Book 8: Chapter 75 - The Monster’s Past

“No… Xing… No…” I hugged his body tightly, saying, “We said that we were going to be together… We agreed…” Xing Chuan rested on my chest peacefully while his hand slowly fell toward the armrest of his wheelchair.

“Old monster… Old monster!” I withdrew my gun and aimed at Cang Yu, who was looking at the pendant blankly. I didn’t say anything and just pulled the trigger. I would drag his dead body back for Raffles and Haggs to study and revive Xing Chuan.

Suddenly, more tentacles burst out of his collar, blocking my laser blasts. They didn’t seem to be resisting my shots, but rather consuming them!

Cang Yu… What kind of monster is he?!

Suddenly, a tentacle flew at me and wrapped around my neck, lifting me off the ground.

“What happened to Yin Yue…” Cang Yu asked, still staring at the pendant.

I stared at him angrily, asking, “Do you even care about her?! Do you even love her?!”

“Say it! What happened to her?!” The moment he turned to look at me, his facial features became blurry and changed. In the blink of an eye, it was another face - Hagrid Jones’s face!

He stood up abruptly from the sofa and his tentacle flipped the coffee table in between us toward the bookshelf. “Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” The row of bookshelves fell one after another, and the loud noise reverberated in the quiet library garden. 

He took huge strides toward me and seized my neck. He stared at me angrily, losing his usual gentleness and elegance. He roared, “Tell me! How is she doing?! Is she okay?!”

“Hehe… Hahaha! Hahahaha!” I looked at him, bursting into hearty laughter.

Pak!” He slapped me hard in the face. I felt a burning pain and a tinge of blood.

Ptui!” I spat a mouthful of blood onto his face. His fair skin was tainted with my blood. He narrowed his viciously burning eyes.

Hong!” Suddenly, Silver Moon City shook. Xing Chuan 2.0 immediately charged in, reporting, “Master, Silver Moon City’s system is under attack!”

“Go away!” Suddenly, he flung his tentacle out and Xing Chuan 2.0 flew into the air. The tentacle split his face open, but the wound didn’t leak blood, only white fluid like Chaksu had. He struck the bookshelf by the side and it fell, crushing his body underneath. He blacked out.

I looked at Xing Chuan 2.0’s body. It turned out that he’d only been an artificial human, not even a clone.

“Tell me! What happened to Xiao Yue?!” Hagrid Jones roared at me.

I glared at him, replying, “I’m not telling you. Let your ignorance suffocate you!”

Hagrid Jones’s expression turned ferocious. He clenched my neck, panting angrily. He looked up, bellowing madly, “Aaaah!” Suddenly, he lifted his tentacle, preparing to fling it at Xing Chuan.

I immediately shouted, “She died! Professor Yin Yue died!”

The tentacle stopped right in front of Xing Chuan’s withered face. Hagrid Jones’s eyes dilated as he loosened the grip around my neck. I stood on the ground, rubbing my neck. I said with a hoarse voice, “She was an ordinary human. Of course she died…”

The surrounding blue tentacles retreated back into his collar. He walked to the sofa blankly, picking up the teacup and teapot from the ground. He lifted the teapot elegantly and poured the remaining tea into his cup. His hands were shivering as he brought his teacup to his lips to take a sip, and the teacup suddenly slipped from his fingers. He cupped his face, wailing tearfully, “Xiao Yue… Xiao Yue…”

I activated my light sword and the heat from the blade burned the air. I placed the sword at his neck, saying, “Professor Yin Yue had some last words for you.”

“What…” he asked as he sobbed.

“She said that she couldn’t forgive you for what you did to the world…”

His breathing paused, and he sat on the sofa without moving an inch, maintaining his original posture.

“But she was willing to bear the infamy with you, because she loved you!"

His body stiffened, and his hands slowly fell from his face. He looked at the ground blankly, but the corner of his lips lifted into a smile that I didn’t understand. He said, “I could have made her immortal, but she refused. She called me a monster… Heh… Xiao Yue… Xiao Yue… Do you know what this is…?” He lifted Professor Yin Yue’s pendant, saying, “This is our life, our memories...”

He put the pendant before his lips and kissed it gently. The pendant magically opened and the gemstone on it floated into the air. Light shone from it, projecting a realistic hologram.

My surroundings turned into a grassy field filled with men and women who looked like university students, either walking around or sitting, chatting happily. I turned to look around and saw a futuristic-looking school on the other end of the field. Its titanium silver exterior was sleek and streamlined, with corridors spiraling into the sky and young men and women zipping around with propulsion devices on their feet.

“If we can fully utilize the human brain, we can enter a new era with boundless possibilities!” A bright voice caught my attention. It belonged to an energetic man standing near a fountain. It was Hagrid Jones; he was surrounded by many men and women. Of course, there were more women.

“Hagrid, human brain development has reached a bottleneck. What do you think is halting our progress?” a man asked Hagrid with a smile.

Hagrid looked at him with a mysterious smile. He flashed an intractable, wild grin, replying, “It’s because the scientists are too old.” 

“Hahahaha!” Everyone burst out in laughter.

“That’s right! The future scientists are here…” The men pointed at themselves arrogantly. Such proud, unrestrained young men had once bloomed in this world.

“If the human body is a meticulously designed piece of equipment, the brain is its CPU…” Hagrid said, pointing at his head. Everyone became quiet as he spoke. He exuded outstanding leadership and irresistible charm. He continued, “So, I’ve been doing a hypothetical experiment, using the human brain like the CPU of a computer. We can accomplish artificial intelligence, and discover the human brain in return through artificial intelligence…” It seemed Hagrid Jones had already been crazy then.

“Hagrid, you’re crazy! Did you really get yourself a human brain? That’s unethical!” Some of them became anxious.

“The law says we can’t conduct any experiments using the human body. You are speaking in theory, aren’t you? Don’t scare us!”

Hagrid continued to smile mysteriously.

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