Book 8: Chapter 94 - We Can’t Not Leave

Loki continued to film me using his handphone. His eyes were filled with excitement and curiosity. How could I let him down? Everyone finally had a hope of healing our mom. How could I disappoint my family?

Luo Bing, you have to stay strong. You can definitely bring everyone back to Kansa Star! Cang Yu’s escape capsule must be filled w ith all kinds of possibilities.

“System check completed. All normal. The hull is intact. There is internal damage and repairs are underway.” Engineering robots came out of the surrounding walls, beginning their work of organizing and repairing things.

“There are so many robots! Can you see them? Can you see them?!” Loki said excitedly while filming as he moved around the robots. The system arranged his friends’ split screens around him, so he could see them more clearly.

“Loki! Stop tempting us! You’re going to travel through space and we still have to hand in our thesis papers tomorrow!” The guys shouted at Loki in agony.

“Why didn’t you tell us before you left?! We want to leave Earth too!”

“My sister told me that we won’t be coming back after we leave. Are you sure? You would no longer be able to see your parents. You don’t want your girlfriends anymore?”

Everyone became silent after he said that. No one could just leave. He could do it because he knew where his home was, and he could go home anytime.

“Should I connect to the secondary server?” A voice resounded from the golden moon key, breaking the sudden silence between Loki and his friends.

Loki continued to film while saying, “Let me take you around my sister’s UFO. Isn’t it cool?!”

I asked confusedly, “Secondary server?”

“Yes, His Highness Cang Yu installed an independent server on Nirvana. It is called the secondary server. It will replace the current system once activated, and it will become Nirvana’s AI,” the golden moon said, blinking.

I creased my eyebrows, remembering that the main server was Elena’s brain. The secondary server was definitely a human brain too. “Whose brain does the secondary server belong to?” I asked.

The golden moon blinked again, answering, “Nora’s.”

I was stunned, and I felt a chill down my spine. My mind buzzed. Although Nora and I hadn’t been good friends, and she had been hostile to me, I felt bad hearing that.

No wonder I could still feel her thoughts after she vanished. No wonder I could still see her image. I hadn’t gotten to resolve the mystery back then, but I’d received such a shocking answer today.

“Sis, can I bring my brothers around?” Loki suddenly pulled up next to me, asking excitedly.

I came back to reality, replying, “Sure.”

“I want a sister like that too.”

“Sis, why do you look so young? You look like you’re about our age…”

“Loki’s sister, can you share your contact number?”

“Shut up!” Loki shouted. He then looked at me, saying, “Sis, ignore them.”

“Loki, what are you doing? She’s your sister. Not your girlfriend. Why are you so petty?!”

“Exactly. She didn’t say anything.”

Loki’s face grew grim, saying, “I’ve decided to cut this call.”

“No!” They shouted hastily.

“We’ve done wrong…”

Loki pouted, rolling his eyes at them. He warned them, “Don’t take another look at my sister!”

I looked at the golden moon key, saying, “Don’t activate the secondary server. Send a robot to take my brother around."

“Yes.” Another transparent elevator ascended on the right, containing a ball-shaped robot.

“Please follow me,” the robot replied politely. Loki walked to the elevator excitedly.

I looked at Magik as it stood in place, commanding it, “Release the energy chamber.”

“Yes.” The robot opened its body and extracted its energy chamber, placing it on the ground in front of me. The blue energy crystal and the kid from Deity Universe were isolated within. 

“What is this?! An alien?!” My brother, who had been about to enter the elevator, quickly hopped over.

“D*ng. An alien!” the guys exclaimed.

“It’s so small..”

Bang!” I slammed down on the door of the energy chamber, and the kid shivered in fear. “What happened to the cosmic rail outside? Why isn’t it glowing anymore?” I asked sternly as if I were interrogating him. Loki’s friends around him were shocked. They had only seen me as a gentle sister up until then.

“Hi-hibernating… After being exposed to this universe, its cosmic energy would run out…” he answered, curling up.

“He’s still a child?! Sis, why did you lock him up?” Loki was surprised.

I smirked coldly, saying, “Hmph. This child destroyed a planet."

Loki stiffened, hearing my answer. His brothers gulped in shock too.

“Activate the cosmic rail. We’re going back to Kansa Star!” I ordered.

The kid glanced at me in fear, saying, “Can’t, can’t head back…”

“Why?!” I became anxious.

He became even more afraid. He curled up behind the glow of the blue energy crystal. He didn’t dare to look at me, hugging his head.

“Sis… Can he… really destroy a planet?!” My younger brother couldn’t believe what I’d said earlier, looking at the alien who was so afraid of me.

I looked at the kid hiding inside. I banged on the door harshly again, saying, “Believe it or not. I’m going to throw you out!”

“We can’t go back! You demon! Didn’t you want to go back to Earth?! You’re back now!” he suddenly shouted at me.

I clenched my fists and the hangar fell silent. The kid stared at me angrily from inside the capsule. I couldn’t believe what he said, because we were enemies.

“Sis… Can we really… not go back…” Loki asked softly in disappointment. His friends became quiet too. “Then, Rom… We can’t save her anymore, can we…” He hung his head low in sorrow. I looked back at him.

I can’t give up. I was able to come here, so I should be able to return. The kid must be hiding something.

I took a deep breath and slowly breathed out so I could calm down. I turned to look at the kid again, asking, “What’s your name?”

He stared at me, not replying. I held back my urge to grab him with my bare hands and throw him out. I tried again. “If you activate the cosmic rail and send us back, I’ll figure out a way to send you home.”

He was stunned. He blinked his almost transparent blue eyes. Although he was a child, he’d lived within Hagrid Jones for the last sixty years. I didn’t know how old he was. We were from different universes, and he was different from a human. He was another kind of living thing from an ancient and mysterious species. If they created planets, they had to be far beyond our level of existence.

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