Book 8: Chapter 90 - Bidding Farewell

My cousin-in-law sighed, saying, “You’re a police officer. Watch what you say. You could get in trouble again if someone were to hear you.”

“I’ll just quit! I can’t even deal with those b*stards. What did I even join the police force for?!” my cousin cried. She’d lost her temper again.

“Cousie, there will be more of those b*stards if you don’t continue to work as a police officer.” I held her hand firmly and looked at her with a burning gaze, saying, “The existence of police is to uphold justice so people can move around confidently in the world. As long as you believe in justice, you can be a proper defender of justice. You can catch all those b*stards so they won’t have it easy!”

My cousin held my hand firmly. Her eyes welled up with tears as she smiled, saying, “D*mn, girl. You still look so young. Your planet sounds good, so I’d like to go too. Look, I have some white hairs now!” Tears flowed down her cheeks. 

I wiped her tears away, saying, “Don’t worry. I already took control of one satellite. The older videos won’t be shared.” Only a just person could distinguish between right and wrong. Provocations on the internet had existed twenty years ago, and nothing had improved in that sense. As technology advanced, it even became worse. People could be blinded, becoming rebellious and believing rumors that defamed government servants.

There were b*stards everywhere, whether they were government servants or ordinary people. And yet, the law couldn’t always sentence people just for having poor morals. I wished there could be a day when sanctions were imposed on them.

“They can’t just die in our hospital. Their family members are definitely just like them. They would come to the hospital to cause a scene. It would be very troublesome.” My cousin-in-law looked at me and said, “I’ll send someone over to take a look, but I’ll bring you up to the rooftop first. A patient can’t go to the rooftop without a working ID.”

He was right. One bad apple would spoil the bunch. Luckily, I’d held back. Otherwise, I would have left a lot of trouble for my cousin-in-law.

My cousin and her husband quickly led the way. They went to check the entrance as we pushed my mom’s sickbed into the elevator stealthily.

“You really traveled between planets?!” my cousin asked me in the elevator with a disbelieving tone. The others looked at me simultaneously, seemingly wondering the same thing.

“Yes, I went to another planet called Kansa Star... Oh yeah, how’s the environment on Earth been for the past twenty years?” I recalled the apocalyptic environment on Kansa Star and was suddenly worried about Earth.

My cousin chuckled, saying, “We’ve done a great job with that. After you left, there was a successful project to clean the water supply. Later, we even found a replacement for petroleum. Because we reduced emissions, the ozone layer started recovering. Then, we invented an artificial ozone layer, and managed to slow down the melting of the ice caps. Scientists say that the Earth’s ozone layer will fully recover in another fifty years.

I smiled, feeling at peace.

“How about Kansa Star? The technology is so advanced there. They should be doing well,” my cousin looked at me with anticipation. 

My smile faded as I answered, “Kansa Star experienced the end of the world before I got there…”

“What?!” Everyone looked at me in shock.

I let out a heavy sigh, “Over there, I was like a police officer. I’d just captured the chief culprit behind the end of the world. Then, during the final battle… I happened to enter a portal through space and landed on the moon, hitting America’s moon base…”

“What?! You’re the one who damaged the American base?!” my cousin exclaimed in surprise.

“Mm…” I was very sorry about that. I wanted to apologize to NASA…

“Hahahaha!” My cousin burst out in laughter.

“Let’s stop there. It’s recording…” My cousin in law whispered softly, pointing to the top corner of the elevator.

My dad shook his head, sighing. My younger brother chuckled and reassured him, “Dad, don’t worry. The security guards won’t see this. I can delete it right now.” He then took out his handphone and fiddled with it.

I looked at my younger brother in surprise, complimenting him. “Not too shabby, bro!”

My younger brother shot me an arrogant sideways glance, saying, “Done!” He turned his handphone to us, showing us the image of ourselves in the elevator. It was obvious that he’d already taken control of the hospital surveillance system.

“Alright. Don’t show off,” my dad urged, looking at my younger brother. My dad was a low-profile man.

My cousin laughed, saying, “Loki always helps us to solve criminal cases. Oh yeah. If he didn’t leave the Earth, he would have been able to enroll in the physics college of Tsinghua University.”

“Tsing?! Hua?!” I looked at my younger brother in shock. “We finally have a Tsinghua student in our family!”

My dad heard what I said and he suddenly became hesitant. He asked, “Loki, why don’t you…”

“Dad, it’s okay. I like music anyway,” my younger brother said, trying to comfort my dad.

I smiled, looking at Dad. I said, “Dad, the technology there is much more advanced. He can learn more things there. He can also study music if he wants to.”

My dad smiled after hearing what I said. He seemed to be at ease.

“Sis, is your spaceship on the rooftop?” Loki asked with anticipation.

I smiled mysteriously, saying, “You’ll definitely like it when you see it."

The moment the elevator door opened, a huge robot leg came into sight. Everyone was dumbfounded.

“D*mn!” My younger brother ran out excitedly, jumping around the robot’s legs. He cheered. “It’s a mecha! A real mecha! Dad! Look! It’s a real mecha! So much bigger than the ones in the movies!”

My dad, cousin, and cousin-in-law pushed my mom’s sickbed out of the elevator blankly, looking up at the magnificent robot under the moonlight.

“How did you land here?” I walked before the robot. It half-squatted, reporting, “According to my calculations, this rooftop can endure my weight.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Our hospital took precautions against enemy aircraft, so we could withstand at least three times their attacks!” my cousin in law explained proudly. 

I immediately looked at the robot, commanding, “Open the passenger cabin.”

The robot lifted its hands and plucked its head out, placing it in front of us. A hatch opened, and there was really a passenger cabin in it. Everyone looked at it in surprise, forgetting to enter.

I pushed my mom’s sickbed into the cabin and stopped at the far end. There was an emergency medical capsule in the cabin. I opened it, and an automated claw moved my mom gently into the capsule before it closed. The glass plate showed my mom’s vital signs.

“Mom, I’ll bring you to our new home. We’ll be reunited soon,” I said, patting the medical capsule. The cabin then moved under the bulkhead to be fully secured. 

I pushed the bed out and looked at the others, who were still looking at the robot blankly. I said, “Dad, you can come in now.”

Dad responded, “Oh, oh, oh...”

“Do you want to go home to pack anything? But the robot can’t carry much.”

Dad thought for a while and replied, “We have to. I’ll pack light.” Then, he entered the cabin.

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