Book 8: Chapter 69 - Something’s Wrong

Sayee was a sensitive, insecure girl. She’d always seemed to be pessimistic about everything and felt inferior to everyone, thinking she didn’t deserve anything. It was all due to the disgusting experiences she’d had.

“Why?” He Lei smiled, rustling Sayee’s head. He said, “You’re my younger sister. When everything ends here, you’ll go back to Radical Star with me, and you’ll be staying there. You’ll see Bing everyday…”

Sayee lifted her chin with a look of anticipation. She asked, “Can I really… go to Radical Star?”

“Of course!” He Lei answered seriously. “We’ll all go! Loghead, Doggo, Ah Feng, Uncle Yorkshire, Uncle Mucheng, Uncle Hesher… Everyone is going!” Sayee smiled excitedly at his reply.

“This Sayee is strange!” Xing Chuan suddenly said grimly.

Raffles looked at Xing Chuan with confusion, asking, “What’s wrong?”

I glanced at him, complaining, “Your jealousy is going too far.”

Xing Chuan stared at Sayee as she left along with He Lei, asking, “Do you think I’m misjudging her?”

Raffles looked at Sayee as she walked through the corridor with He Lei. He was confused, asking, “What’s wrong with her…?”

I continued to glance at Xing Chuan sideways, saying, “We were all there back then. If there was something wrong with her, you should have been able to tell back then. Plus, Silver Moon City poses the greatest threat to us. You’re saying there’s something wrong with her. Are you saying she’s the other mole?”

“Yes.” Xing Chuan looked confident.

“Why? Where’s your evidence? Is it just because she left during our meeting?” I asked in reply. I’d known all along that Xing Chuan’s judgment was very accurate, especially when it came to judging people. It was simply like another superpower. Still, I felt that his personal feelings were affecting his judgment. Plus, there was no compelling evidence.

“As I said earlier, we met each other together. If she came from Silver Moon City, how could you not know?”

“Chaksu was Silver Moon City’s man, and I had no idea either. Cough, cough,” he refuted me arrogantly. Then, he added, “An insecure woman wouldn’t have so many men. You can ask Raffles. He felt insecure back then, and he didn’t even dare to go after you. Would he have accepted any other woman’s love?” He glanced at Raffles.

Raffles’s face turned red. His eyebrows were slightly knitted together, as if he were in deep thought. His eyes suddenly flickered and he nodded, saying, “Mm. You’re right.”

“What did Haggs say?” Raffles seemed to have been talking to Haggs.

Raffles looked down bashfully, saying, “He said that if it weren’t for Harry, I would be single forever.”

I thought for a while and looked at Xing Chuan again. I said, “Men and women are different. You saw what happened to Sayee back then. That made her feel insecure, which is why she’s trying to appreciate herself more.”

“Under such circumstances, shouldn’t she have resisted men more?!” Xing Chuan fought back scornfully, and I couldn’t refute his point.

That’s right. After such an encounter, a woman would find it difficult to accept another man, because she would find them disgusting.

“It’s understandable that Sayee would like He Lei, because He Lei saved her. So, her heart and body could accept He Lei. But how about the other men? How could she accept them?” Xing Chuan smirked, saying, “I’ve asked He Lei if he slept with Sayee. He said that he didn’t, because he wasn’t used to his relationship with Sayee. It made him feel awkward to be alone with Sayee. Plus, he couldn’t help but think of you all the time. On top of that, he was busy with the Aurora Legion’s affairs. He was never in the mood to think of women.”

“You even talked about these things?” It seemed Xing Chuan made everything his business.

Xing Chuan replied calmly, “I had to make sure he was qualified to stand next to you. If he’d chosen you only because you were more outstanding and he abandoned the woman he used to share a bed with, such a man wouldn’t deserve to love you!”

Just as Xing Chuan said that, Raffles and I pointed at him simultaneously. Xing Chuan’s eyebrows twitched in distress as he explained himself, saying, “I’ve never allowed Blue Charm and Moon Dream into my bed!” His voice was hoarse.

Raffles snickered again. Xing Chuan, who was usually calm, blushed. He held his forehead, saying, “Let’s talk about He Lei now.”

“Sure.” I decided to stop making fun of him and let the old man off the hook.

Xing Chuan let out a breath of relief and continued, “But He Lei cares for Sayee. So, he told his brothers to take care of Sayee. I’m referring to Loghead and the others. When Sayee felt lonely, they would keep her company. In this world, it’s normal for a woman to have a few men. But if it were Sayee, I would consider that abnormal. Whether it was her heart or her body, she should only have been able to accept He Lei or you, not any other men.” I crossed my arms, thinking.

Raffles nodded in agreement, saying, “Haggs says that Xing Chuan is right from a psychological point of view. Even if Sayee isn’t the mole, she is behaving strangely. Plus, she wants to see you now. Bing, you’d better be careful.”

“There’s nothing to worry about,” Xing Chuan said, his calm returning. He continued, “This is Ice Dragon, and the Aurora Legion is training outside. Lucifer is patrolling around, and Zong Ben is outside too. He Lei will be here with Sayee too. She has no chance to surprise attack Lil’ Bing. On top of that, Sayee is only an ordinary human.”

“Are you sure?” I asked in reply, jokingly. Xing Chuan wore an uncertain expression, which was rare. He took the comment seriously.

He creased his eyebrows, thinking deeply. He leaned forward, lifting his right hand. He said, “You’re right. I’m not sure whether she really is an ordinary human, because I’ve never paid attention to her, nor have I checked her. I’ve only checked you and He Lei, but I thought you were an ordinary human too. In the end, you were the strongest metahuman in this world. I was so blind. Cough, cough, cough…” He got more and more emotional as he spoke.

I quickly held his gesturing hand, saying, “Hey, hey, hey. I was just joking. Calm down.”

Xing Chuan caught his breath and held my hand, saying, “No, I really think you should be careful. A superpower detector can only show superpowers that are registered in its database. If her superpower were to be removed from the database or hidden by other equipment, I wouldn’t be able to tell if she had any superpowers. We would only be able to identify whether she could resist radiation.”

That’s right. Sayee is an anti-radiationer. Is there really something wrong with her?

Xing Chuan held my hand anxiously, saying, “I don’t feel so good. I have a very bad feeling about this. There isn’t just something wrong with her. She’s dangerous!”

“Bing, they’re here,” Raffles suddenly reminded me. We looked at the image in front of us. Sayee and He Lei were already standing in front of Ice Dragon’s hatch, preparing to enter.

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