Book 8: Chapter 78 - Hagrid’s Parasitic Beast

“Ah!” Hagrid exerted more strength and pulled the monster off his back.

Tentacles hung down all around the disembodied brain. It almost looked like the spindly limbs of a virus. Every single tentacle seemsd as though it could entangle itself with one’s healthy cells, sucking out every drop of nutrients!

Hagrid held the disgusting thing, turning wearily to look at me. He smiled, saying, “Didn’t you want to know… how to control blue energy crystals? You can ask him.”

He threw that thing at me and I instinctively dodged, shouting, “Don’t throw it at me!” I felt so embarrassed saying that. I, Luo Bing, who was ordinarily fearless, turned out to be afraid of the thing.

The thing slammed onto the ground, wobbling like jelly. It wanted to run away, but like the time Xing Chuan had turned my legs into octopus tentacles, it could only flail around on the spot.

I suddenly realized something. I looked at Hagrid Jones, saying, “Your superpower was because of him!”

Hagrid walked towards Xing Chuan’s wheelchair, nodding wearily while saying, “This thing fell from the sky that year. The blue energy crystal was like his escape pod. When the lab exploded, he entered my body and merged with my genes…” Hagrid touched his body, recalling the moment that he still considered miraculous. He continued, “I felt as if I’d been restructured completely. I could feel the change in every single cell. He brought me into a magical world. I seemed to see… an eternal universe…” He paused and continued to walk to Xing Chuan. He said, “He needed a body because our universe is different from his. Our universe doesn’t have the energy that he needs. On the contrary, his energy is consumed by our world…”

Consumed by our world? What kind of theory is that?!

“He is a kind of energy creature. His energy concentration is very high, and he can burn our bodies to ash. So, he has to transform our bodies in order to live with us. He chose me and transformed me! He made me his host!” Hagrid exclaimed excitedly. “I felt so blessed to have been in touch with a higher being who had greater wisdom. They are a kind of energy, just like our souls…” Hagrid said, gesturing as if he were holding a ball of energy. He continued, “And yet, our souls contain too little energy to see clearly. So… I think he should be a god… I became his host, and he fulfilled my dream! Humans finally evolved and possessed the power of gods!” Hagrid touched his heart excitedly. But his expression froze when he touched Professor Yin Yue’s pendant. It was as though the pendant had dragged him back to reality.  

He slowly lowered his face and looked at the withered Xing Chuan. He said, “If you think everything that I did in my life was wrong, I’ll do this one thing right. As the reward for bringing Xiao Yue back to me…” He slowly bent down and Zong Ben stared at him coldly, but didn’t shield Xing Chuan. Zong Ben seemed to understand that Hagrid harbored no evil intentions in this moment.

Hagrid held Xing Chuan’s frail hand, saying, “Xing, I have always been proud of you. I now return your life to you. You have to watch over this world for me, watch the humans evolve…”

Hagrid thought he was looking after the world, and looking after human evolution!

Hagrid’s palm glowed a faint blue. Then, Xing Chuan’s skin gradually became youthful and smooth again. The blue glow slowly engulfed Xing Chuan, and his appearance regained vigor. His white hair slowly turned black, and his spiritless eyes became bright again.

He looked at Hagrid, and Hagrid smiled at him. Hagrid’s eyes gradually lost their charm, as if his soul were gradually leaving his body. He didn’t leave any last words, but slowly closed his eyes beneath Xing Chuan’s cold stare, falling at Xing Chuan’s feet.

I looked at Xing Chuan delightedly. Xing Chuan remained in his wheelchair, looking at Hagrid’s collapsed body. I could tell from his gaze that he wasn’t grateful at all.

What was strange was that Zong Ben, who stood at the back of his wheelchair, stared at Hagrid’s body coldly too as if he were thinking deeply about something.

“Master!” Xing Chuan 2.0 shook off Jun’s restraint and pounced at Hagrid. He held Hagrid’s body up and shook it. He stared at Xing Chuan angrily. Now, they really looked like mirror images. If it weren’t for the copy leaking white fluid, it would be hard to tell them apart.

“Ah!: He suddenly screamed and reached for Xing Chuan.

Bang!” An energy bolt shot through his head. Opposite him was Xing Chuan’s white gun barrel. No one noticed when Xing Chuan had withdrawn his gun.

Xing Chuan glanced at him coldly, throwing away the gun in his hand. It looked like the time he had shot the Ghost Eclipsers in front of me and He Lei, ending everything. He stood up and walked past the duplicate coldly, without so much as a second glance.

Xing Chuan 2.0 had collapsed next to his master, his blank eyes staring at Xing Chuan, who walked over his master’s body to come to me.

Xing Chuan was still cold, but he had learned how to love, to love the people around him. He loved me, Raffles, Harry, He Lei, Ah Zong, Lucifer, the people of Radical Star, and everyone that I loved. But he was still cold and brutal towards people that I didn’t love.

“Xing!” I ran into his arms.

“Bing!” He held me tightly, taking deep breaths. Then, he kissed me aggressively, chewing my lips with the vigor and strength that he regained.

Kansa Star appeared above the library. No, it had to be below us. The artificial gravity in the library kept us standing on the ground. But Kansa Star had appeared above our heads, meaning we were falling onto Kansa Star.

We’d succeeded! We had recovered Xing Chuan’s youth, punished Hagrid Jones, and dragged the city of sin from the sky!

Everything ended as Xing and I kissed passionately. Although a lot of questions had become unanswerable due to Hagrid Jones’s death, they didn’t matter anymore. The most important thing was that Kansa Star had finally shaken off the demon’s control and welcomed a new life!

“It’s over…” Xing and I let go of each other, tears welling in our eyes.

Xing Chuan finally revealed a rare relaxed expression, saying, “Mm. It’s over. The old monster has finally died…” He hugged me tightly again and took a deep breath next to my ear. He then let out a long breath of relief.

Suddenly, Zong Ben spread his wings and charged at Jun. Jun, who was caught off guard, landed on the ground, pressed firmly onto the ground by Zong Ben.

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