Book 8: Chapter 92 - Younger Brother Wants to Show Off

Magik soared high into the sky amid the dark night, leaving Earth. On the screen in front of me, I saw my dad standing next to the observation window in the passenger cabin. He watched as we left the city we’d grown up in, pulling away from the atmosphere. My dad didn’t say anything, but my brother and I knew that he loathed leaving.

I recalled the year I’d suddenly arrived in a foreign world, losing my home, family, and friends. It felt as though I’d fallen into an abyss and I could only wail tearfully.

A satellite slowly moved past us. Loki looked at it curiously. It seemed he was adapting well. It might have been because he was a young man and felt an urge to challenge the outside world at his age.

“We’re leaving the Earth. Is there anything that you’ll miss?” I asked Loki.

Loki thought for a while before he raised his index finger, saying, “Ah! I want to bid farewell to my brothers, who play music with me. None of them believed that my sister had been taken away by a wormhole. I have to show off!”

I smiled too. Although my younger brother had popped out from nowhere, blood was thicker than water after all. I loved him the moment I recognized him. I gave him a thumbs-up, saying, “Of course. However you want to show off, I’ll give you my full cooperation!”

“Really?! I want to show them that we’re entering space!” He sounded so excited.

“No problem! Magik is connected to the satellite. You can call whomever you want!” My brother wanted to brag to his friends, and I would support him fully. Plus, it would take some time to charge the Interstellar Drive.

Before he boasted, he was already smirking cheekily. He said, “Magik, connect to these people on my handphone.” He took out his handphone and sent the data to Magik. Soon, several screens popped up in front of us.

“Wow! Just like in sci-fi movies…” he exclaimed in surprise again, touching the screens.

“Loki, my deepest condolences…” A neat-looking guy appeared on one of the screens and spoke, followed by a few other guys. Of course, there would always be a fat guy in the group...

They looked at Loki sorrowfully, asking, “Should we all head out to grab a drink…”

“Do you want us to come over to keep you company…”

“I mentioned it to my mom earlier. She gave me permission to go stay over…”

I was touched, looking at their sorrowful expressions. They sincerely cared for my younger brother.

Loki looked at them, vexed. He cried, “What are you talking about?! What condolences…?!”

The few guys were dumbfounded. They asked, “Didn’t you say that your mom was having all her tubes removed tonight…”

“Oh…” Loki was reminded of the situation and came back to his senses.

I swiped the screen and looked at the guys with a smile, saying, “Thank you for taking care of Loki.”

“Wow! Hot chick!” The guys exclaimed in surprise simultaneously.

“What’s your name?!”

“Loki! Loki! Hurry up and introduce us!”

The guys became excited. The earlier sorrowful mood was nowhere to be seen. As expected, guys were all the same on any planet…

Loki’s expression grew grave. He stood up from his seat and jumped next to me, hugging my shoulders. He stared at his brothers on the screen, replying, “She’s my elder sister! You’d better restrain your perverted selves!”

“Your sister…. Sissy!” The guys smirked cunningly.

“Just you wait!” My brother let go of me and pointed at them angrily. He asked, “Magik, do you have any weapons that can blow up their homes?”

“My photon beams use precise geolocation and can pierce any object until they hit the target. Would you like to activate them?” Magik took his command seriously.

I smacked my forehead, saying, “Loki, Magik is a robot. He can only take your command seriously.”

Loki chuckled, saying, “I’ll let you off the hook tonight. Magik, show them where we are.”

“Sure,” Magik replied, transmitting the image to Loki’s friends. Some of them raised their eyebrows curiously. Some looked confused. Some were pouting. Some were laughing. None of them revealed a surprised expression.

“Loki, why are you showing us the Earth? It’s not as if we’ve never seen it before.” They expressed their confusion.

Loki smiled, licking his lips. He said, “Listen up! This beautiful girl is really my elder sister, Luo Bing!”

Everyone was still doubtful, but Loki continued arrogantly, “My sister came back tonight. Did you see the news? The cloud of blue light was my sister’s spaceship. She’s the one who knocked into the American moon base. I’m in the mecha she brought now, and she just gave it to me as a present. I named him Magik! Magik, show them what you look like and our current view.”


Soon, they were gawking in shock.

“Interstellar Drive charging completed,” Magik informed me.

I looked at Loki solemnly, saying, “Loki, sit tight. The Interstellar Drive is ready to go.”

“What’s an Interstellar Drive?” Loki immediately sat down as he asked. His friends were still dumbfounded at the sight, at a loss for words.

“A warp drive that can travel through space at high speed. It will let us return to the moon faster, probably in less than an hour.”

“D*mn…” The guys exclaimed simultaneously on the screen.

“Loki! Bring us with you!”

“Beautiful sissy! Please bring us!”

“Bring us away from Earth!”

Loki rolled his eyes at them, saying, “Go away! I’m not going to waste more time talking to all of you. I’m going on an interstellar journey! Look at the stars if you miss me.”

“Look at the way he behaves! So full of himself. Your fangirls are going to be disappointed."

“You’re the best at pretending. Sissy, Loki is best at pretending in front of girls.”

“Shut up!” Loki panicked.

“Hahahaha! Actually, we’ve all just been playing along. Your sister came back? In a spaceship? The mecha you’re in right now... Everything can be photoshopped, okay?”

“Hahaha!” Everyone laughed.

Loki couldn’t be bothered. He rolled his eyes, saying, “Believe it or not. I’m leaving for real. See you in an hour. Oh yeah. Magik, will there still be a signal on the moon?”

“No problem.”

Loki gestured with the OK sign.

“Go ahead. We’ll watch as you continue. Why didn’t you enroll in acting school instead of being a physicist?”

“Look at your face. You’ll definitely be famous.”

Loki didn’t bother looking at them again, saying, “Cut them off.”

“Hey!” The few guys were cut off before they could say anything else.

I reminded Loki and my dad before I activated the Interstellar Drive, “Dad, sit tight. We’re going through now.”

“Hurry, hurry!” My younger brother could no longer wait.

I saw that my dad had quickly taken a seat too. I gave them a heads-up, “A gentle reminder. This can cause… a little discomfort…” As I finished my sentence, the launcher activated. The space in front of us collapsed, and the moon was clearly visible at the end of the tunnel. Loki gawked at the sight from his seat.

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