Book 2: Chapter 33 - Shopping Spree!

“Ice Dragon! Prepare to load the cargo!” My happiness in that moment couldn’t be described with words; one could only personally experience it.


*Pak! Pak!* Ice Dragon continued to blow up the surrounding glass so that the sunlight could illuminate the entire supermarket for better visibility. The supermarket is too huge; I’ve got a feeling that this should be a mall! It’s absolutely impossible that only this floor has things, because all I see is food! The food in this world is too abundant. No, I should say the world before the end of the world.

Just then, I rounded a corner and the huge baby photo was above me, while before me were three meters tall titanium shelves! From top to bottom, they were filled with various types of milk powder and baby products!

Loose packages lined the bottom layer while carton boxes filled the upper layer.

The most exciting part was that there was even baby medication. This was probably advanced medication compared to my own world, since I didn’t even understand the printed words.

It was okay if I didn’t understand, it would do as long as Ming You understood!

I started looking around. I needed something that I could use to carry the loose packages. That’s right, I want to bring them all back! I’m not leaving anything behind!

*Phew.* I need to calm down. I took a deep breath and tried very hard to calm my excited self down. However, my heart continued to race. It was too exciting.

I finally spotted white trolleys lined neatly at the end of the corridor!

I quickly ran over and counted ten over white trolleys. The trolleys were very modern and beautifully designed. However, unlike the ones I was used to, they were fully enclosed, with four big wheels on both sides that were slightly slanted outward. Plus, the capacity of the trolley was rather small, similar to a medium-sized luggage bag. How could this be so small? What if I wanted to buy a lot of things, how would it fit? Maybe the people in this world wouldn’t buy a lot of things at one shot as if they were robbing the place.

I immediately grabbed and pushed the trolleys over. *Lub-dub! Lub-dub! Lub-dub!* My heart was beating vigorously. Suddenly, the trolley started ringing as though it had connected to an electricity source. The sides blinked with white lights, giving me a shock. Why did it suddenly connect to an electricity source?

There was no time for me to study why the trolleys suddenly had electricity running. I pushed ten trolleys and ran to the baby department. Now that they were switched on, the trolleys were easy and stable to push!

Next, shopping spree!

I had never felt so awesome! I didn’t care what was on the shelves and simply swept them all into the trolley with my arm!

I had no idea why I was rushing. There was only me, myself and I in the world and I could have taken my time to pick for things I wanted leisurely. But I was too excited. It was as though I had really barged into a place that God had sealed and I was stealing God’s treasures. I was afraid that God would realize my presence and would take everything away from me.

Even though I had not come across any danger up to now, and maybe there would not be any danger later either, I instinctively sped up so that I could complete my mission sooner!

“Trolley is full. Trolley is full,” the trolley spoke!

I stopped and looked at it curiously. The floor was covered in things that had fallen off the trolley.

Suddenly, the handle of the trolley started folding and blinking. “Preparing to seal into a box!”

What?! It could even seal boxes!

I looked it up and down curiously. Then, a thin plastic sheet popped out from its right, moving so fast I couldn’t clearly see what it was doing. It was like just a box sealing machine on an assembly line. Next, I heard a sharp suction sound, and the plastic sheet shrunk quickly. It was vacuum packed! A piece of white board then popped out from the right to cover it all. It really was box sealing! This is so advanced!

“Complete! Prepare for delivery. Please provide the address.”

What?! It could be delivered directly?! No wonder this world didn’t need to use big trolleys since this size of the box is more suitable.

What should I do next? I can’t tell them to deliver to Noah City.

*Hong!* Suddenly, there was a loud bang from the end of the right corridor. I immediately turned and saw Ice Dragon had broken the wall on the right. Then, Ice Dragon’s storage cabin drove in and opened itself.

It seems like I have to move them myself.

I carried the vacuum-packed trolley. Perhaps because it was vacuum packed, the box didn’t feel heavy at all. Suddenly, a claw that flew over, instantly grabbing the box in my hand and moving it into the storage cabin!

*Ah!* I got a shock. The claw had extended from the storage cabin.

I was dumbfounded. It turned out that Ice Dragon had that function. I must read through the instruction manual of Ice Dragon carefully when I return.

“Ice Dragon, you gave me a shock!” I came back to reality.

“I’m sorry.”

“Forget it.” I started packing more products. Milk powder, noodles, fruit paste, minced meat, pampers, medicine, milk bottles, and many other items were swept into the trolleys. The trolleys would pack themselves, then Ice Dragon would move them into the storage cabin and store them neatly.

When the bottom layer of the shelves had all been cleared, I looked up and smirked at Ice Dragon. I pointed up and instructed, “You take care of the ones on the top.”

“No problem,” Ice Dragon replied smilingly. Then, a few more claws extended from the storage cabin to reach for the boxes on the shelves.

If this place was really God’s treasure, I wasn’t here to steal but to sweep the place clean!

“I’ll go to look for medicine,” I told Ice Dragon who was packing. “Contact me if there’s anything urgent.”


I started running back to where I’d come from. When I was running over earlier, I’d seen shopping guide robots at a distance. As expected, I very soon came upon a circular platform. I was panting as I had run too quickly and my heart was racing. Well, my heart has been racing since I discovered this place.

There wasn’t any button on the platform but it said ‘shopping guide’ on it. I studied it for a while but still didn’t spot any buttons or sensors. It should be out of electricity. How could there be a source of electricity that conveniently started up the entire mall?

But the trolleys had suddenly worked.

I looked at my hand. Could it be activated by touch?

*Lub-dub! Lub-dub! Lub-dub!* I could hear my heartbeat. I extended my hand and slowly placed it on the platform before me. Suddenly, the platform switched on! Lights burst out from its surface and shone through my fingers. I immediately retracted my hand. There was a beautiful 3D woman in a blue-collared long-sleeved shirt standing before me.

The technology here was far more advanced than my world, because this hologram woman appeared really distinct in 3D and seemed just like a miniature real-life human. She looked petite and cute.

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