Book 8: Chapter 68 - Sayee’s Feelings

Those memories were still fresh in my mind. Harry really had looked like an idiot. He’d lain right above me after rescuing me. He’d even drooled on my face. How had I fallen for that idiot? I must have been blind back then. Haha. Those silly times... I couldn’t help but laugh, thinking about them.

But who else in this world would be willing to be beaten and scolded, and yet still love me so wholeheartedly, like Harry? I couldn’t help wearing a sweet smile. Harry, I definitely never expected I’d fall for you first. You never expected that either, right? That was why you were so surprised when you found out.

“How did Harry, that idiot, find out Bing was a girl?” Xing asked in disdain. He couldn’t believe that Harry had been able to discover that so quickly with his level of intelligence.

Raffles covered his mouth, snickering. “With Harry’s intelligence, if he had just used his eyes, he would never have found out Bing was a girl in his lifetime. I reckon he would have been upset, as he’d have thought he fell for a guy.”

“You told him?” It seemed Xing really hadn’t thought that Harry could tell that I was a girl. Harry seemed to have the brain of a goldfish in Raffles and Xing Chuan’s opinion.

Raffles’ grin grew wider. I hadn’t seen him smiling so happily for very long. He didn’t speak as he chuckled. Eventually, he began, “It’s because when Harry saved Xiao Bing, he…”

“Look at He Lei! Be quiet!” I finally cut them off. They were just making fun of Harry when he wasn’t around.

Raffles snickered, while Xing Chuan looked at Raffles with confusion. Raffles bent over next to Xing Chuan and whispered something into his ear. Xing Chuan immediately looked disdainful. The jealousy on his face became more intense too. I felt it was inevitable for Xing Chuan to fight with Harry if he recovered.

I shook my head and continued to look at the image in front of us. In it, He Lei looked awkward in front of Sayee’s bashful expression, asking, “So, you and I…”

“I like Brother He Lei too. But I…”

“I understand.” He Lei cut Sayee off. The mood became even more awkward. He coughed into his fist. “Ahem.

“Brother He Lei, you’re a good man. You’re the one who put your clothes on me, but Luo Bing… She gave me this milk. I… was hungry for so long…”

“I know, Sayee.” He Lei said with a relaxed smile. “You knew who you liked the most from the beginning, but I was confused all this time.”

Sayee wore a faint smile, saying, “In a world like this, I thought it was already great enough to have a good man like Brother He Lei next to me. I was already very blessed and lucky. So, I kept that secret at the bottom of my heart…” Sayee took the milk box back from He Lei, looking at it lovingly. She added, “I thought I would never see Luo Bing again. But I never expected that… she’d become the North Star. I, I… I know that I don’t deserve to love the North Star…”

He Lei nodded faintly, saying, “No wonder you were so excited when Luo Bing came to the Aurora Legion back then. You hid in your room the whole time. I thought you were shy…”

“Mm…” Sayee smiled happily. Then, her smile faded, saying, “But in the end, the North Star is a girl too…”

“So, your feelings became complicated?” He Lei asked, looking at her. He had been with Sayee for many years, and he bore a unique family relationship with her. He cared for her and didn’t want to hurt her. That was why he’d felt guilty and upset about rejecting her.

Sayee shook her head, explaining, “No… I hope you won’t tell her this secret. I’m afraid that… she might hate me, but… if I didn’t tell you this secret, I know that Brother He Lei would definitely continue to feel apologetic and guilty…” She finally lifted her chin and held He Lei’s hand gently. “Brother He Lei, you don’t have to blame yourself, nor should you feel sorry, because I lied to you too. The person I like the most isn’t you… But… Do we like the same person?” Sayee asked, smiling.

He Lei was caught off guard, blushing. Sayee bit her lip and chuckled. She swung He Lei’s hand gently, saying, “We really like the same person. That’s nice. I’m envious of you, Brother He Lei.”

Cough. No, she… didn’t accept me.” He Lei lowered his head sadly.

Sayee was shocked, asking, “Why…?”

“Because… she has many outstanding men around her, and I… did something that made her angry at me. I messed up. I deserve it…” He Lei answered, letting out a heavy sigh.

Sayee looked at He Lei with empathy. She took a step forward and hugged He Lei, saying, “Brother He Lei, don’t give up. I believe you can do it. I hope that you can become the man next to her. Then… I can always see her as your younger sister…”

He Lei received Sayee’s encouragement and smiled, rubbing Sayee’s head dotingly and letting out a relaxed sigh.

Sayee’s honest confession had made him feel better. I was calm, hearing what Sayee had said. I no longer felt uneasy when a girl confessed to me after being confessed to and pursued many times in Silver Moon City.

“If I were a man, I would definitely be more popular than all of you,” I said calmly.

“Still so proud of yourself. Pfft.” Only Xing Chuan would mock me; no other men would.

I replied, “I have my market - both men and women!”

“Raffles, watch her closely! Look how shameless she is now! Even men of other tribes can’t satisfy her anymore. She wants women!” Xing Chuan was agitated.

“Hahahaha…” Raffles burst out into hearty laughter. He patted Xing Chuan’s back gently, saying, “Xing, calm down. Lil’ Bing purposely provoked you.”

Cough, cough, cough… Cough, cough, cough…” Xing Chuan coughed angrily.

I stood by the side, snickering. Raffles saw it and glared at me. I turned away and continued to snicker.

“Brother He Lei…” Sayee let go of He Lei and took a few steps back. She lowered her head nervously, asking, “Can… Can I see Luo Bing? I, I… I want to pass her an amulet I made…” Sayee took out a bracelet made of colorful strings from her pocket. It was studded with colored stones. She said, “You’re going to war against Silver Moon City… I… hope this bracelet can bring her luck…”

He Lei smiled, looking at the bracelet. “Of course. I’ll bring you to her now. She’ll leave very soon.”

“She’s leaving again…” Sayee looked disappointed. She looked down at the milk box in her hand, muttering, “She always rushes off everywhere. She’s a Queen now. She’ll definitely be even busier eventually. In the future… I might not have a chance to see her again…” Sayee’s voice bore the grief that came with the thought of eternal parting.

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