Book 8: Chapter 88 - I Want Your Life

A pair of women who looked like mother and daughter stood in the doorway. They were filming my cousin using a transparent handphone, shouting, “Police brutality! Hitting civilians! We’ll expose you so you can’t be a police officer anymore! Hmph!

My cousin was infuriated, shouting, “Put down your phone! Put it down!”

“Brother-in-law! Hurry up and stop her!” Loki shouted at the doctor.

Said doctor was my cousin’s husband. He was quite tall, but he was already balding and putting on weight, showing his age. He didn’t look like my cousin’s type. My cousin had always said she would only marry a beautiful man.

He came forward to hold back my furious cousin and Loki. “This is the ICU. Please don’t make too much noise,” he said politely, suppressing his anger.

My dad’s expression grew grave. He closed his eyes, taking deep breaths. He was obviously suppressing his anger too.

“What’s going on?” I walked forward and asked.

The mother and daughter pair quickly filmed me too, with looks of suspicion. “Look at what she’s wearing. She looks so funny. Which movie shoot did she come from?”

Loki stared at them angrily, yelling, “These are the people who hit Mom! They’re waiting for Mom to die so they can avoid the medical fees! They come to visit every day just to see if Mom is still breathing!” His voice was quivering from anger.

What?! It has been twenty years. Despicable people are still despicable!

The anger boiling in me almost exploded. I felt as if I were going to lose control. I tried hard to suppress my anger. I looked at the mother and daughter calmly, saying, “I’d like to talk to the two of you alone.”

My dad looked at me curiously, while my cousin and her husband looked at me too.

“What’s there to talk about?!” Loki charged forward angrily. “I’m no government servant. I can hit you!” Loki raised his fist, but as he punched outward, I pushed his arm down firmly. Loki looked at me in surprise. He was probably shocked at my strength.

I continued to look at the mother and daughter, saying, “I’d like to talk about the compensation. Our family doesn’t lack money. We don’t want your money, but I have something I’d like to ask for.”

The mother and daughter heard what I said. Then, they exchanged a glance before putting down their handphones.

I pushed Loki aside and walked out of the ward. I thought for a while, then I paused and turned around, saying, “Wait for me before you remove the tube!”

My dad, my cousin, and my cousin-in-law looked at me blankly. They seemed to be surprised at my queen-like bearing. Dad, I’ll protect our family from now on. Take a break.

I walked to the stairway opposite the ward along with the mother and daughter. I muttered softly, “Come to my current location.” I had been connected to the robot the moment I’d entered it earlier. A communicator had been placed behind my ear. No matter where I was, I could contact the robot at a distance.

I pushed the door open and entered a stairwell lined with safety windows. They followed behind me and the door closed behind them. The moment the door shut, my anger soared. 

“What do you want to talk about?” the daughter asked impatiently, leaning against the door while playing with her handphone. The screen clearly showed that she was scrolling through clothing. Taobao maintained its reputation as a world-class haven for shopping addicts, even after twenty years.

I looked out the window. The opening was twenty centimeters up to prevent people from jumping out. I looked outside, muttering, “Are you there yet?” It should only have taken a moment for my robot to arrive.

“One more minute.”

“Alright. Be in position in one minute.”


“Who are you? We come here every day. Why haven’t we seen you before?” The plump woman, who should have been the mother, looked me up and down curiously. Her squinty gaze showed that she was a snobbish, despicable person.

“I’m her eldest daughter. I work overseas all year round,” I turned around and answered.

“Isn’t her eldest daughter dead?” The fat woman eyed me suspiciously.

“I can’t be bothered if she’s dead. You really don’t want the money, do you? We recorded what you said earlier,” the influencer-wannabe woman said, waving her handphone in front of my face.

I lowered my face and moved my wrist, saying, “That’s right. I don’t want your money because…” I lifted my gaze and glared at them coldly, exclaiming, “I want your lives!” Faster than words could describe, I withdrew my gun with one hand and seized the daughter’s neck with another hand. Then, I turned and shot at the safety window.

Bang!” As the window shattered, I threw the daughter out of it.

“Ah! Ah! Murder… Mm!” Before the mother could shout a full sentence, I turned around to seize her neck and lifted her off the ground. “Mm! Mm!” She kicked in the air while her face turned all red.

I took her handphone and held it firmly in my left hand. I smirked coldly, lifting my hand high. I raised the phone up in front of her and ignited it with blue crystal energy. The blue flame instantly burned the handphone to ashes. She was so shocked that she forgot to struggle.

Bang!” I threw her to the ground, and she was as pale as a sheet. She couldn’t even move an inch.

It happened to be summer. She wore a low-neck chiffon blouse that revealed a jade Buddha pendant.

I squatted down in front of her. She was shivering so hard she couldn’t speak, and her lips were white. She had behaved so barbarically earlier, but she couldn’t even move her lips now.

I grabbed the pendant and raised it in front of her eyes. “Heaven chooses one out of a thousand people to become a god. Unfortunately, I am one of the chosen ones. I was dead, but you never expected that I would become a god, right? You’d better clear your sins. Otherwise, when you die... I’m really close to those in hell! Hmph! I’ll make sure you and your daughter properly experience every single floor of hell!”

Her teeth clattered as she shivered. I put down the pendant and smirked coldly. “I’m close to Buddha, too. She gave me a day off to come and teach you a lesson. She’s going to pretend she didn’t see whatever I do today. Don’t worry. I don’t kill. Killing would ruin my good name.” I commanded the robot outside,” Throw her daughter back in!”


Bang!” The obscenely-dressed daughter landed on the floor next to me. Her bottom was wet.

I smirked. “You’re not afraid of the police, are you? But it turns out that you are afraid of death!” I picked up the daughter’s handphone and burned it too. Then, I sprinkled the ashes onto the plump woman. Her eyes rolled back and she passed out.

Is it truly human nature to bully the weak and fear the strong? What’s the difference between them and the Ghost Eclipsers? They only think about themselves. They only know money and benefits, neglecting everything else. It’s such a saddening sight. They look like humans, but they have the hearts of Ghost Eclipsers.

I stood up. Then, I turned and saw the dumbfounded Loki at the door. I smiled, saying, “Don’t worry. I won’t let our mom die!” I pushed his stiff body aside and walked past him with huge strides.

“But Mom is brain dead!” He followed behind me hastily.

I took off the first aid bag on my waist, saying, “On Earth, yes. But on the planet I was on, brain dead isn’t the same as dead!” I pushed open the door to the ICU ward, then took out a recovery syringe and injected it into my mom’s thigh. 

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