me down and disappeared before me again. I was brought out of the range of the stone bullets. I sat on the crimson ground that gave off a foul smell, and looked at my knee cap through the blood-drenched trouser leg. I could see a hole there and blood was flowing out continuously from the wound.

It was so painful that I didn’t care anymore. If that monster was immune against all weapons, how could He Lei win the battle? If he didn’t win, then we, and even the people in the warehouse would be in danger once again. And… that girl…

*Retch!* There was a retching sound and Ah Xing was thrown over by He Lei as well. Ah Xing obviously had yet to adapt to the speed of teleportation. He looked worse than me and was supporting himself on his knees.

He Lei looked at us coldly as he said, “You two stay here.” Then he turned and disappeared on the spot. Off in the distance, the petrified bandit chief stood up and started shooting in all directions.

He Lei had said that he hated people from Silver Moon City. However, when Ah Xing had been in danger, he had still saved him without hesitation.

“You are injured and you need to stop the bleeding,” Ah Xing came back to reality. He looked at my injured leg as he held onto his knee.

I was already numb from the pain. Even I knew that I should stop the bleeding. However, the wound was the same as being shot by a bullet—very deep and penetrating!

“Let me do it,” he knelt before me and creased his eyebrows. He looked pale as though he was holding back the discomfort from nausea. He extended his hand and seized the hole in my trouser leg, as if intending to tear it. But he couldn’t. “What material is this?” he asked, shocked.

“I’ll do it,” I bore the pain and pulled up my trouser leg. Luckily, my school uniform was loose. My exposed calf was covered in blood, and my fair, smooth skin looked even paler against the fresh blood.

Ah Xing’s gaze fixed upon my calf and there was suspicion in his eyes.

I was covered in cold sweat from the pain. I pulled the trouser leg above my knee. The bloody wound immediately came in sight as I asked, “How do you stop the bleeding?”

Ah Xing came back to reality and took out a small ball from his pocket. This ball was white and looked like a small marshmallow. As he held my calf lightly, he looked stunned. His eyelashes below his fringe quivered under the moonlight as though something had shocked him tremendously.

Then he carefully put the white ball on the wound on my knee. And immediately, something magical happened. That white ball puffed up and blocked my pierced knee. The blood immediately stopped, and so did the pain!

What kind of technology was this? Blood could be stopped like that? Wouldn’t it affect my blood vessels and nerves?

I looked at the blocked wound, as Ah Xing let go of my calf and pulled down my trouser leg carefully. “This can only temporarily stop the bleeding. Later, I will get a metahuman to heal you.”

“A metahuman from Silver Moon City?” I looked at him in shock. But he had already lifted his face to look at the crescent moon in the air. Suddenly, there was a spot of light that flew down like a star, as it left the beautiful moon.

Ah Xing stood up and looked at He Lei. The night breeze blew up his scattered fringe. In the moonlight, there was a flash of purple light in his eyes. He suddenly shouted, “He Lei, get away immediately!”

The breeze blew, and He Lei already appeared before us. He lifted his head and saw the spot of light that was approaching. There was a huge light bomb that descended from the sky and hit the rockman. *Hong!* After the loud bang echoed out, the entire world was left with a cloud of dust.

The petrified bandit chief… the fossil… shattered into pieces… 

The night breeze blew again and dispersed the dust without leaving any trace.

“You finally did something,” He Lei looked at Ah Xing coldly. Ah Xing didn’t speak, but He Lei looked at me, “How’s your wound?”

“It’s already stopped bleeding,” Ah Xing replied.

He Lei looked at Ah Xing again. They became quiet once again, and simultaneously bent down to help me up as though it could make their awkwardness go away.

They pulled me up by my arms and helped me up. Although my right leg’s bleeding and aching had stopped, I realized that I still couldn’t exert strength normally.

I looked to both sides and said, “I remember a saying, tarred with the same brush. He Lei, maybe you hate people from Silver Moon City. But Ah Xing is his own person. He tried his best to help you.”

He Lei remained silent, while Ah Xing didn’t speak as well. They only helped me up quietly.

People came out from the warehouse one after another. They stood around in despair or were hugging one another excitedly.

A flat, round white spaceship landed from the sky. A blue light was blinking on the spaceship’s body. On the side of the wing, there was a silver crescent moon symbol. Under the crescent moon, there was a design like an oar. The entire symbol looked like a moon boat.

The spaceship floated in the air. It was very small and could fit only two to three people. The entrance opened and a pilot in silver uniform came into view. He nodded at Ah Xing, and Ah Xing looked at He Lei, “I’m leaving.”

He Lei glanced at him but kept quiet. He looked at the people walking out from the warehouse. Someone ran over and said, “Chief, what do we do with those people?” He pointed at the people on the other side. It seemed that He Lei’s people weren’t the only ones to get captured. And among those people, was the girl as well.

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