Book 8: Chapter 80 - Battle Against the Blob

I could finally put my talent to full display without Xing Chuan, Jun, and Zong Ben around.

D*mn! You know how to release energy, and I know how to absorb it.

I immediately spread my arms, taking in all the blue crystal energy he was releasing! He immediately noticed and quickly sent more tentacles at me. I wielded my dagger and slashed as if I were chopping carrots!

I jumped and leaped through the tentacles, chopping off one after another. They fell and shattered into pieces in the air. More and more blue light filled in the library, fluttering onto the books on the bookshelves, burning them to ashes. 

Suddenly, my wrist was tightly entangled by a tentacle. I immediately slashed down, but another tentacle seized my other wrist. We were in a stalemate. I held onto him tightly, while he did the same to me! He clenched his teeth at me, and I stared back!

There’s no monster I haven’t seen before. I’ll suck you dry now!

I began to consume his energy, but he began to consume mine in return. The energy just bounced back and forth.

A bright idea suddenly occurred to me, and I suddenly relaxed. My body was immediately pulled towards him due to his strong suction. Simultaneously, I raised my dagger, shimmering with a chilly gleam!

I’d never expected that such advanced technology was nothing compared to such a primitive weapon at such a crucial moment.

When I flew above him, I didn’t hesitate as I stabbed the dagger into his ball-shaped body! His tentacles fell off my body and I landed in front of him. He stared at me with his blue glass-like eyes, and I slowly let go of the dagger I’d stabbed into his body. Blue light shimmered next to the spot where my dagger was.

I was standing right before him now, and I clearly saw blue stars flowing through him. He no longer looked disgusting, but instead looked so beautiful that it was hard for me to take my eyes off him. The slowly spinning stars flowed in his body as if he contained the entire universe. I was carried away by the beautiful yet miraculous sight.

Suddenly, the blue lights exploded, forming blue waves that shoved me away!

Bang!” I hit the library glass. The glass shattered from the impact, and I landed among the shards, lacerating my arms and the backs of my hands. I was bleeding badly.

“Bing! We’re coming to save you!” Suddenly, I heard Raffles’s anxious voice in my ear and saw Ice Dragon above the library.

I immediately got up and prepared to leave, thinking I would drag the thing out and blow him up in deep space in case he caused another wave of pollution.

Just then, a tentacle seized my waist. I looked in the direction in shock. The thing wasn’t dead yet! My dagger was still in his body. As he looked almost transparent, the dagger looked as if it had been stabbed into blue jelly!

I suddenly realized that he was a living energy body. He was simply energy. How could he die!? It was the same way Raffles had said that I wouldn’t die, but might instead be immortal.

And yet, I thought he could be exhausted to death! As our universe didn’t have the right resources, it would dilute the energy he carried, slowly consuming him.

No wonder Cang Yu had wanted to consume metahumans. It wasn’t just so he could stay immortal - this thing needed to be charged the way I did! However, his kind couldn’t charge themselves the way I did by entering blue crystal energy. They required a medium! Everything made sense now!

The blob began to shimmer again. He was agitated and looked as if he were going to explode again. It would be extremely dangerous to Ice Dragon and Raffles, as well as the others! Plus, not knowing how powerful it was, he might be even more dangerous if he could control the blue energy crystals on Kansa Star!

I shouted, “Ice Dragon, evacuate! This thing is going to release radiation!” Now, only Ice Dragon, that bunch of data, would obey my instructions.

“No! Lil’ Bing! Lil’ Bing!” Raffles shouted. I took out my earpiece and threw it on the ground. Then, Raffles’ voice was cut off too.

The thing threw the dagger out from his body, and it was pinned to the wall next to my hand.

He glared at me as his body grew large like a balloon. The radiation grew stronger, and motes of blue light hovered around me. I was familiar with blue crystal energy and obviously knew that this meant the concentration level of the radiation was increasing. It would soon become a new radiation zone! Ice Dragon definitely couldn’t resist it at its current distance!

I looked in the air and saw radiation moving close to Ice Dragon. I quickly stood up, spreading my arms to absorb the blue crystal energy in the air. The blood on my wounds froze and my body floated in the concentrated blue crystal energy, while his body continuously grew in size.

Suddenly, he exploded! Another strong wave spread in all directions, flying toward Ice Dragon above too!

I had no time to think and leapt up toward Ice Dragon. I turned and used all the energy in me, forming a shield to block the light wave!

The wave pushed me onto the glass above. At the most critical moment, Ice Dragon took off immediately. I blocked the light wave in front of me with all my strength. The huge impact pressed against my body, shoving me flat onto the special glass. 

The blob had released such an impactful explosion from the center of the blue light. I was out of breath. Everything around me had turned into ashes, including the bookshelves, books, flowers, Hagrid Jones’s favorite sofa and tea set, and the corpse of Xing Chuan 2.0. All of them had turned to ash beneath the intense blue crystal energy.

All that was left was the empty shell of the library. The shell made of special material had turned out to be an escape pod designed to resist all kinds of explosions and to counter all kinds of dangerous situations. It could protect everyone inside.

I turned around with great difficulty. My hands were losing the strength to block the impact. I could barely see Ice Dragon leave from the corner of my eyes, rushing toward Kansa Star’s atmosphere.

I smiled, finally at peace. Then, I let go of my shield, allowing the blue crystal energy to lap at me. I spread my arms, absorbing all the strength within the light wave.

The pressure on my body weakened. The blob had to be losing his strength too. When I fell from above, I crashed through the blue light, charging at him!

He saw that I was charging at him and immediately raised all his tentacles. I dodged them and landed in front of him. I grabbed his body and stuffed him under my armpit like a basketball, jumping down through the opening that Zong Ben had broken earlier.

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