Book 8: Chapter 81 - Running Rampant Together

His tentacles danced wildly in the air, some entangling my body and others snaking into my collar. I could faintly feel them crawling under my skin to consume my energy. Right, he could only consume energy through a medium, and couldn’t retrieve energy he’d already released, so he had to consume energy from me. He had to get into direct contact with my body.

As my body constantly absorbed the surrounding scattered energy, he constantly consumed the energy he required from my body. The result was a sort of strange energy loop. I absorbed energy from him, while he took it back from me. The blue crystal energy formed a symbiotic cycle between us.

I jumped down to the level below and landed heavily on the ground. It hurt so much that I couldn’t stand immediately.

His tentacles draped over my neck, crawling out from under my armpits and onto my body. His eyes stared furiously into mine and his ball-shaped body began to shrink and lengthen, turning into another tentacle. Then, I felt something drilling into my back.

This thing isn’t thinking of parasitizing me, is he?! That’s so disgusting!

I quickly seized his body and strained to get up. I looked at the beautiful robot off to the side and staggered across the room trying to get to it.

The thing was still trying hard to enter me while consuming my energy. I began to lose strength as his consuming speed surpassed my absorbing speed. I seemed to have become his charger, constantly providing him the energy he wanted!

My body felt weak all over when I arrived next to the robot. I can’t let this continue. When I lose my strength to fight against him, he’ll enter my body and make me his new host!

I tapped the robot’s foot and it immediately blinked. Cang Yu had given me that robot, so it responded to me. It squatted and extended its hand toward me. I held the hand and its chest opened, revealing a cockpit.

“Open the energy chamber! Quick!” I roared. The robot changed shape, and the cockpit rose up. Its body opened up, revealing a chamber where a small blue crystal energy stone shimmered like a pumping heart.

“Go to hell!” I shoved the monster into the energy chamber. He seemed to know what I was trying to do and spread his tentacles out over the edges, refusing to enter.

I pushed down with all my strength, pushing him into the chamber. The robot responded, “Closing the energy chamber!”

The chamber’s transparent door slowly closed, compressing the tentacles and clamping down gently on my hand. I tried to remove my hand, but the tentacles held on tightly and I had to strain to free myself.

Pak!” The energy chamber’s door finally shut, leaving a red mark on my hand. The door also cut off the tentacles that had entangled my hand. The tentacles immediately turned into blue light and were reabsorbed into my body.

“Phew…” I let out a long breath of relief, leaning next to the cabin and panting.

Bang! Bang!” He knocked around inside, slamming the door that could isolate blue crystal energy with his tentacles. I chuckled lightly and gave him the middle finger.

He stopped and glared at me angrily. Suddenly, he wrapped his tentacles around his ball-shaped body. He closed his eyes and his tentacles disappeared. He became a ball, vibrating inside the chamber. I looked at him, confused. What is he trying to do?

Whatever. Let’s send him out into space!

“Open the hatch!” I shouted. The hangar door opened and the robot stood up, preparing to take off.

When the door opened, I saw what was on the other side of the transparent outer barrier. Outside, I saw the barren surface of Kansa Star. Violet clouds covered the land, so it had to be a densely polluted, irradiated reason.

“Look what you did to this planet!” I yelled, smacking the door of the energy chamber angrily. He continued to vibrate with vigorous energy.

“Send him off!” I commanded as I prepared to jump out of the robot when we reached a safe distance to send the thing into space. But then, I saw the clouds churning vigorously, as if a huge storm were flying toward me.

Suddenly, a flash of blue light lit up the clouds, and a blue energy crystal flew out. I was shocked. At the same time, more blue energy crystals appeared from every corner of Kansa Star. One, two, three, four… eleven, twelve! All twelve of the large crystals had appeared. They hovered around us, spinning slowly.

There was a buzz in my head. I immediately turned and opened the energy chamber. I seized the monster inside, asking, “What are you trying to do?! Stop it!”

He continued to vibrate vigorously in my hands. Two tentacles suddenly popped out and stabbed into my wrists, consuming the energy within me again. I started absorbing his energy through my hands too. The energy began to move between us at high speed. The surrounding blue light and the twelve crystals outside began to spin. Soon after, the entire world began to spin too!

The surrounding motes of blue light turned into blue lines as we were tangled together. Neither of us would let go as our energies ran rampant. My energy ran wild as it collided with his, and everything went out of control. The entire room seemed to be revolving around me.

Suddenly, it seemed as though we’d come to a stop amid the rapidly spinning world. We slowly floated into the air along with the robot, the air still around us, as if we were in the eye of a storm.

Everything paused for a moment, as if time had stopped ticking in the world engulfed by blue lines. The hangar was nowhere to be seen. The library disappeared. Kansa Star was nowhere in sight. Everything outside vanished…

“I only wanted to go home! I just wanted to go home!” Suddenly, I heard a child shouting. I turned around, shocked. A humanoid form had materialized in the light ball, the two tentacles connected to me emerging from his forehead. “I need the energy to go home!” he roared furiously.

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