Book 8: Chapter 79 - Jun’s Revival

“What’s going on?” Xing Chuan and I let go of each other confusedly, looking at Zong Ben and Jun.

Zong Ben’s chest armor opened and he leaped out, dragging Jun out of his armor too. He then pulled Jun harshly towards Cang Yu’s body! Jun was surprised. He began to struggle and flee. In the end, Zong Ben grabbed him by his braids and continued to drag him toward Cang Yu’s body.

Zong Ben was too rough. He was always bullying Jun.

“Zong Ben, what are you doing?” I shouted, wanting to interfere, but Xing Chuan stopped me.

He looked deep in thought as he said, “Don’t stop him!” I looked at Xing Chuan confusedly. He seemed to know what Zong Ben was trying to do. He continued, “The old monster’s body was transformed by that thing. So, the old monster’s body is a living blue crystal energy container!” He pointed at the blob on the floor.

I gasped in surprise. I immediately understood that Hagrid’s body was similar to mine, just like a blue crystal energy container! We could store blue crystal energy so it wouldn’t leak.

I turned to look at the blob creature, which seemed exhausted from constantly slipping around. If the thing was similar to a spirit, the body it had transformed could totally be entered by a spirit! A spirit was like a battery, while the old monster’s body was like a shell. A shell with a battery would be alive!

Spirits like Jun and Zong Ben couldn’t survive in the outside world, because they didn’t have bodies that could store their blue crystal energy. If they were to be exposed for too long, their energy would be drained and they would gradually vanish, just like the tentacle I’d chopped off earlier.

No wonder Zong Ben had been eyeing Cang Yu’s dead body like a predator earlier. The idea had popped into his head and he’d wanted to give it a try!

I immediately looked at Zong Ben. He had already dragged Jun next to Cang Yu and shoved him harshly. Jun, who didn’t know Zong Beng’s intentions, continued to struggle.

Zong Ben pressed him toward Cang Yu’s body. Suddenly, Jun’s body seemed to be sucked in by a strong force. His back, which had been close to Cang Yu’s body, was torn apart and he was slowly absorbed by Cang Yu’s body. In an instant, Cang Yu’s clothes burned away, revealing his muscular body.

Jun immediately grabbed Zong Ben’s hand, but his body was already completely integrated into Cang Yu’s body. Zong Ben extended his right hand and cut Jun’s hand off without hesitation. Jun then fell into Cang Ben’s body.

Jun’s chopped-off arm blended into Zong Ben’s body very quickly. They were just like the blob thing, a kind of energy body. They had no true bodies, merely forms that they shaped themselves into using their consciousnesses.

In other words… they were basically balls of energy, just like the blob. It seemed the answers to our remaining doubts could be found in that creature.

“Jun!” I went forward, guarding Cang Yu’s body alongside Zong Ben. Zong Ben returned to his armor so Xing Chuan could come closer too.

Jun hadn’t responded since he had been absorbed into Cang Yu’s body. I panicked, thinking: Did it fail? No, I believe Jun should be in Cang Yu’s body and not dead. Could he be trapped inside? Zong Ben really went mad! He shoved Jun in without any experiments! What if it fails?!

“Zong Ben, you’re too impulsive!” I said hastily.

Xing Chuan grabbed my arm, saying, “Zong Ben was anxious too. If the body died, it would be useless.”

Zong Ben extended his hand, running electricity through his claw. Is he thinking of giving Jun an electric shock?! Before I could stop him, he’d already placed his claw on Cang Yu’s chest.

“Bang!” There was a flash of electricity, and Cang Yu’s body bent upward, twitching!

“Jun! Jun! Are you in there?! Jun!” I shouted.

“Shh!” Suddenly, Xing Chuan held my hand and hushed me. “Look!” He pointed at Cang Yu’s face. Hagrid’s facial features began to change.

“The old monster’s facial features changed every time he consumed someone. The genes he carried were peculiar. His superpower could take in another person’s good genes and synthesize them… It was similar to a shape-shifting superpower, but it would last forever unless he wanted to change it himself,” he explained, looking at the changing features.

Although the old monster had been mad, his superpower wasn’t too shabby. In other words… The strongest metahuman in the world hadn’t been me, but rather him. No wonder he hadn’t been satisfied even after he’d found me.

Familiar features gradually took shape and I looked at the face, delighted. It was Jun! It was Jun’s face!

“It turns out that Jun looked like this… As his facial features have turned into Jun’s, he should be fine,” Xing Chuan said, looking on carefully.

“Why isn’t he awake yet?” I asked anxiously. Jun’s eyes were tightly shut. He was still unconscious, but I could see his chest heaving up and down, resuming breathing.

“Don’t be in a hurry. This is rebirth and it requires a lot of energy. He wouldn’t wake up so soon.” Xing Chuan’s explanation finally calmed me down.

After I calmed down, I immediately turned to look at the blobby thing. It felt my soaring anger and stiffened on the spot.

I stood up coldly, asking, “What should we do with this thing?”

Xing Chuan stood up next to me, looking at it grimly. He said, “We can’t let him stay in our universe. Let’s leave and send this library into the abyss. He can wander around in it!”

It’s a good idea for him to leave!

The thing’s glowing blue eyes shot open. Suddenly, he flung his tentacle at us!

“Be careful!” I immediately pushed Xing Chuan away. The thing had radiation the same way I did, so Xing Chuan would definitely be injured if he were hit!

As I pushed Xing Chuan away, I pulled out my dagger to slash at the thing! His tentacle was chopped off once again. It fell onto the ground and vanished!

Just then, he opened his mouth, revealing an angry expression. Then, he retracted all his tentacles into his ball-shaped body. The next moment, he began glowing, and the surrounding air was filled with motes of blue light!

I looked at the scene in shock. He was releasing blue crystal energy. As expected, his superpower was similar to mine!

I immediately turned around, saying, “Xing! You go! I’ll take care of him!”

“But you-!” Xing Chuan looked at me anxiously, but his skin had already been burned by the blue light, sizzling with blisters!

I said through gritted teeth, looking at Zong Ben, “Bring Xing Chuan and Jun with you! There’s a hangar under this library! Go downstairs!”

Zong Ben didn’t hesitate the way Xing Chuan did. He picked up Jun with both hands and seized Xing Chuan’s shoulders with his feet. His bigger body allowed him to have greater performance.

“No way! Bing! You alone…” Before Xing Chuan could finish his sentence, Zong Ben electrocuted him. The blue glow on his tail grew intense and he slashed the ground, cracking open a hole. He took another glance at me before leaving with Jun and Xing Chuan.

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