Book 8: Chapter 77 - What the Hell?!

The image disappeared, as if the memories stopped there. The surroundings returned to normal. Hagrid Jones sat on the sofa, looking at the pendant that had ended its playback. He said, “Blue crystal energy was an opportunity sent from heaven… It changed human history… and brought us into a new realm…” Hagrid Jones continued gratefully. “It also brought hope to my experiment. It was blue crystal energy that created all of you and bestowed you with superpowers. This is human evolution! We can alter the environment, but without blue crystal energy, how can humans break through and possess god-like power?” 

“Go to hell!” I turned and punched him in the face. He fell onto the sofa, blood flowing from the corner of his lips. He wiped it away and tried to get up, but I used my sword to scorch the hair next to his face. I roared, “Professor Yin Yue entrusted me with a mission before she died! That is - to kill you!”

Hagrid Jones was stunned.

“I represent everyone who died in the disaster sixty years ago and the spirits who are still trapped in the center of the radiation zones, and also everyone who is still living in this broken world, to sentence you! Hagrid Jones, because you destroyed the world, the execution of your death penalty will be carried out by me, Luo Bing!” I raised my sword.

Hagrid Jones’ gaze was fixed upon the pendant as he said, “Xiao Yue… You want me to die so I can come and keep you company, right…? You’re alone. You must be very cold… and lonely… I’m coming…”

Hong!” Suddenly, the entire library shook. A huge shadow was cast from the transparent dome above. Silver Moon City was shattering! Once Silver Moon City was in danger, it would automatically break apart so the people could escape toward the ground. Xing Chuan’s wheelchair slid to the side as the ground shook.

“Xing!” I called. Suddenly, two flashes of metallic light flew past me. Jun and Zong Ben were holding Xing Chuan’s wheelchair.

I looked at them in shock. Why are they here?! Why is Jun here too?!

I saw that their equipment looked different. Their bodies looked bigger, meaning their thrusters were stronger!

I understood what Xing Chuan had meant when he told Raffles to strengthen Zong Ben’s equipment then. It was so they could travel into space, to back me up in Silver Moon City!

They held Xing Chuan’s wheelchair firmly. I nodded at them and slashed without hesitation as I turned back. Cang Yu was too dangerous. I had to take care of him, seizing this moment when he didn’t want to live.

“Master!” Suddenly, Xing Chuan 2.0 rushed out from under the bookshelf. He suddenly stretched his arm out toward me. Jun, who had been holding Xing Chuan’s wheelchair, charged at Xing Chuan 2.0. As he spread his wings, his wingtip cut off Xing Chuan 2.0’s arm. Milky white fluid spurted through the air as half his arm flew off. Jun’s wing immediately sizzled with smoke. Xing Chuan 2.0’s gene fluid was highly corrosive!

That meant Cang Yu’s tentacles were like my superpowered body - invincible.

The tip of Jun’s wing gradually melted, making Jun lose his balance. He swayed in the air, but Xing Chuan 2.0’s arm was slowly recovering!

We had already witnessed the new artificial humans, that were a combination of artificial humans and metahumans, through Chaksu. But still, Xing Chuan 2.0 seemed to be even more advanced.

Xing Chuan 2.0 charged at me again. Jun immediately grabbed his shoulder and lifted him off the ground. Jun was more careful to not cut Xing Chuan 2.0’s skin this time. But Xing Chuan 2.0’s arm extended upward to entangle Jun’s wings. They then fell together.

Judging from his superpower, Xing Chuan 2.0 had been copied from the real Xing Chuan.

I immediately slashed toward Hagrid as he clenched Yin Yue’s pendant tightly in his hand, smiling, “Xiao Yue, I’m coming. I won’t disappoint you again…”

It was my first time wielding my sword against an enemy who wasn’t resisting. But I didn’t hesitate. My sword fell toward the back of his neck quickly. But suddenly, the blue tentacles shot out, seizing my sword and draining its energy instantly. Then, they charged at me.

Zong Ben let go of Xing Chuan’s wheelchair and flew to me, wanting to catch the tentacles. I jumped hastily and knocked him away. The tentacles caught me by my waist instead. They felt strong and taut like rope. I could clearly feel that they were alive, not like the light ribbons I formed with blue crystal energy.

“Don’t get close to it!” I gripped the tentacles on my waist, shouting at Zong Ben, “It consumes blue crystal energy!” Zong Ben was dumbfounded. 

I held the tentacles, staring at Hagrid in front of me. He looked up, holding the pendant tightly. He said, “I know... I know I haven’t completed my mission...”

“Hagrid, you’re crazy! Just how many more people do you want to kill?!” I roared at him angrily.

He only maintained his posture, which looked as though he were praying or repenting to God, saying, “But... My Xiao Yue died... You wouldn’t understand... I’ve disappointed her all her life. This is her last wish, and I definitely can’t disappoint her again... You can look for someone else...”

I was dumbfounded. He doesn’t look... as if he’s talking to me.

Hong!” The library shook again and began to float. Xing Chuan’s wheelchair moved again, but Zong Ben quickly grabbed it.

Hagrid slowly put Yin Yue’s pendant on his neck, and then stretched his hand behind him to grab the tentacles coming out of the back of his collar. He let out a painful groan. “Ah!”

Next came a terrifying scene. The tentacles were slowly being removed! They were like countless glowing worms, wriggling and struggling in his hands.

I panicked at the sight, exerting strength on the tentacle around my waist. “Ah!” I can’t let this thing stay on me. Could it really be a parasite on Hagrid Jones!?

I withdrew the ancient dagger on my thigh and chopped. It worked. The tentacle broke apart and fell off my waist. I quickly moved away, feeling disgusted all over. The tentacle continued to wriggle on the ground, struggling, but it soon turned to ash like a spirit drowning in my palms. It seemed the tentacles did rely on blue crystal energy to live after all.

“Ah! Ah!” Hagrid slowly plucked the tentacles out, and the ends of them began to merge. A brain-shaped thing came off the back of his neck, like a demonic spirit slowly taking shape.

“What the hell is that?!” I exclaimed in shock. Zong Ben was stunned, holding Xing Chuan’s wheelchair. Even the withered Xing Chuan in the wheelchair looked on in shock, straining to look.

Jun and the other Xing Chuan stopped fighting, looking at the scene before them in shock.

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