Book 8: Chapter 76 - Scientist's Madness

“Did you take a deceased person’s brain?!”

“How can you use a deceased person’s brain? The brain must be a living object. Only a living brain has brainwaves, neuronal pulses and brain processing ability. Tens of billions of neurons! Oh my goodness! That’s naturally much faster than any computer! If it could be utilized, it would truly produce artificial intelligence. No, it would simply be a living person! Hagrid, you didn’t use a human brain for the experiment, did you? What did you use? A gorilla’s brain?”

Hagrid smiled. Someone screamed from above when he was about to speak.

“Ah!” Suddenly, a girl fell from the sky!

Hagrid subconsciously spread his arms and caught the girl in his embrace. The spring breeze blew the girl’s long hair around and fluttered Hagrid’s fringe. Hagrid locked his gaze with the frightened girl and the image froze.

“Xiao Yue fell into my arms like that…” Hagrid said. I looked at him and he was still seated on the sofa, smiling at the image.

I glanced at him and removed the sword from his neck. I reprimanded him, saying, “Professor Yin Yue loved you, but you disappointed her!” Hagrid only smiled faintly, gazing deeply at the memory.

The image moved again. Yin Yue shouted, “Be careful!”

A huge robot fell from above, frightening the surrounding men and women. They dodged out of the way, but Hagrid lost his balance, falling into the fountain behind him with Yin Yue in his arms.

Hong!” The robot landed off to the side, and the crowd was scared out of their wits. 

“It’s Yin Yue! Yin Yue, did your robot lose control again?!” People came forward and scolded her.

“Yin Yue, what’s your problem!? You could kill someone if a robot this size crashes!”

Yin Yue got off Hagrid and stood in the fountain, apologizing. “Sorry! I’m sorry that I didn’t control it properly.”

“Controlling it with your mind?” Hagrid stood up next to her. He brushed Yin Yue’s long hair aside and revealed a metal band.

That robot… Could it be the embryonic form of a superconnection robot?!

Yin Yue took off the metal band and looked at Hagrid happily, answering, “Yes! I call it a superconnection robot. It can connect to the human mind and build a super-response system. It’s similar to your theory of using the human brain as a CPU. But mine is more suitable for carrying out dangerous work like space engineering, extreme environment geology…” Yin Yue was a scientist after all. She jabbered away about her studies, not aware that she was still standing in the water. Hagrid’s eyes shimmered as she kept talking.

“I think humans might not evolve even if the human brain is fully developed.” Yin Yue suddenly spoke about Hagrid Jones’s hypothesis.

Hagrid looked at her confusedly, asking, “Why?”

Yin Yue gestured seriously, answering, “You mentioned that your hypothesis was that the human body is a piece of exquisite equipment, and the human brain is the CPU. Even if the human brain were fully developed, the equipment would retain the original parameters. That would mean the body couldn’t carry out the brain’s instructions. Even if you were to improve the processing chip of a robot, it wouldn’t be able to carry out advanced commands with its old body.”

Hagrid’s gaze grew solemn. The surrounding onlookers began to leave, and the girls stared jealously at Yin Yue, who was conversing deeply with Hagrid.

“The superpowers you talked about have to obey conservation of energy. Our current genetics would make it impossible to control a superpower, because it would cause too much strain. So, our bodies have to go through evolution too. We would need… some kind of energy that’s unknown to us now, in order to do something like releasing flames or controlling air…” Yin Yue said, gesturing. She sat in the fountain with Hagrid Jones and chatted until evening…

“Xiao Yue inspired me. I’ve been devoted to human evolution ever since. I began to look for new genes…” Hagrid Jones said, smiling faintly. 

The surrounding image constantly changed. Even their first date had taken place in a lab. Hagrid Jones conducted his CPU experiment using pig brains while Yin Yue’s superconnection technology assisted him to overcome the obstacles involved.

They spent most of their time in a lab. Both of the people who were obsessed with brains ended up together, becoming the youngest scientists in the National Academy of Sciences.

They had married each other with the blessing of other scientists, surrounded by technology. The event featured a romantic holographic scene, bubbles that could transport humans, huge cultivated flowers, tree vines that danced along to the music, and a balloon bridal chamber floating in the air… It was filled with the shadow of Silver Moon City’s technology.

After they had gotten married, they’d continued their studies, living happily…

Things began to change when both of them were recruited for a secret national experiment. They’d been taken to a secret base and assigned to different departments. They hadn’t been allowed to reveal their experiments to each other.

The nation had begun to study artificial humans, a new species like Chaksu - something in between a clone and a robot. The project went beyond the boundaries of morality, and was creating a new humanoid species. As clones weren’t permitted because they were considered humans, there wasn’t any improvement in the human body’s constitution.

And yet, it still led to the kind of human evolution experimentation that Hagrid Jones desired. He began to have wild ideas about strengthening human genes.

In order to strengthen the genome, Hagrid Jones had to use living humans. It was difficult to search for living humans, so he had broken the law and begun cloning.

He combined the clones’ genes with various animals, creating the monsters that I’d seen back then…

But eventually, the experiments were exposed and Hagrid Jones’s team was evacuated. They were relocated to an even more secretive facility. However, he reached a bottleneck and the nation prepared to cancel his experiments. Yin Yue was angry and disappointed at the experiments he conducted on living humans, too. Hagrid Jones’s life had fallen into a slump, and he was starved of success. He’d wanted to use his success to prove that his theory was right and all his efforts hadn’t been in vain!

Then, blue crystal energy appeared. A blue comet fell from the sky and landed on the ground. The extremely high radiation caused all the surrounding plants within a five kilometer radius to wither. It was an apocalyptic scene, but it didn’t stop the scientists. A scientist’s love could benefit the world, but a scientist’s madness could ruin it.

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