Book 8: Chapter 74 - Do You Remember Yin Yue on Hagrid Island

I wheeled Xing Chuan to the coffee table. Then, I poured both of us cups of tea. I sat on the single sofa next to Xing Chuan, blowing on the broken flower petals floating on the surface of the osmanthus tea.

The library was as quiet as ever. The surrounding flowers gave it a calming atmosphere. Surrounded by the fragrance of beautiful flowers and the scent of books, we slowly entered the flowing river of time, watching the beginning of all living things and the ending of everything.

“Luo Bing, what do you think time is?” It was the elegant yet calm voice I hadn’t heard in such a long time. Cang Yu’s voice was like a lover’s whisper, soothing and addictive to the ear.

I lifted my chin and saw that a row of bookshelves had moved out of the way. Cang Yu walked over with a book in his hand. He was in a simple beige robe, embroidered with pretty plum blossoms. It was plain, and yet it seemed outstanding and enchanting.

His conduct was as elegant and his appearance as handsome as ever. His long braid hung in front of his chest as usual, gleaming like flawless white jade. It made him seem even more ethereal and perfect, like a beautiful man from ancient times walking out of an ancient painting.

Who could have guessed that such a perfect man would be the biggest demon in the world?

Compared to the men around me, objectively speaking, Raffles was absolutely not as elegant and wise. Xing Chuan was definitely not as gentle. Harry was not as quiet or as mindful. Ah Zong was not as charming. He was like a mysterious ancient scroll that could catch one’s attention just by sitting there, simply irresistible and leaving one wanting to find out more.

I could only theorize that Cang Yu’s charming self was due to his age and accumulation of profound knowledge over the years.

Cang Yu walked next to Xing Chuan. He smiled, looking at him and saying, “You came back? Once again, you didn’t disappoint me.” His gentle gaze looked as though he were meeting a prodigal son who had returned. Xing Chuan looked away in silence.

Cang Yu took a seat on the sofa, looking at me with a smile. He examined me up and down gently, saying, “You’re even more beautiful now. Lil’ Bing, the changes in you have surprised me.”

I put down my cup and replied to his initial question, saying, “Time is a pen. It writes down everyone’s history. To some people, time is also like an eraser, removing all their sins.” I looked up at Cang Yu.

Cang Yu smiled gently, looking at me. “It seems you had two reasons to visit Silver Moon City,” he said, gesturing with two fingers. “First, to reveal my crimes. Second…” He looked at Xing and continued, “To make me heal Xing…” He was frank with me, getting straight to the point.

I looked at him grimly and he smiled, putting down his book. He said, “How about making this easier? I’ll save Xing. Then, you can stay here in Silver Moon City and marry him.”

Xing Chuan glanced at Cang Yu coldly. He smirked and exclaimed, “And continue to be your puppet?!”

Cang Yu maintained his smile, asking, “Xing, how did you find Luo Bing? How did you make her forgive you?”

Xing Chuan stared at him coldly for a while before he looked away and replied, “It’s time.”

Cang Yu laughed, and his look of great wisdom was briefly replaced with that of a fool. He said, “You see, time always moves toward good ends. Even if you think of events as bad, in truth, time has always made things better.”

“But time has no mind of its own. It doesn’t know if the results are good or bad. Humans are the ones who do bad things. Time can cover up your sins, but it has also helped us discover the truth! Isn’t that right, Professor Hagrid Jones?” I countered, staring ahead.

Cang Yu smiled peacefully. He obviously wasn’t surprised by my words. He picked up his cup elegantly and took a sip. He held his cup, saying, “Human development hit a bottleneck. Life was good and there was no desire to progress. Restless and impetuous people naturally found things to do, such as… starting a war.” 

“You mean General Samuel?” I remembered Xing Chuan had brought up General Samuel when we attacked Croton City. He had campaigned for war because he’d thought human development was overly peaceful.

Cang Yu nodded, smiling. He then continued to take another sip of tea elegantly, saying, “Samuel was an extremist. He thought humans desired no improvement and needed a war to stimulate them. It was only a matter of time until the war erupted, but…” Cang Yu wore a disdainful smile and continued, “I think the war he triggered didn’t help human development at all.”

His words ignited the fire at the bottom of my heart. I roared, “How did you control the blue energy crystals?!”

“Control?” Cang Yu seemed interested in the word ‘control’. He turned to look at me with admiration, asking, “It seems you know a lot. How did you find out that blue energy crystals could be controlled?”

I stared at him angrily, suddenly taking out my blaster. “Take a guess!” I exclaimed as I aimed my gun between his eyebrows.

Suddenly, a flash of blue light shot past me, shooting toward Xing Chuan. I immediately turned to look. It wasn’t light, but rather a translucent tentacle that was glowing blue. The tentacle had already seized Xing Chuan’s neck.

“Mm!” Xing Chuan let out a muffled moan, grabbing the tentacle around his neck.

“Xing!” I glared at Cang Yu angrily. The tentacle had emerged from his collar. It was such a terrifying sight.

Cang Yu put down the cup elegantly, leaning closer to me. He said, “How about this? Let’s make this simpler. I’ll kill him, then…” He lifted my chin with his finger gently, wearing a charming smile as he said, “ can marry me.”

“Old monster…” Xing Chuan said through gritted teeth. Xing Chuan 2.0, who was standing outside, was shocked.

Suddenly, blue liquid seemed to start flowing out from Xing Chuan’s body through the tentacle. At the same time, I saw Xing Chuan’s originally black hair turning white instantly! Cang Yu was consuming his life! Xing Chuan panted in pain as his hair grew white.

I stared at Cang Yu while he smiled at me. I lifted my hand, pulling out Professor Yin Yue’s pendant. I taunted him, saying, “Why don’t we talk about the woman who has been waiting for you on Hagrid Island?”

Cang Yu’s gaze froze as he saw the pendant. He let go of my chin and his blue tentacle detached from Xing Chuan’s neck. He took away the pendant in my hand and I immediately went to Xing Chuan, combing through his white hair and touching his even more withered face, feeling heartache. I said, “Xing, you shouldn’t have followed me…”

Xing Chuan shook his head wearily, saying, “If I were to die… I wanted to die here… Bing… This is… my home…” He wore a peaceful smile. He was really at ease. He was no longer lonely and afraid in the dark night. He was no longer afraid of his loved one leaving him.

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