Book 8: Chapter 66 - Every Dog Will Have His Day

Then, we had to pretend that we didn’t know Silver Moon City had already found out, putting on a show with them. We had to make do with the excuse that Chaksu was sick.

Silver Moon City knew that it was a lie, and so did we. But everyone was pretending, reviving Chaksu who had already exploded into pieces. It was absurd, and in a way, pathetic.

Was Chaksu wrong just because he’d wanted to be human? He had been grateful to Cang Yu, who had turned him into a human, and had been loyal to him. But in truth, it was the three uncles’ brotherhood that had made him truly feel human

From our viewpoint, he had been a spy. But should we have been the ones to determine his life or death?! We hadn’t blamed him for loving his master, but he had exploded into pieces before our eyes. Not only had Cang Yu not treated Chaksu as a human, but he had also flagrantly provoked us, showing us that he could decide life or death as he wished. How could we not destroy such a ruler?!

“Let’s hide. Cough, cough…” Xing Chuan said to me.

“Mm.” I looked at Uncle Yorkshire and said, “Uncle Yorkshire, continue to pay close attention to Silver Moon City’s movements. We’ll make a move soon.”

“Alright. Be careful yourself.” Uncle Yorkshire’s gaze carried hidden implications as he returned.

Zong Ben stood up and spread his wings. He flew into the air and vanished through the exit above.

Lucifer turned back and landed. His huge figure stopped atop the steel wall near the exit, looking like a dark angel. He grabbed the edge of the wall, overlooking everyone training in the base. His snow-white eyes revealed a chilly gleam. He swept his gaze past everyone, as though he were searching for the most suspicious person.

Xing Chuan and I returned to the cockpit. Raffles was inside, connecting He Lei’s image. He said, “He Lei, you can talk to Silver Moon City now. Lil’ Bing and Xing Chuan are here.” Raffles and I exchanged a glance and nodded. We looked at the image in front of us.

He Lei stood in front of the communication station of the Aurora Legion. “Silver Moon City, I am He Lei. Request for connection.” He activated the communicator. The Aurora Legion’s communication station was very limited, only allowing audio calls.

“Silver Moon City receiving. This is Sharjah.”

Sharjah… I looked at Xing Chuan. He had been Xing Chuan’s deputy general. He was likely serving the other His Highness Xing Chuan.

“Where’s Xing Chuan?” He Lei asked grimly. “Do you think I don’t qualify?! Or does he feel too ashamed to deal with me?!” He Lei was asking on behalf of Xing Chuan, trying to figure out what the new Xing Chuan was like.

“He Lei, His Highness Xing Chuan has a lot of tasks on hand. He…” Suddenly, someone cut off Sharjah. After a short silence, another voice said, “He Lei, are you sure you have the map of the Ghost Eclipsers’ territory?” It was a deep, forceful voice that sounded exactly like Xing Chuan’s!

I looked at Xing Chuan. He wore a grim look on his hoary face, filled with murderous intent toward the cloned Xing Chuan.

Hmph, you finally show yourself, Xing Chuan! Shouldn’t you say something to the Aurora Legion?” He Lei’s voice was deep and his gaze burned with anger. But he was really questioning Xing Chuan, the real Xing Chuan, not the cloned Xing Chuan on the other end of the communicator.

Xing Chuan lowered his head next to me. Raffles looked at Xing Chuan with worry. His gaze grew complicated and melancholy. “I owe the Aurora Legion an apology… Cough, cough… He Lei is waiting for me to apologize…” Xing Chuan said, coughing lightly.

I touched his back. It wasn’t time for him to admit to the Aurora Legion that he was Xing Chuan.

“After we defeat the Ghost Eclipsers, I’ll explain myself to the Aurora Legion. Tonight at six, we’ll send someone to retrieve the map,” Xing Chuan said coldly over the communicator.”

He Lei took a step forward, saying grimly, “I want you to come personally!” Silence fell on the other side. His face grew grave as he continued, “You have to show sincerity!”

“Heh, He Lei, you need us more now,” Sharjah’s scornful voice resounded. Judging from his tone, he had no idea what was happening. “How many men do you have left in the Aurora Legion? Hmph…” Sharjah’s disdainful remark upset He Lei. All this time and Sharjah still behaved the same way.

“Sharjah doesn’t know anything… Cough, cough… In the past, I wouldn’t tell the knight group about some things I did either. So, the counterfeit will most likely come down. Cough, cough,” Xing Chuan said.

Besides Su Yang, Xing Chuan knew Silver Moon City’s style of conduct the most. Although Silver Moon City was aware that I was pulling the strings, they didn’t know that the Great Ghost King, Su Yang, and Xing Chuan were with me.

“But you need my map too. Hmph!” He Lei punched a spot next to the communicator and said, “How many years have you been hiding up there? What have you done? This is what you owe the world!”

“He Lei, I think you’re too impulsive. His Highness Xing Chuan has always looked highly upon your superpower. You can join us at Silver Moon City.”

Hmph. Thank you so much, but I’ll live better on the ground!” He Lei slammed the communicator down. Then, he supported his hands on the table, taking deep breaths. He was trying to calm himself down.

Uncle Yorkshire, Hesher and Mucheng came forward, patting He Lei’s back. They looked at him proudly, saying, “Lei, you’re far stronger than they are.”

“Yeah, Lei. You have to know that you’re more outstanding than they are. They can’t surpass what you’ve done.”

“We understand that you wanted their apology. But, Lei, you can punish them now. Why care about their apology?”

He Lei was stunned, looking at the three uncles. They laughed, continuing, “We couldn’t care less about their apology!”

“That’s right! Radical Star is so powerful. Why bother with their apology?”

“We want them to not be able to lift their heads in front of us in the future. We want them to know how foolish they are. Hmph!

“Mucheng is right! My child, we don’t want their apology. Our future is here. It’s their turn!”

“Hahaha! I feel so great just thinking about the fact that they have no home on the ground!”


The three uncles burst into hearty laughter. What they’d said caught my attention. They’d said that the people in Silver Moon City had no home on the ground…

“Yeah, the people on Silver Moon City have no home on the ground…” Raffles had noticed that too, showing sympathy. He looked at Xing Chuan.

Xing Chuan’s head hung low as he said, “Not only would they have no home, they wouldn’t even know how to survive. Hmph…” His cold smirk put a heavy weight over people’s hearts.

I’d lived in Silver Moon City once. Of course I understood how carefree life was there. To the people on the ground, Silver Moon City was heaven. People with superpowers looked forward to being chosen by Silver Moon City. They viewed it as an honor.

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