Book 8: Chapter 70 - Anxiously Waiting

The hatch opened and He Lei brought Sayee in. He Lei looked up and said to Ice Dragon, “Ice Dragon, inform Bing that Sayee wants to greet her.”

“Sure. Please wait in the guest meeting room,” Ice Dragon replied. Then he looked at us, saying, “They’re here. Master, are you going to see her?”

I turned and prepared to meet her, but Xing Chuan’s wheelchair blocked me, saying, “Don’t go. I’ll tell her you went out to patrol.”

Raffles became anxious because of what Xing Chuan had said earlier too. He advised, “Bing, if Sayee is really the second mole, I think it’d be best to be more cautious. You’d better not meet her.”

I looked at Xing Chuan, then at Raffles. I smiled, saying, “Then, let’s go together. As you mentioned earlier, we’re in Ice Dragon. The Aurora Legion is having their military training outside. Lucifer and Zong Ben are nearby, too. On top of that, He Lei is with Sayee. What kind of danger will I be in? If I don’t see her personally, how can I find more flaws and verify everyone’s guesses? If Sayee isn’t the mole, it will be unfair to her.”

Raffles looked at Xing Chuan, waiting to see his decision. Xing Chuan thought for a while and nodded grimly. He said, “Okay, but don’t have too much contact with that woman! Cough, cough, cough.” He sounded like a jealous wife who prohibited her husband from having too much contact with his female colleagues. 

I smiled, resting my hands on his shoulders. I said, “I know, old man.” Xing Chuan was so petty. How was he going to get along with my other men when he recovered?

When we arrived at the guest meeting room, He Lei and Sayee were already there.

Raffles had rebuilt Ice Dragon’s guest meeting room into a garden. It was a mini indoor garden, surrounded by flower vines sprawling across the wall. The flowers were like natural wallpaper, making the room look spacious.

There was a comfortable sofa and a round table in the middle. Raffles’ renovation style had been influenced by Silver Moon City. Miniature garden rooms like this were everywhere on Silver Moon City. Cang Yu’s library was naturally the most elegant and exquisite of them all.

Sayee sat on the sofa, looking around curiously. He Lei brought her a cup of milk tea and Sayee accepted it happily, taking a whiff of the tea fragrance contentedly.

Raffles, Xing Chuan, and I entered the room together. Raffles was the one pushing Xing Chuan.

He Lei saw us and he immediately signaled Sayee. She lifted her chin and looked surprised when she saw us. She lowered her head bashfully when she saw outsiders and quickly put down her cup, nearly knocking it over because she was too nervous. Luckily, He Lei steadied the cup in time.

“S-sorry,” Sayee apologized, moving closer to He Lei.

He Lei held her shoulders, comforting her. “Don’t be nervous.”

“Sayee, long time no see,” I greeted her calmly. “Are you nervous to see me?” I asked, smiling at her. Then, I walked closer to her alongside Raffles and Xing Chuan.

“Sayee, this is Professor Raffles, Lil’ Bing’s husband,” He Lei told Sayee so she could relax. Sayee nodded bashfully. She didn’t even dare to look at Raffles.

“This is Radical Star’s prime minister, Grandpa Xing.” He Lei continued to deliver introductions calmly.

Xing Chuan’s chilly glare shot toward He Lei and he added casually, “Grandpa Xing’s body isn’t in very good condition, but he continues to stay by the Queen and assist her in national affairs."

Raffles and I held back our urge to laugh. He Lei didn’t even blink as he lied. He described Xing Chuan as a hero who worked with utter devotion.

Sayee lifted her chin and bashfully said, “Grandpa Xing, hello.”

Xing Chuan glared at Sayee coldly before turning and leaving!

Huh? Didn’t he say that he would stay here and protect me?

Raffles smiled at Sayee, saying, “Grandpa Xing is tired. Don’t mind him, Sayee. Lei, I’ll bring him to get some rest. You can carry on.” Then, Raffles pushed Xing Chuan out of the room. I figured they were going to watch us from the cockpit.

He Lei, Sayee and I took our seats. Sayee then lifted her head slightly and looked at me with admiration and envy, taking in my face and clothes. I smiled at her, saying, “Sayee, when everything ends, come to Radical Star.”

Sayee was stunned. She quickly looked down again. She shook her head, saying, “I don’t deserve it.”

“Sayee, you’re my younger sister. Why don’t you deserve it?” He Lei said solemnly. I knew that he would definitely try his best to let Sayee live the best life she could, because he thought he’d fallen short of her expectations. He would definitely bring Sayee back to Radical Star.

Sayee smiled faintly, saying, “Thank you, Brother He Lei…” Suddenly, she seemed to recall something, and she quickly took the bracelet from her pocket. She handed it to me, saying, “Your, Your Highness, this, this is what I made for you. I hope, hope that it can bring you luck…”

I took the bracelet. It was exquisitely made. The colorful threads were tightly woven together, embellished with three colorful round stones. I had seen these stones; they were like the glow-in-the-dark stones that Blue Shield City used to pave their roads, but smaller.

“It looks so pretty. I love it. Thank you.” I meant it. I really found the bracelet pretty.

“Can, can I put it on for you?” Sayee asked happily and shyly. He Lei looked truly happy for her.

“Sure.” I extended my right hand. Sayee picked up the bracelet and put it around my wrist nervously. She gently tied it tightly. Then, she quickly pulled back and clasped her hands together. I looked at the bracelet around my wrist.

“The bracelet is very pretty, very suitable for you, Bing.” He Lei looked at me with a smile.

“Thank you, Your Highness, for accepting my gift. I, I’m going to leave!” Sayee said and ran past me, heading out of the meeting room while blushing.

He Lei got up immediately but didn’t chase after her. He looked at me, teasing, “You heard everything?”

“Mm.” I felt embarrassed at the question.

He Lei looked grateful, saying, “Thank you for accepting Sayee’s gift.”

I touched the bracelet on my wrist, saying, “Go ahead. We’ll leave soon.”

“Alright,” He Lei said and left immediately.

I sat in the guest meeting room alone. The air was filled with a faint floral fragrance. I looked at the bracelet on my wrist. Nothing seemed abnormal.

“Shall we go?” Ice Dragon asked, smiling.

I nodded, leaning back on the sofa. I closed my eyes, replying, “Let’s go.”

A gentle vibration spread out from under my feet. Ice Dragon ascended steadily. We would leave the base of the Aurora Legion temporarily and hide behind an ice mountain nearby to wait for the arrival of Silver Moon City’s spaceship.

I sat in the cabin, watching the digital clock ticking. I looked outside, day and night alternating. I suddenly felt that time was ticking very, very slowly…



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