Book 8: Chapter 83 - Return to Earth

The robot that sat in the middle of the hangar suddenly stood up and spoke in a loud and steady voice, “The library is disconnected from the main server. I will take over the library system now.” He extended his hand and a thin data cable extended toward the console. Then, he took control of the library system.

Whirr.” With a mechanical whirring sound, the external hull began to open layer by layer. The view broadened before my eyes, revealing a blue planet.

My tears instantly flowed like a fountain. “It’s Earth… Earth!” I leaped toward the window closest to the Earth, reaching out to the faraway planet through the thick glass. We were very lucky to have arrived facing the Earth.

“Ah! Ah!” I cried and wailed. I hadn’t felt such agony in such a long time. I’d finally seen my homeworld, the Earth! It was right before me. I could finally… return home…

“Why… would we be near Earth…” The glass became blurry from my tears as I suddenly had that thought.

“It should be because of the cosmic rail…” The thing replied in distress. “Our energy went rampant and happened to provide energy to it. You and I both wanted to go home. The cosmic rail determined that there was sufficient energy for you to return home. So, we came to Earth…”

I looked at him. I felt hatred boiling in me, but I didn’t want to hit him for the time being.

“Father, King of the Universe… I want to go home… The outside world is so scary… I don’t want to die…” He began crying again, hugging his shivering body.

Want to go home… Want to go home?! I also want to go home!

I looked at the blue planet. I want to go home too! I want to go home right now! It’s almost been seven years! I left home for seven years! I want to go home! I want to go home right now! Right now!

The idea of heading home filled my head. Every single cell was crying out for me to return home!

I looked around and locked my gaze onto my target. I charged at him hastily, running so quickly that I stumbled forward. I got up and ran toward the robot. Then, I paused and immediately looked at the blue crystal person. He shivered in fear from my gaze and he hugged himself even tighter.

It was too dangerous to keep him here alone! He wasn’t in danger, but he posed a threat to Earth. Who knew if he would destroy another planet?

“What are you looking at?! Come with me!” I cried, jumping onto the robot’s hand. The robot sent me into the cockpit. I’d learned my lesson, so I didn’t grab the blue crystal person on my own, and I didn’t come into any physical contact with him.

A light ring surrounded my head, connecting to my brainwaves. The robot’s eyes became my eyes, the robot’s body became my body, and the robot’s hands became my hands.

I instinctively locked onto the blue crystal person, grabbing him in my hand.

“Let me go! Let me go! Help! Help!”

“Shut up! I’ll suck you dry if you make any noise again!” I roared at him.

Superconnection robots enabled the usage of superpowers. I immediately activated my superpower, absorbing his blue crystal energy.

“Ah! Ah! I’m dying! No! I’ll be obedient. I’ll listen to you. Don’t kill me. Please… Waaah...” he shouted, shrinking in size and disappearing into the energy chamber. He cried again, as if I were a devil who killed without blinking.

I reined in my superpower. He seemed to have become small enough to fit into the energy chamber. The monitor in front of me showed the interior of the chamber. He was curled up next to the blue energy crystal, wiping his tears pathetically. He said, “I didn’t intend to destroy your planet… My cosmic rail could have stopped in a place without life. Hagrid Jones was the one who said that he wanted humans to evolve, using the energy of the cosmic rail. I was only helping him… I still don’t understand why you’re so angry. I helped all of you evolve…”

Although I was angry, I knew that Hagrid Jones was the one who had used the creature’s energy to destroy Kansa Star. He was more like an ignorant child who didn’t know what happened. He thought he was helping Hagrid Jones.

“We people from the Deity Universe should be invincible… but I lost to you… Shouldn’t you be thankful to Hagrid Jones? He created humans that are even more powerful than us…” he wept.

“Shut up!” I yelled and turned his voice off. I didn’t bother taking another look at him. He was as weak as a five-year-old boy now. I found it embarrassing to even hit him.

I took a deep breath to calm myself down. I was getting impatient to rush home. I looked at my home, saying, “Let’s go to Earth!”

The hatch opened and the robot soared out, knocking the drifting machinery and the flag that we’d crushed out of the way. As I flew away from the moon, I saw the satellite China had installed in its orbit. Our five-starred red flag was still on it! I stopped in front of the satellite and gave it a military salute.

I’ve returned! My nation is near!

Then, I turned and flew toward Earth at full speed!

“According to our current speed, we’ll need three days to reach the planet…”

“It’s Earth! This planet is called Earth!”

“Alright. Adding to the stellar map. Addition completed. We will need three days to arrive on Earth. There is no designated zone for human food consumption and excretion in the cockpit. I suggest using the new Interstellar Drive.” the robot said.

I was surprised, asking, “You have a new propulsion drive?!”

“Yes. Since you left, Professor Hagrid upgraded me again. He used the alien cosmic rail as a basis to create a warp drive usable by humans. It’s called the Interstellar Drive, and it can compress space.”

I nodded in astonishment. It was probably similar to Raffles’ propulsion drive. Raffles had always admired Hagrid Jones, who had been a technological genius… no, he had been like a god. But he had also been the opposite - a demon.

“Using the Interstellar Drive, we will arrive on Earth in an hour. However, it will cause discomfort. Common side effects are nausea and vomiting. Some might be dehydrated or experience high body temperatures. There is also a 0.002% chance that it might cause cell compression resulting in death.”

“…” It seemed the technology had never been tested before. But the robot wasn’t a spaceship. So without the warp drive, it would be troublesome, as it had no food supply or toilet.

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