Book 8: Chapter 71 - Got Caught on Purpose

Every single movement was apparent. I felt my heartbeat slowing down as time decelerated around me.



Time continuously dilated around me. I felt as though my heartbeat and breathing were beginning to merge into the time stream. It was as if I had entered another world, watching a huge clock ticking slowly in front of me.

“Pak… Pak…”

“Bing, Lucifer and He Lei are staying at the base to coordinate with each other. Everything will be fine,” Raffles said comfortingly as he noticed how nervous I was.

Xing Chuan and Raffles kept me company, while Zong Ben kept watch outside. Zong Ben would protect the entire spaceship if anything went wrong.

It was getting closer and closer to the final moment. My breathing became tense. Raffles saw that I was nervous, but he didn’t know the true reason behind it.

To be exact, I wasn’t just nervous; I was also excited that I would finally get to deal with Cang Yu head-on. It was a complicated mental state; I imagined a warrior in a videogame would feel like this when facing the final boss.

I wanted to see what other superpowers Cang Yu had, and what kind of monster he was.

“Give me the bracelet that woman gave to you,” Xing Chuan said. He lifted his hand, looking grim.

I took off the bracelet and put it in his hand, smiling. “The bracelet is kind of nice.”

Xing Chuan took the bracelet and looked at it carefully. Raffles came forward to take a closer look too. He said, “These are glow-in-the-dark stones, right? The kind Blue Shield City paved their roads with.”

“Mm, a kind of cheap stone,” Xing Chuan commented coldly.

“A token of her regard.” Raffles smiled, looking at Xing Chuan. He added, “I remember that during our trip in Blue Shield City, Bing said that she liked these stones. Then, both Harry and He Lei fought to dig some up for her.”

Xing Chuan raised his eyebrows, asking, “Such a thing happened? Even He Lei did something that stupid?"

“Everyone was young back then. Bing was only seventeen then,” Raffles said, smiling.

Yeah... We were barely twenty then. Time really did fly. Those silly, happy times seemed as if they were only yesterday, but in truth, five years had already passed.

Time would fly if one weren’t paying attention, and yet it would always control one’s life. I’d met Harry and all the other men here on Kansa Star because of time. I was sitting here now because of time, too. As I waited for the final battle, time slowed down. But whenever I wanted to walk down memory lane, time felt so fast. Whoever controlled time would control everything.

“Master, Silver Moon City’s spaceship is approaching the Aurora Legion base.” Ice Dragon appeared, and the outer cover above our cabin opened. In the dim sky flew a silver-blue comet. It was obviously Silver Moon City’s spaceship.

Xing Chuan was deep in thought as he looked at the spaceship. Silver Moon City was where he had been born and raised, and where he’d lived most of his life. Did he really hate Silver Moon City?

No, he missed it. Silver Moon City was his home, after all. Even though Radical Star was Harry, Raffles, Xiao Ying, and the others’ new home, but they would always miss Noah City. 

“Do you miss home?” I asked softly. Raffles looked at Xing Chuan silently. Xing Chuan didn’t reply, but his gaze followed the comet. It grew bigger as it came near, its sleek hull coming into view. It flew down nimbly like a swallow, leaving our sight.

An image of the base appeared before us. Silver Moon City’s spaceship slowly descended toward the hangar where He Lei and Lucifer stood. Lucifer looked around guardedly. He had become steadier when he grew up, losing his childishness.

After the spaceship came to a complete stop, the hatch opened. The first one to emerge was Sharjah! That meant Xing Chuan wasn’t there.

Sharjah walked out, and Gale and Yama followed closely behind. Gale and He Lei were both speed metahumans, and they had competed before on Silver Moon City. Gale had been slightly behind He Lei. As far as we knew, only Dian Yin was He Lei’s match.

“He Lei, long time no see,” Sharjah said, wearing the same friendly smile Xing Chuan had.

He Lei looked at him coldly. “Drop your smile. Do you think I don’t know you?”

Gale chuckled. As Sharjah stood there embarrassed, Gale walked forward and grabbed He Lei’s shoulder. He said happily, “It’s been too long, He Lei!”

Back in Silver Moon City, Harry had been closest to Gale and Yama. When He Lei had gone up to Silver Moon City, he had shared a good relationship with them too. 

“I’m really sorry about what happened back then,” Yama apologized sincerely, walking past Sharjah. He added, “You should understand that we were just following orders as warriors.”

He Lei patted Yama’s arm, saying, “I understand. Let’s not dwell on the past."

“We’re thrilled to be able to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers again, alongside you!” Gale hugged He Lei excitedly, but a pang of sorrow flashed across his eyes. He added, “It’s a pity… that Harry is no longer here…” 

He Lei fell silent as the atmosphere grew mournful. Only Sharjah stood awkwardly in the distance, looking grim.

Xing Chuan had once been Sharjah’s idol. In truth, everyone could tell that Sharjah had intentionally imitated Xing Chuan’s smile and conduct.

“As expected, everyone forgot…” Raffles sighed.

I creased my eyebrows tightly. Everyone had forgotten. They’d forgotten what had happened on the last day I’d spent in Silver Moon City. They’d forgotten that I’d asked Xing Chuan whether he killed Harry. As expected, the memory had been erased.

“The old monster wouldn’t allow a memory that would shake the army’s morale to remain in their minds… Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed into his fist. Suddenly, he stopped coughing. “Your bracelet is blinking,” he said, raising the bracelet.

Raffles and I immediately looked at the bracelet in Xing Chuan’s hand, blinking in the dim light. Xing Chuan narrowed his eyes, saying, “It’s apparently not made of simple glow-in-the-dark stones.”

“Is it a signal device? Hurry up and destroy it!” Raffles said in shock.

I was surprised at how calm I was. I wasn’t shocked at what had just happened, nor was I shocked that Sayee had been another mole.

Xing Chuan lifted his chin, looking at me calmly. His gaze turned sharp, asking, “Did you do this on purpose?”

“On purpose?!” Raffles asked confusedly.

Suddenly, a dazzling light shone down from above, passing through the opened cover above us and engulfing the entire ship.

“An unknown force has seized us. I don’t want to say this, but I think we’re really doomed,” Ice Dragon said awkwardly, squinting. 

I looked up at the light shining from above. I shouldn’t have brought Raffles with me. I’d dragged him down with me this time. But I knew that that person would definitely want to see me alone when I was up there. But then, that would be the best opportunity for Xiao Ying to take control of Silver Moon City.

When Xiao Ying took over control of Silver Moon City, they would be thrown into disarray. She could bring Raffles to a safe place during the chaos. Not to mention that Xing Chuan would be there too. He would be able to assist Xiao Ying.

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