Book 8: Chapter 73 - Finally Meeting

It was an interesting yet strange sight, dealing with one’s own clone face-to-face, existing in the same place. The clone shared every physical feature with the original.

“Creditor,” I said.

“Creditor?” The cloned Xing Chuan looked at the Xing Chuan on the wheelchair grimly.

“Silver Moon City has too many creditors. If you don’t mind, I’ll bring one up to demand payment.” I smirked coldly, looking around. Cang Yu was definitely watching us through the surveillance camera in the corner. Plus, I had a feeling that Cang Yu could definitely recognize who the old man in the wheelchair was.

“Master only wants to see you,” Xing Chuan 2.0 suddenly said. I was surprised that Xing Chuan called Cang Yu ‘master’. Even I, who had never seen the real Xing Chuan, wouldn’t have been able to guess whether the Xing Chuan before me was real.

However, right after Xing Chuan 2.0 said that, his expression became stunned as though he had just received an order. He stood there, just listening. Then, he looked at Xing Chuan calmly, saying, “Master wants to see you too.”

Hmph.” Xing Chuan let out a disdainful chuckle. He didn’t bother looking at Xing Chuan 2.0 again.

Just then, one side of the spaceship hull opened, revealing the dark night sky... No, it wasn’t the night sky, but rather the dark, boundless expanse of space!

“North Star, you shouldn’t be unfamiliar with Silver Moon City.” Xing Chuan 2.0 waved and the hull opened entirely. The magnificent silver moon covered in buildings entered my sight. It was protected by a huge translucent energy barrier.  

Cang Yu hadn’t restrained my superpower. It was apparent that my superpower posed no threat to him. That was why he didn’t need to be afraid of me and restrain me. I touched the light sun by my waist. Old friend, you have to keep me company in my final battle.

The spaceship brought us toward Silver Moon City slowly. When the tractor beam had engulfed us, our connection with He Lei and the others had been cut off. We could no longer get in touch with them. Despite that, Xing Chuan seemed to be at peace, looking ahead expressionlessly.

We were getting closer and closer to the mechanical city, which had always been high and mighty like a god’s palace. My heartbeat started racing as the distance shrank. Our spaceship was like a balloon hovering in the sky. There was a person who considered himself a god in this cold, mechanical city, pulling on the rope of our balloon. He was drawing us closer and closer to him, signaling to us that we would never be able to escape a god’s control.

The spaceship flew toward the back end of Silver Moon City, which was rumored to contain countless secrets.

“What secret does the back end of Silver Moon City carry?” I asked Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan’s hoary face was reflected in the observation windshield before me. He looked down, answering, “There’s where… They destroy failed subjects…”


“Yes, all the failed artificial humans, hybrids, robots, or… ordinary people who were born in Silver Moon City but had no superpowers… and also, the people who were once useful, but grew old and useless…”

“What?!” A heavy weight pressed down on my heart, suffocating me. Life was so cheap in Silver Moon City. Those who were useful remained, while those who were useless were destroyed. I’d always known that Silver Moon City held life in contempt, but I had never expected that they were so brutal.

“How do you know that?!” Xing Chuan 2.0 looked at the real Xing Chuan next to me.

Xing Chuan’s gaze was fixed straight ahead as he smirked coldly. “It’s only a matter of time until it’s your turn to go there… Cough, cough…

The young Xing Chuan glared at the old Xing Chuan. It was as if the future Xing Chuan had time traveled to the present to change his fate.

“Are you serious?!” Raffles suddenly emerged from Ice Dragon with a shocked expression, looking at Xing Chuan in disbelief.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Xing Chuan smiled disdainfully, looking at Silver Moon City ahead of us. “Silver Moon City can’t afford to raise so many people. The semi-complete subjects you saw in the lab would be destroyed and turned into fertilizer to nourish Silver Moon City’s plants when they failed in the end.”

“But they’re alive! They’re living humans!” Raffles’s voice was shaking. He’d merely destroyed fertilized eggs when he conducted experiments back then. But now, he was in great pain when he realized that the adult subjects would be destroyed too. He looked at his hands, asking, “What have I done… What have I done…”

“Raffles!” I looked at him.

He looked down sorrowfully, saying, “Bing, luckily you stopped me. Otherwise, I don’t know how much sin I would have committed. I understand your feelings from back then, now…” He turned to walk back into Ice Dragon and the door closed. He wanted to be alone.

“Raffles…” I looked at the door with worry, and anger burned vigorously in me. I turned to stare at the sinful city. It had brought so much pain to so many people. It shouldn’t even exist in this world!

Darkness engulfed our spaceship. We arrived at the dark side of Silver Moon City in silence. A rectangular door opened above us, shining with light. We flew toward it, entering it. When we came to a complete stop, I saw that we were parked in a spacious, white hangar. There was no one there, and not even a squeak could be heard.

“Follow me,” Xing Chuan 2.0 commanded, walking ahead of us.

I glanced at him, saying, “Get Silver Moon to take care of Raffles.”

He paused as though he had received my order. He turned and replied, “Alright. Raffles can contact Silver Moon if he needs anything.”

I no longer spoke as I pushed Xing Chuan’s wheelchair, following behind him.

When we left the hangar, the scene before me seemed familiar. It was a white glass corridor with greenhouses on both sides. The hangar was located below Cang Yu’s library. I remembered that, back when I was hiding from Xing Chuan in the library, he had given me a robot as a gift. The robot had ascended from beneath the library too.

The walkway ahead of us was very familiar. Our steady footsteps reverberated in the hall. The long corridor was like a passage through time, and the end of the tunnel where time ended was the beautiful flower garden from before.

A whiff of flower fragrance greeted us as I pushed Xing Chuan, stopping at the entrance to the library.

In the quiet library, I could see the same old ancient sofa in floral print, the exquisite European coffee table, and a delicate tea set. There was steam coming out of the white peony teapot’s spout. And yet, there was no one around the coffee table.

“Master is waiting for you inside.” Xing Chuan 2.0 didn’t enter. I pushed Xing Chuan in as Xing Chuan 2.0 stayed outside the door.

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