Book 2: Chapter 32 - God’s Treasure

As the ribbon of blue light moved towards me, I extended a finger of my right hand in greeting. When it came into contact with my fingertip, it rippled as if something had shaken it, scattering the blue lights all around. The effect was like having a rippling wall of water before me, its color shifting with every movement like a curtain of laser lights at night.

All of a sudden, the light wall in front of me broke into pieces and disintegrated into blue light spots. All the light spots were connected, falling before me like spilled blue sago pudding.

Blue lights spots started separating from the light wall to land on my hands, seemingly flowing into me. Shocked by how many there were, I quickly stepped backward and retracted my right hand. The ribbon of blue light instantly broke apart from the light wall, creating an empty gap where it used to be connected to the wall. Slowly I recovered from the shock, coming back to reality. 

The blue light spots that I’d pulled off with me quickly entered into my skin, causing my wrist to start shining too. The light seemed to be shining from inside my sleeve. I immediately pulled up my sleeves, only to see that both my arms were glowing blue! I really became a blue glow stick!

I was dumbfounded yet somehow excited. I started laughing, then turned around and ran into the abandoned city, “Ice Dragon! Let’s go! Let’s go and look for milk powder!” I ran forward as Ice Dragon flew next to me, “Alright. Why not we fly there instead? It will be very tiring to run up so many flights of stairs.” Ice Dragon’s cockpit separated once again from the storage cabin, landing in front of me. It had become a small aircraft that resembled the escape pod I was familiar with.

I looked at it in astonishment. That’s interesting. Raffles’s spaceship could be taken apart and re-assembled at will. It is so flexible!

As the cover of the aircraft opened, I jumped in. Then, Ice Dragon immediately soared up, leaving the bulky storage cabin behind where it rested like a huge white cocoon.

“How do we store what we find in our storage cabin then?” I asked curiously.

“The storage cabin has its own energy reserve. When we find the resources, it will fly over. In order to save energy, we will park it there temporarily.”

“That’s awesome! Ice Dragon! You’re so awesome!”

“Thank you for your compliment,” Ice Dragon bowed politely. “It is Raffles’ flawless design.” It seems like Ice Dragon likes Raffles more.

I blinked at him, “Oh, and don’t let Harry and Raffles bug me. You can connect to them when I want to talk to them.”

“I understand,” Ice Dragon smiled. “They can still see the footage but they can’t talk to you. Taking your safety into consideration, the connection won’t be cut off."

Ice Dragon is so awesome! Ice Dragon is the best teammate!

I drove Ice Dragon around the tall buildings. The buildings were entangled inseparably with the vines. I couldn’t tell if the vines were relying on the buildings, or the buildings were relying on the vines.

“The scouts have found something.” Ice Dragon pulled up another image from a scouting robot, which showed the exterior of a titanium building but I couldn’t see anything inside. However, as the scouting robot scanned, I saw shelves! The shelves were filled with items!

“Found food, found food!” the scouting robot reported!

“That’s great!” I cheered excitedly. I’d lost my composure entirely because I couldn’t maintain my calm today. I believed that Raffles and Harry shared the same feelings; I was as excited as a kid. “Harry! Raffles! Did you see that? It’s food! It’s food! Ice Dragon! Let’s go!”

“Yes, ma’am!” Ice Dragon sped up. We shuttled through the buildings, heading straight towards the one filled with food. We are getting closer and closer. It’s right there!

It was an extremely tall skyscraper, its elegant arc like a beauty who was combing her hair by the river.

Ice Dragon slowed down and stopped on the sky bridge between two buildings. The covered sky bridge was broken by vines. Fortunately, it wasn’t high in the sky so it didn’t matter even if the roof was broken.

I jumped out from Ice Dragon and stood on a thick vine. Ice Dragon slowly descended and stopped by my side. There was a hole in the wall before me where a thick branch had pierced through the entire building, breaking the glass door. In other words, it had opened a way for me to enter the building.

I approached the building carefully, my shoes slippery against the branch. Then, I crawled through the hole. It was dark in there. The surrounding glass windows seemed to be covered by an opaque layer that didn’t allow sunlight to pass. In the dark, I could faintly see the shelves. “Ice Dragon, I need some light. The glass windows seemed to be covered and there is no light in here.”

“It’s a safety system. The explosion back then must have activated the safety system of the building, triggering the protective shield and sealing the entire building. I can shine some light for you.” Ice Dragon took off and flew to the right.

Before I could ask what he was doing, light burst out from Ice Dragon’s front onto titanium the glass. *Hong!* The explosion created a big hole, and I watched as both the thick layer of protective shield and the glass behind it shattered altogether into shimmering pieces in the sunlight. Then, the resplendent sunlight poured in, lighting up the whole place. The dust that had been lying on the ground in silence floated up in the disturbance, dancing in the sunlight.

*Pak! Pak! Pak! Pak!* Glass windows shattered one after another like a resounding symphony! The sunlight lit up everything before my eyes, and I was stunned on the spot!

Shelf after shelf appeared before me. It’s food! Food! Everything is food!

I couldn’t be bothered by the dust as I rushed in like a hungry ghost. I grabbed the things on the shelves and started opening them, stuffing the contents in my mouth without any scruples! It’s dried meat! It’s dried meat!

I nearly cried. I finally have food that has a taste! And it’s meat!

I took a deep breath to calm myself down, only to end up breathing in a mouthful of dust. *Cough.* I teared up from choking on dust.

In my own world, I had been so sick of dried meat. Now I teared up when I tasted it in this world. Only when I came to a world without meat, without pork, did I realize that meat was delicious and precious.

The dust gradually settled. The world that had been sealed was still in good condition. There wasn’t much dust inside, and the stock on the shelves was clearly visible. They weren’t covered in dust.

I wiped my tears and stood up. I ate all the dried meat in my hands and was instantly fully charged with energy. I need to calm down because I have a mission on hand. I can’t act hastily. I have to complete my mission first. I have to find milk powder!

Milk powder! Milk powder! Milk powder! 

I saw a huge baby photo hanging to the north! I immediately ran in that direction. It was a supermarket. I imagined how thrilled with excitement Raffles and Harry would be to see this! It was simply a huge treasure trove!

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